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Poems on God's Creation

God Creates . . . Satan Imitates

God creates, Satan tries to imitate,
And believers, he tries to intimidate.
To be God, the old devil wants to be,
He wants your worship, he wants great glory.

God has doctrines, Satan has heresies,
God offers you bliss, Satan agonies.
The Gospel of Christ, the Bible does teach,
But another gospel, Satan does preach.

Walk the narrow road, and the Lord obey,
Stay off the broad road, the old devil’s way.
In a dark world, Christians must be a light,
But the old devil, is dark as the night.

God has a Son, Satan will have one too,
‘Twon’t be long, Antichrist shall come in view.
The Holy Spirit, Satan will imitate,
And mighty miracles, he will create.

The Great Tribulation, lies ahead,
Deceitful Satan, shall inflict much dread.
God marks His people, Satan will mark his too,
But accepting Satan’s mark, means Hell for you.

God’s way of living, leads to Heav’n above,
Believing in faith, a must for God’s love.
Old Satan’s way leads, far below to Hell,
And there for eternity, you would dwell.

Beware my friend, which master you follow,
Travelling the wrong road, will lead to sorrow.
Walk in Jesus’ light, on the narrow road,
The devil’s broad road, leads to Hell’s abode.
By His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.24, 2009 # 1224

Romans 1:16; 1 Cor. 9:12; 1 Cor. 9:18; Phil. 1:27; 1 Thes. 3:2; 2 Cor. 11:4; Gal.1:6-7; 2:4; 2 Peter 2:1-22; John 14:2-3; Rev.21 Rev. 22; Mat.7:13-14; Mat.5;14-16; 2 Cor. 11:14; Rev.13; Mat.24:21; Mat.13:42; Mat.25:41,46; Rev.20:11-15; 2Thes. 1:8-9


When I see the beauty the Lord has made,
How I praise Him as I walk in His glade.
Beauty of mountains, so mighty and tall,
In the lofty trees, little birds so small.

Fertile valleys, planted with fruits and crops,
Rain and snow from Heav’n, only He can drop!
Pastures filled with cattle, grass so green,
Gently rushing waters of a pretty stream.

I look out my window at birds so free,
Sing their beautiful songs up in the tree.
How I thank Him, and praise His holy Name,
For each and ev’ry thing; and that Jesus came!

I specially thank God for sending His Son,
Whoever accepts Him, life’s just begun!
When you have Jesus deep down in your heart,
It’s very easy each new day to start!

Look around, at the beauty of His Hand,
No one but God, all this could have planned!
From the highest Heav’n, to Hell deep below,
Only from God, could all these wonders flow!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.24,1995 #38
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Gen.1; Ps.100; Ps.107:22; Col.1:12; 3:15; 1 Thes.5:18;
Heb.13:15; Jn.15:9,13; 3:15-18; 5:24)


Things which of Earth are seen, and are near,
Were not made of things, which do appear.
The Earth was without form, and empty,
Just darkness, ‘till God gave His decree.

The worlds were then framed, by His Word,
Understanding this, for most is hard!
God expects us, in faith, to believe,
Simply trust Him, and His Words receive.

ALL things by God, He alone; were made,
Tho’ it’s hard, some folks, this to persuade.
He made it ALL, the seen and unseen,
Yet most our God, belittle and demean.

God made Heav’n and Earth, in just six days,
And ALL that’s within; such a display!
The vast Heav’n’s only God could have spread,
Just He, on the waves of the sea, can tread.

God made all beasts, fishes, and birds too,
My friend, He made me, and also you!
In His Hand, is the soul, of ALL who live,
We live and breathe; for life He does give!

When we die, God made two places to go,
Heav’n above with Him, OR Hell below!
This is a choice, you make on your own,
Just BELIEVE GOD, and the way will be shown.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.14,1996 #164
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Gen.ch.1; Job 26:7; Heb.11:3; Ps.33:6; Ps.102:25; Ps.104:5;
Is.40:28; 45:12; Jn.3:15-18,36; Jn.5:24; Jn.8:24)


With our mere eyes, God can’t be seen,
Not ‘til in Heav'n, we all convene.
With our v’ry hearts God we must see,
Or Hell will be our destiny.

Only our heart can reveal God,
‘Tis this way, the whole world abroad.
But once we see Him with our heart,
Our very lives we do restart.

Once we see with our heart, so deep,
‘Tis amazing, what blessings we reap!
We can then see Him all around,
Where e’er we look; He can be found.

He’s in the Earth, the sky, the sea,
In a tiny bird in a tree.
In the beauty of a flower,
In the refreshing, spring shower.

We can now see God every where,
But before, ‘twas all bleak and bare.
Can you, our God, with your heart, see?
He’ll do for you, what He did for me.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.16,1996 #109
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Mt.5:8; Mat.15:18; Mat.22:37; Pro.3:5; Pr.8:34; Pr.23:26; Joel 2:12;
Deut.6:5; De.30:2,6; Ps.119:2,34; Lu.6:45; Ro.2:29; 10:10)


Once, back then, God created the world,
He had a plan, and it unfurled.
The universe came from nothing at all,
It sprang into being at God’s call.

Once, back then, our Lord created man,
In His own image, it was His plan.
He formed us from the dust of the ground,
And gave us the breath of life profound.

Once, back then, long before God made us,
He chose us to be His children, precious.
Even before the world’s foundation,
He had called us from degradation.

Once, back then, God came in man’s body,
Born of a poor, young virgin, Mary.
He came to fulfill what the prophets told,
Fulfilling the Father’s plan of old.

Once, back then, on the Cross Jesus died,
To redeem our souls; He was crucified.
He paid the price we could never pay,
That we might live in Heav’n’s grand array.

Here and now; God offers you a gift,
He wants no one to wander adrift.
Eternal life is yours, thru’ God’s Son,
Accept Christ, and this life has just begun.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.21,1997 #288
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Gen.ch.1; Ge.2:7; Heb.1:1-2; Heb.7:27; Heb.9:12,22-26,28;
Heb.10:10,12,14;Heb.11:3; 1 P.1:19; Jn.1:29; 5:24)


Everything is yours, and rightly so,
From the vast Heavens, to Hell below.
Low valleys, to stately mountains high,
All this is yours, this we can’t deny.

If we could count the stars; they are yours,
E’vn those far away, that are obscure.
On miles of seashores, small grains of sand,
All is yours, you hold all in your hand.

Yours, is ev’ry beast in the forest,
Too, fowls in the air, and in their nest.
All the cattle, on a thousand hills,
In the heat of day, or night’s cold chill.

All yours, is the world’s silver and gold,
Also any treasures, we might hold.
We too are yours, we belong to you,
We’re just here a while; we’re passing thru’.

As to your will, to each one you give,
We’re your stewards, as this life we live.
We must be faithful, this you require,
With a loving heart, and true desire.

All is yours, even gifts we possess,
We’re to use them freely, not suppress.
Building the Body of Christ, so true,
For all that we have, belong to you.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.6,1996 #266
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Lev.25:23; Gen.22:17; Ex.19:5; Ps.24:1; Ps.50:10; Ps.89:11-12;
Hag.2:8; Ro.14:8; Mt.25:14-15; Lu.19:13;
1 Co.4:2; Ep.6:7; 1 P.4:10)


Beauty is in the eye of the one that sees,
At times ‘tis so wondrous, I fall to my knees.
As I survey all the wonders God has made,
I stand in awe, for the beauty ne’er does fade.

Beauty of man comes from within the heart,
Outward beauty, as we age, will soon depart.
Beauty seen, is in part, in him who sees,
The best of beauty, from our eyes does flee.

Natural beauty is truth and honesty,
And God’s Creative work, all in harmony.
Beauty, like truth, is always best when plain,
True beauty greatens, but false, there’s no gain.

Beauty is true love, that comes from within,
You can’t be what you’re not; no need begin!
Beauty is justice and integrity,
True beauty simply can’t be, hypocrisy!

When I think of beauty, I think of my Lord,
And for all He’s done; He should be adored!
Jesus is true beauty, without and within,
Without Jesus, I’d be condemned for my sin!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.11,1996 #103
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Gen.ch.1; Ex.20:11; Neh.9:6; Is.55:8-9; 1 Chron.28:9;
Jer.17:10; Jer.23:24; Ps.45:2; Ps.147:5; Job 34:21-22; Mk.2:8;
Mt.12:25; Mt.22:18; Lu.6:8; Lu.11:17; Lu.16:15; Heb.4:13;
Jn.1:12; Jn.2:25; Jn.14:6; Jn.18:37; Jn.13:1; Jn.15:9,13)


As the beauty of morning flows out of Heav’n,
Lavishly fresh air and sunlight, God has giv’n.
The soft gentle breeze brings on the rain,
So many blessings, from God we attain.

The beauty of our God’s great forgiveness,
Is just one thing that comes from His goodness.
God’s grace is like the rush of a river,
There to aid us, forever and ever!

As the beauty of a wondrous rainbow,
His Promise He’ll keep, He wants you to know!
The dazzling sunset, only He can paint,
He gives joy and peace, to all His saints!

Such silent beauty, of a night so still,
And the far off cry of a whippoorwill.
Frogs in the marsh, to each other call,
God made all these beauties, for one and all!

Oft’ the beauty we seek far off, is near,
God gives happiness, causes us to cheer.
The dewy green grass, an exquisite floor,
And the flowers blooming, at my front door!

The amazing beauty of our Lord’s grace,
Christ filling my heart, ‘til I see His Face!
An awesome Saviour, God truly gave,
If we love and trust Him, He’ll surely save!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.7,1999 #563


Bright and beautiful is the sunset’s rays,
Shadows lengthen, bringing a close to the day.
The sky is God’s canvas, for the sunset,
The Master Artist, portrays all so perfect!

Stars hid by the day, now the night reveals,
God’s handi-work has enormous appeal.
Creation’s beauty is an e’er present show,
As majestic mountain tops, cover’d with snow.

His beauty is in the grass at my feet,
In sunshine; and a baby’s face so sweet.
In a flower, as its petals open wide,
Revealing God’s faultless beauty inside.

We need not look for beauty far away,
God places it before you, ev’ry day!
He gives us beauty right outside our door,
The Master Artist, holds so much in store!

Many look for God, and say He’s concealed,
But, in all Earth’s beauty, He is revealed!
The heavens come alive, as lightening flames,
While so far away, stars write out His Name!

We need not go far, happiness to find,
Just open our eyes, and stop being blind!
Joy and peace and love; and contentment too,
God wants us to have these, both me and you.

When God created the world, He made a Way,
That we could live in the heights of Heav’n some day.
His Son is the answer, He holds the ‘key’,
To a “mansion” in Heav’n, for eternity.

We can only see the things in this world,
But one day, blissful Heav’n will be unfurl’d.
The beauty of this Earth, cannot compare,
To this awesome Place, God’s children will share.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.13,2000 #638


He’s there, in the green, grassy meadow,
By the quiet stream; there too, I know.
In the soggy marsh, or desert dry,
He’s all around, we cannot deny.

He’s there, in the rugged mountains high,
In the air too, where bold eagles fly.
On the plain where luscious crops do grow,
He’s all around, surely this I know.

He’s there, in puffy clouds high and white,
In the sunset, He has painted bright.
In the great seas, filled with mystery,
He’s all around, in every country.

He’s in the storm, whether night or day,
In the calm, when the storm blows away.
In your home, so very close to you,
He’s all around, and He’s always true.

All things were made by Him, He alone,
Where e’er you look, His great works are shown.
All the birds, reptiles, fish and beasts,
Flowers and forests, to say the least.

He’s all around, His great works are clear,
Wonder of wonders; He’s always near!
The greatest mystery of this day,
Eternal life in Heav’n; we’re on our way!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.16,1996 #133
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Ex.33:14; Is.30:21; Is.41:10; Is.43:2; Is.50:9; Heb.13:5-6;
Mt.18:20; Mt.28:20; Jn.14:18;)


On each scarlet rose, I see so pure,
The crimson Blood of my dear Saviour.
When I see a flower, I see His Face,
Filled with such beauty, love, and grace!

In the sun, I see His ne’er ending Light,
Stars remind me of His eyes, so bright.
Rain makes me think of the tears He shed,
For you and me; out of love, not dread.

When I see a great oak tree, so tall,
I feel His strength, that won’t let me fall.
Too, when I see a tree, I’m at a loss,
For in every tree, I see His Cross.

Thunder makes me think of His voice so strong,
That He’ll use in judgment of all wrong.
With His breath He does make the sea obey,
A raging storm; or calmed, and stayed.

When I see a vine, twisted with thorns,
I think of the ‘crown’ He had adorned.
He died on that Cross to set us free,
But nearly all people from Him flee.

I see Him always; He’s all around,
When I look at the sky, or on the ground.
The gentle breeze makes me know He’s near,
He’s always close, I’ve nothing to fear.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.11,1996 #102

This is my husbands favorite poem.

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