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Poems About Salvation


God promises eternal life, way above,
But only if we accept His Son, in love.
He does not say that to Heaven, all shall go,
Just those who trust Jesus, will His blessings flow.

We must be God’s child, so Heaven we can see,
When we accept God’s Plan, Heav’n is our decree.
We must receive Jesus; believe on His Name,
No matter who you are, God’s Plan is the same!

We must beBorn Again, Jesus tells us clear,
Please listen to Jesus, don’t turn a deaf ear.
We must be ‘Born Again’, or Heav’n we’ll not see,
But all too many, from the precious Gospel flee.

Born Again --- so many cannot understand,
If you trust Jesus, He’ll take you by the hand.
He’ll lead you, into the family of God,
On that narrow road, where those before have trod.

Just open your heart, let Him come inside,
Wondrous joy, and peace; will in your life abide.
God’s blessings unfurl, as you trust and obey,
But we must be His child, there’s NO other way!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.24,1995 # 5
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Jn.1:12-13; Jn.3:3-8,15-18,36; Lu.20:34-36;
Ro.8:16,21; 1 Jn.3:10; 5:2; Jam.2:5)


Salvation is taught, so very clear,
But we must listen, so we can hear.
God so loved the world, He sent His Son,
When we believe, eternal life’s begun.

God will not condemn, when we believe,
God’s amazing grace, we do receive.
Refusing to believe, brings God’s wrath,
But, most of the world, travel that path.

The Bible says, there is only one Way,
That we will e’er see, that glorious day.
Belief brings us, a mansion above,
And there to live for e’er, in God’s love.

To Heav’n’s gate, just Jesus has the key,
Just He can give, life eternally.
There is no other name, under Heav’n,
That salvation to us, will be giv’n.

Jesus is the Christ, when we believe,
Eternal salvation, we receive.
Unbelief will bring, the fires of Hell,
Where for e’er in agony, you will dwell.

We have life, when Christ is in our heart,
Our wicked, sinful ways, will depart.
Greater is God’s Spirit, who indwells,
Than old Satan, who will go to Hell.

Salvation is a Gift, but you decide,
Is the mansion in Heav’n, where you’ll reside?
If you refuse Christ, Hell is where you’ll go,
With the old devil, and great sorrow.
By His servant, Connie Kramer Apr.26, 2009 # 1229

John 1:12-13; Jn.3:14;18,36; Jn.5:24; Jn.8:24; Jn.14:1-6; Acts 4:12;
Mat. 7:13-14; Mt.25:41; 1 Jn. 4:4; 1 Jn.5:10-13; Rev.20:11-15; Rev.21:8,27

Only Jesus has Heaven’s ‘key’ John 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 John 5:10-12


What if, I do not accept the Lord?
What is the penalty, in God’s Word?
What if, I keep my mind on lust and greed?
What if, God’s Commandments, I do not heed?

What if, just me, me, is on my mind?
And time for others, I cannot find?
What if, pride is always in my path?
What if, I don’t try to avoid God’s wrath?

What if, I always pick the wrong friends?
And drugs and booze, seem to be my trend?
What if, I do to you, ‘fore you do to me?
What if, I never think, of eternity?

You must be born again, God’s Word is clear!
But most folks the Gospel, refuse to hear!
The penalty, is the Lake of Fire,
Eternal life, must be our desire.

Just two distinct roads, before us stand,
One leads to God, the other, Satan’s hand.
NO one can make, the decision but you,
Choose the right road, and with gusto pursue.

Walk with Jesus, on the narrow path,
‘Tis the only way, to avoid God’s wrath!
Satan’s broad road, leads to Hell’s agony,
Where the bliss of Heav’n, you will ne’er see.
By His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.3 2009 # 1217

John 1:12-13; Jn.3:3-8, Jn.15-8,36; Jn.5:24; Jn.8:24; Mt.7:12,13-14; Gal.5:14; Jam.2:8; 1 John 5:1-5,10-12; Rev.21:8, 27; Rev.22:14-15.
Rev. 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life
was cast into the lake of fire.
Is YOUR name there?


Do you know Jesus as Saviour and Lord?
Most do not; they reject Him, and His Word!
There are many people, our Lord refuse,
Have you rejected Him? what’s your excuse?

Too many hypocrites to that church go,
You’ve never been there, just how would you know?
We need file only one thing on our shelf,
Each single one shall give account of himself!

Do you think you don’t need Christ to save you?
If that’s what you think, you do misconstrue.
Trusting Christ gives life nothing can sever,
Rejecting Him means life in Hell, forever.

Do you perhaps think your sin is too great?
Or do you maybe think for you it’s too late?
Our God can forgive you, please do not doubt,
“Him that cometh to me, I will not cast out.”

Most refuse to believe; what’s your excuse?
Excuses vary in those who refuse!
Do you think our God will no judgment do?
He spared not the angels, why would He spare you?

Some think they can get to Heav’n on their own,
Pride and self-righteousness He’ll not condone.
Not by works of righteousness which you do,
Only God’s tender mercy can save you!

What’s your excuse, on this beautiful day?
Friend, only Jesus, there’s no other way!
I pray you won’t say: “I’m not ready today,”
For it’s an excuse, and it’s the wrong way!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.14,1995 # 26
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Ps.50:17; Is.5:24; Jer.6:10; Zec.7:12; Ro.14:12;
Mt.16:27; 2 Co.5:10; Rev.20:11-15; Rev.22:12;
2 Pet.2:4-9; Ep.2:8-9; Jn.3:15-18,36; Jn.8:24; Jn.6:37)


Christ was the “Lamb” who died on the Cross,
Without His death, we ALL would be lost!
Without spot or blemish; He was sin free,
He shed His precious Blood, for you and me.

Just His precious Blood can save your soul,
For of Heav’n, only He has control.
If you try to gain Heav’n on your own,
The gate of Hell to you will be shown.

Only His precious Blood, blemish free,
Can save from dark Hell, both you and me.
Only God’s “Lamb” can take sin away,
He’ll make us clean, for Heaven some day.

We can’t obtain the key to Heav’n’s gate,
Not by works we do, whether small or great!
Only His precious Blood turns that key,
To eternal life, for you and me.

Please don’t turn your back on our dear Lord,
He’s our ONLY Saviour; don’t discard!
Don’t reject His wondrous, precious Blood,
Instead, be cleansed, by this great Flood!

Turn to Jesus, please do it today,
If Heav’n’s your goal, there’s NO other way!
Only His precious Blood can save you,
Believe and accept; He will rescue.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.17,1996 # 111
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Is.53:7; Lev.17:11; Ex.12:13; Jn.1:29; Jn.15:13; Jn.3:15-18,36;
Jn.5:24; Jn.8:24; Jn.14:6; 1 Co.5:7; 1 Pet.1:19; Gal.1:4; Tit.2:14;
Heb.10:14; Rev.1:5; Rev.3:5; Rev.7:9; Rev.19:8)


The world around us, as a raging sea,
Ready to engulf us; watch closely!
Satan is crafty, with power so great,
He’ll try to trick us off our road so strait.

A raging sea, with angry waves so high,
Life’s not always a road smooth, wide and dry!
Furious billows may pull you inside,
You need a Lifeline, or you can’t abide!

Jesus is the Lifeline, waiting your call,
Don’t listen to Satan; or Hell will befall!
Jesus can pull you from the angry waves,
Trust and accept Him; only He can save!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.24,1996 # 149-A
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Lu.4:6; 2 Co.2:11; 2 Co.4:3-4; 2 Co.11:3; Ep.6:11-12;
1 Pet.5:8; 1 Jn.3:10; Jn.14:6)


So many things take place as we live,
We’d not make it, if grace God didn’t give.
Heartache and loneliness, pain and stress,
Sickness and death; we have much sadness.

At times we’ll try; but end in failure,
Then feel inadequate and insecure!
We misplace loyalty; trusting wrong ones,
And face rejection when we’re shunned.

Confusion, anxiety; all around!
Pressure and anguish surely abound.
Guilt, and sometimes we feel hopelessness,
Suffering and hurt, and much distress.

What e’er comes, which Satan has hurled,
Be ye not conformed to this world.
Count it all joy when temptations come,
Go; ask God for patience and wisdom.

Our temptations may be heavy and great,
But God in Heav’n, is compassionate.
The trial of your faith is worth more than gold,
Go to Him for help; He’ll never scold!

If you believe God; all that He’s said,
You will have nothing, ever, to dread.
His Son will help you this life to live,
AND, eternal life, to you, He’ll give!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Apr.2,1996 # 187
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Ps.84:11; Ac.13:43; 1 Co.3:10; 1 Co.10:13; 1 Co.15:10; 2 Co.12:9; 2 Tim.2:1; Heb.2:9,18; Heb.11:6; 1 Pet.1:7; 5:5; Jam.1:2,3,12; Jam.4:6;
Ro.12:2; Jn.3:16; Jn.8:24; Jn.16:27; Ep.6:10-18)


Two masters are in the world today,
And each person, just one can obey.
You have a choice; and no one will shove,
Do you want Hell? or Heaven above?

One ‘Master’ is Christ, the Son of God,
The other is Satan; a complete fraud!
Jesus will save you, and make you free,
With Satan, it’s Hell, for eternity!

Christ is the ‘Master’ of God’s children,
Loving, pure and just; always has been.
Satan will blind your heart and your eyes,
Tempting, lying, and Christ he defies!

Following Satan will put you in Hell,
Made for the devil; and with him you’ll dwell.
If you follow Christ, you’ll live with Him,
In wondrous Heav’n, where it’s never dim.

Which of these ‘Masters’ is yours this day?
One or the other; it’s the only way!
I pray you choose the Lord of Creation,
For just He can give eternal salvation!
By: Connie Kramer Apr.15,1996 # 204
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Mt.5:8; Mt.13:38; Mt.23:8,10; Ep.2:2; 2 Co.4:4; 1 Jn.2:15; 1 Jn.3:10;
Ac.26:18; Jn.3:15-18,36; Jn.5:24; Jn.8:24; Jn.8:44; Jn.14:30)


Eternal life; what does it entail?
‘Tis endless life, that will never fail.
But friend, it means so much more than this,
It’s life in Heaven; it’s total bliss.

A promise fulfilled, it does mean,
No man, nor Satan, can come between.
‘Tis ours, the moment we do believe,
Trusting Christ to save, and Him receive.

Christ promised life, abundantly,
We can claim this promise, victoriously.
A full meaningful life, in His will,
Spirit controlled, with hope to instill.

This ‘life’ is yours, when you do believe,
It starts on Earth, ‘till Heav’n we receive.
Only thru’ Christ, can you have this ‘life’,
Without Christ, sin and evil are rife.

Life in Heav’n is coming, soon I know,
No tears, pain nor suffering, no woe.
Only the joy of serving our Lord,
Loving Him always; that won’t be hard.

I praise my dear Saviour, ev’ry day,
Eternal life is mine, for alway!
The joy and peace He puts in my heart,
And the hope of Heav’n, will ne’er depart.
By: Connie Kramer Apr.20,1996 # 210
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Jn.3:15-18,36; Jn.5:24; Jn.8:24; Jn.10:10; Jn.14:27; Jn.17:3; Jn.20:31;
Ac.13:52; Ep.5:18; 1 Pet.1:8)


All those who on our God rely,
Will join Him in Heaven, by and by,
Blest is he that makes the Lord his trust,
Almighty God states: faith is a must.

Some folk insist they can work their way,
On up to Heav’n where it’s always day!
There is only ONE work, you can present,
“That you believe on Him, whom He hath sent.”

Church for others, is the way to go,
Baptism, rituals; all a big show.
You must belong to THIS church, they say,
Friend, church CAN’T save you, on any day!

You must rely on Almighty God,
Trust Him completely, as Earth you trod.
Believe His Words; He has NEVER lied,
He gave us His Son, who for us, died.

God made a Plan to save us from Hell,
IF you accept it; in Heav’n you’ll dwell.
THE Plan He provided, is His Son,
Believe on Christ; your life’s just begun.

We cannot please our God, without faith,
We must believe and trust, ‘till our last breath.
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart,
Trust Him always, and never depart.
By: Connie Kramer May 15,1996 # 220
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Heb.11:6; Ps.40:4; Jn.6:29; Rev.21:25)


You must believe, or God will reject
All you do, and He will not protect.
We must believe on our Saviour’s Name,
To be God’s sons, and receive His gain.

God laid in Zion, a Chief Cornerstone,
Elect and precious; to most, not known.
On His Name, they simply won’t believe,
Just thru’ Christ, God’s blessing you’ll receive.

You must believe on Christ Jesus’ name,
Or a day will come, for fear and shame.
You shall recall, in deep agony,
Each time you heard of His love and mercy.

There will come a day, when you’ll regret,
When the prison of Hell, does beset.
You’ll wish you did listen, ‘bout the Lord,
To the one who brought, that precious Word.

Each time you reject, your heart hardens more,
Instead, you should open, your heart’s door.
Each time you reject, God’s wrath does increase,
He’ll give to you Hell; and never peace!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Heaven above,
And about our Saviour, and His love.
He’s the ONLY WAY, the ONLY KEY,
To spend life in Heav’n, eternally!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.10,1996 # 258
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Jn.1:12; 1 Pet.2:6, Pr.1:7; Pr.6:15; Pr.29:1; Ro.2:5; Jn.12:48; Jn.14:6)


I know there is nothing I can do,
To earn salvation, by my virtue.
It is a Gift, by the grace of God,
Thru’ faith in Jesus, the world abroad.

There is nothing I can do, I know,
My best would place me in Hell below.
Only Christ alone, holds Heaven’s key,
Just He can give life, eternally.

Without Jesus, we’re God’s enemy,
Dark Hell would be our final decree.
There is nothing, we could ever do,
All our works, God would curse, or beshrew.

Nothing that we do, or say, or try,
Can ever in God’s eyes, justify.
Just Christ’s precious Blood can reconcile,
All our efforts, will only defile.

Jesus did it all, for us, back then,
On the Cross, He paid for the sins of men.
There is nothing you or I can do,
Just accept by faith, His love so true.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.10,1996 # 269
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Ep.2:8-9; Jn.3:15-18; Ro.5:9-10; 1 Pet.1:18-19;
Jam.4:4; Phil.3:18; Col.1:21)


Friend, do you a heavy burden carry?
A great load, of sin and iniquity?
There’s One calling to you: “Trust and believe,”
Waiting patiently so Him you’ll receive.

“Come, come to Me child,” the Saviour cries,
Are you one of many His calls denies?
“Come, come to Me child,” He cries once more,
Just He can give access to Heav’n’s shore!

Just Jesus can lift your burden so great,
Why, oh why dear one, do you hesitate?
Turn to Jesus when you hear His call,
And Hell’s agony on you won’t befall!

Again He cries: “My child, come to Me,
“You’ll not be sin’s slave, for I’ll set you free!”
Your heavy burden, Jesus can remove,
When you accept His Son, God does approve!

“Come, come to Me child, I have paid the price,
The Blood I shed on the Cross, does suffice!”
His precious Blood cleanses and justifies
ALL who turn to Him when they hear His cry!

“Come, come to Me child,” He calls tenderly,
As He knocks on your heart’s door, patiently!
Please dear one, don’t turn Him away,
Accepting Him gives blessings, now and alway!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.28,1998 # 501


Without Christ, you are forever lost,
Friend, have you ever counted the cost?
Only Jesus can redeem your soul,
Just He has authority and control.

Forever lost, when you live in sin,
But Christ, for you, a new life begins!
Your sin, you must admit and repent,
Your forgiveness is why God’s Son was sent!

Forever lost; condemned to Hell!
Your unrighteousness, just Christ can quell!
Only Christ Jesus your soul can save,
And grant eternal life beyond the grave!

Are you without Christ and forever lost?
You don’t have to be; please count the cost!
If you turn to Jesus this v’ry day,
You’ll be forever saved, for alway!
By His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.7,1998 # 503


Thank You dear Jesus, for who You are,
No one can match You, from near or far.
Thank You for all You’ve done, and will do,
Thank You for being my Saviour, true.

Thank You for being there when I’m in need,
Thank You that my starving soul You feed.
Thank You for quenching my spiritual thirst,
Thank You for all my wounds You have nursed.

Thank You that Your Presence is always near,
Thank You for chasing away my fears.
Thank You for guiding me, day and night,
Thank You for being there in all my plights.

Thank You dear Jesus for Your great love,
Such love could come only from You above.
Thank You for Your compassion and care,
Thank You Lord, for always being there.

Thank You for Your concern about me,
Such concern that You died on Calv’ry’s tree.
Thank You for Your pow’r, that I may be strong,
Thank You for wisdom, to keep me from wrong.

Thank You for mercy, that forgives my sins,
Thank You for all the vict’ries I win.
Thank You for peace that floods my soul,
Thank You that o’er my life, You took control.

Thank You for abundant blessings each day,
Thank You for Your shield, in place always.
Thank You for my mansion, reserved for me,
Thank You Jesus, for life eternally.

Thank You that You have made me God’s child,
Thank You that from Hell, I am exiled.
Thank You Jesus for everything,
Thank You for being my awesome King.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.1, 2001 # 773

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