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Poems About Witnessing


Matthew 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. (KJV)


Are you a child in the fam’ly of God?
Then you have a duty, where e’er you trod!
Spread the mighty Word, where ever you go,
Maybe some lone soul, Jesus does not know.

It’s our duty, to spread the mighty Word,
There just may be one, who has never heard.
As we go rushing ‘bout our busy day,
If a chance comes, tell of Christ, and His way!

What a duty, to spread the mighty Word,
We need to be in harmony and accord.
“Go ye and teach all nations,” Christ did say,
We’re not blameless, when we go other ways.

We must obey Christ’s call, now and e’er more,
Tell folks of Him, and what He has in store.
Jesus loves one and all; He tells us so,
Turn to Him in faith, you’ll ne’er go below.

Spread the mighty Word, each and ev’ry day,
Tell of His love, on that Cross He display’d!
He took our place, on that Cross, willingly,
So we’d be God’s friends, and from our sins free.

Did you e’er listen to the Mighty Word?
Christ died, and rose again; to bring you to God.
These Words have pow’r, and can save you from Hell,
Then with our great God, in Heav’n you shall dwell.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.12,1995 # 23
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Jn.1:12; Jn.3:3-8,15-18,36; Jn.14:1-6;15,23; Jn.15:9,13;
Mt.28:19-20; Ro.5:1,9,10; Ro.8:35-39; 2 Co.5:14; Gal.2:20;
Ac.5:20-21; Ac.18:9-10; Ac.22:14-15; Tit.2:15)


He said: "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,"
To most of the world, this is irritation!
“The Gospel shall be preached in all the world,”
This Christ did say; then the end shall be unfurl’d.

We’re God’s only vessels for spreading His Word,
If you’re a Christian, you must tell of our Lord!
We are not to fear any mortals that come,
Christ said: “I will give you a mouth and wisdom.”

Not only should we speak boldly for His sake,
But study His Word, so we don’t make mistakes.
Our life should agree with the Word of the Lord,
Standing firm on the ‘Rock’, and in one accord.

Our Gospel comes in Word, but also with might,
Partake of this power, in bringing the ‘Light’.
Repentance and forgiveness; spread it abroad,
Jesus died and rose again; is the Son of God!

Satan has blinded many minds today,
Their hearts are so hard; for these we must pray.
Our Gospel is hid to all them that are lost,
Don’t give up trying; no matter the cost!

We surely don’t know whom our God did choose,
So we dare not risk it, for then they would lose.
That’s why we must witness to one and to all,
Lest we miss one of His chosen, and they should fall.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov,15,1995 # 28
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Mt.28:19-20,9; Mt.24:14; Ac.18:9-10; 2 Tim.2:15;
Heb.4:12; Jn.19:34; Ro.1:16; Ro.8:29-30; Mk.15:39;
Lu.24:50-51; 2 Co.4:3-4)


‘Tis an honor to serve my risen Lord,
And to walk with Him in sweet accord.
At times I displease Him, this I know,
But He forgives, and His love bestows.

‘Tis a privilege that He calls me “friend”,
But I must trust and obey to the end.
The love He shows, I cannot explain,
If you know Jesus, you’ve much to gain.

‘Tis a great advantage to be God’s own,
Love, mercy, forgiveness; greatly shown!
Then one day, I shall be His heir,
And all that He has, with Christ, I’ll share!

I’m so grateful He chose lowly me,
And from all my sins did set me free.
I thank Him daily for faith He gave,
And thru’ that faith, Christ my soul did save!

Serving my Saviour, gives me great joy,
Joy that no one can ever destroy.
Service to God; is the least I can do,
I can ne’er repay, salvation true!

‘Tis a wondrous blessing to serve Him,
May my love and willingness ne’er grow dim.
How I do love and praise God always,
I’ll continue to thank Him all my days!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.26,1996 # 152 [me]
Scripture verses for above poem:
(1 Jn.1:7-10; Jn.3:13-15; 2 Co.12:9; Ro.8:17; Ep.1:4-5;
1 Co.1:26-29; Heb.13:15-16)


As a deer pants after cool water clear,
So I pant for God, wanting Him near.
My soul thirsteth for the Living God,
No matter what I do, or where I trod.

Oft’ times I weep, enduring ridicule,
E’vn loved ones, to the fire, add fuel.
My need for God, most can’t understand,
I want to be close to Him, take His Hand.

My soul longs for God, at night or day,
Like dry thirsty land, with rain far away.
For wisdom, my heart to God does cry,
His precious Word, I don’t want to deny.

At my Saviour’s feet I need to be,
Like the sister of Martha; ‘Mary’.
I must feel His love and hear His Word,
I must show to Him, He is adored.

My Lord did promise I’ll never thirst,
But I must love Him. and put Him FIRST!
If I hunger after righteousness,
He promised to fill, and to bless.

I MUST love God the way that I do,
Learning, and serving, and always true.
Straight from my heart, I must do God’s will,
This, my God, in my soul did instill.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.16,1996 # 168
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Ps.42:1-2; Ps.63:1; Pro.2:3; 1 Pet.2:20; 1 Pet.3:14; 1 Pet.4:16; Jam.1:5;
Mt.5:6,11; Mt.10:22; Mt.16:24; Mt.19:29; Lu.10:38-40; Jn.6:35)


After Christ’s ascension to Heaven,
To the disciples, a job was giv’n.
They had great responsibility,
Spreading the Gospel, was their decree.

Soldiers of the Cross, so bold and true,
They obey’d our King, what e’er did ensue.
Loving, patient, they did persevere,
For they knew our Lord was always near.

ALL God’s children do humbly succeed,
These brave soldiers, in sowing the seed.
This job is not just for those who preach,
It’s for ALL Christians, the lost to reach.

Soldiers of the Cross, this is our chore,
To represent Jesus, on ev’ry shore.
An awesome privilege, on us to fall,
We must please our King, try to reach all.

If you know Christ, Him, you must obey,
Tell others of Jesus, ev’ry day.
Represent Him, by spreading His Word,
You’re a soldier of the Cross, for our Lord.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.18,1997 #310
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Mt.24:14; Mt.28:18-20; Mk.13:10; Mk.16:15; Lu.24:47-48;
Ac.1:8; 2 Co.10:4; Ep.6:12; 1 Tim.6:12; 2 Tim.2:3-4)


In the line of duty, it’s a fact,
Like our precious Jesus, we must act.
Doing only things that He would do,
A hard life we must live, this is true.

Love, compassion, generosity,
These things are in the line of duty.
When someone hurts us, we must forgive,
Then God will forgive us, as we live.

In the line of duty, we must bless,
Those who would curse us, or do oppress.
Be honest in the sight of all men,
Living peaceably, as God’s children.

Rejoice with all them that do have joy,
Never envy, nor their bliss destroy.
Be of the same mind toward others,
A meek, loving mind, to your brothers.

Patient in trials, rejoice in hope,
Continue in prayer, as you cope.
Quench not the Spirit, thank Him always,
In the line of duty, all our days.

In the line of duty, we must tell,
Of our wondrous Saviour; never quell!
We’re soldiers of Christ, we must do right,
Take a stand for Him; fight a good fight.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 15,1997 # 354
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Mt.5:44; Mt.7:12; Mt.10:37-38; Mt.25:21; Mt.28:19-20; Lev.19:18;
Pr.24:29; Pr.25:21; Heb.10:30-31; 1 Pet.3:9; Ro.12:9-21; Phil.2:5; 1 Thes.5:14-23; 2 Tim.2:2-4; Lu.6:27,35-37; Jn.1:12; Jn.3:15-18)


The pain in my soul, is agony,
When lost souls around, the Truth can’t see.
Deaf ears and blind eyes, and stubbornness,
The Laws of God, they love to transgress.

When I see the hardness, in lost souls,
It’s so clear, that Satan has control.
Their utter unbelief makes my soul cry,
For Jesus, they reject and deny.

My heart is sad, as I look around
For the Saviour, lost ones have not found.
Christ has given us all, a command,
“Go ye therefore,” into all the land.

If we know Jesus, we must obey,
We must tell of Jesus, ev’ry day.
Lost souls are there, where ever we go,
When we tell of Christ, true love we show.

If we love Jesus, of Him we’ll tell,
For we want no one to go to Hell.
Each of us will answer to the Lord,
We’ll be held accountable, by The Word.

When you stand before, Jesus one day,
Will you stand tall, because you obey’d?
Will you receive rewards meant for you?
Or will you be ashamed, that you were not true?

Lost souls should to us be a concern,
“Go ye therefore” Christ wants us to learn.
ALL believers must always obey,
We all must reach out to lost souls today.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.11,2001 # 849
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Mat.28:19; Mk.16:15; Acts 1:8; 2 Tim.4:2; Luke 24:47;
Rom.10:13-17; Pro.11:30; Dan.12:3; 1 Cor.3:13-15; Rev.22:12)


Thank You Jesus, for vict’ry is mine,
Let Your great Light, in my life shine!
Just You can help me walk pleasing to You,
Faithfully guiding, in all that I do!

Vict’ry is mine, for Heaven awaits,
You promised, You would open those gates.
You have reserved a “mansion” for me,
I praise You Jesus, for my vict’ry.

Vict’ry is mine, sin’s burden has fled,
Too the guilt I carried, with much dread.
Satan’s pow’r o’er me came to and end,
When I accepted my Saviour and Friend!

Vict’ry is mine, I have joy and peace,
Worry and distress, You caused to cease.
Doubt is gone, now I simply believe,
Since Jesus into my heart I received.

Vict’ry is mine, but content I can’t be,
I must tell how You, can give vict’ry.
My faith is worthless if I don’t obey,
“Go ye therefore,” I must tell and portray.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept. 18, 2001 # 823


In the quiet beauty of the night,
His Presence seems like a brilliant Light.
His purpose for me is clearly shown,
To the lost souls, make His Gospel known.

In the bustling confusion of the day,
His near Presence is with me always.
He plainly shows what He wants of me,
Try to change a lost soul’s destiny.

His near Presence, is encouraging,
All the day long, my heart wants to sing.
His purpose for me, He shows so clear,
Boldly bring His Gospel, with no fear.

His majestic Presence makes me glow,
‘Tis a privilege, my Saviour to know.
“Go ye therefore,” He clearly demands,
His desire: that I obey His command.

Tho’ persecution abound, far and near,
I must serve my Master, with no fear.
Man can hurt my body, but ne’er my soul,
For my Saviour, is always in control.

A far better thing, to be with my Lord,
Service to Him will bring great rewards.
His awesome Presence now, comfort brings,
As He rains on me, abundant blessings.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept. 9, 2001 # 815

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