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Poems on God's Blessings

A Heartbeat Away

Tho’ you may have great burdens to bear,
There is a Dear One, who truly does care!
Open your heart to Him, this very day,
For Jesus is just a heart-beat away!

Tho’ your heart is filled with sorrow and pain,
The comfort of Christ can give you great gain!
‘Tis amazing, His wondrous peace and rest,
The love of Jesus is always the best!

Are you filled with mental agony?
Christ Jesus can give you serenity!
He can remove your heart and soul’s stress,
With awesome contentment; He will bless!

So many grand blessings Christ holds in store,
When we open wide our aching heart’s door!
Always present, He won’t forsake nor leave,
No need for our sad heart, ever to grieve!

Turn to our Lord Jesus, this very day,
He’s very near; just a heart-beat away!
Your journey in life can be Heaven bound,
And His great blessings will simply astound!
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Oct.19, 2000 # 744


A Friend in deed, is what Christ is to me,
Always there to help, and always lovingly!
In times of trouble, He always comes thru’,
At any hour, His friendship rings so true!

I’m Jesus’ friend; and I’m always in need,
And when trouble looms, my pray’r He will heed.
His great comfort is only a pray’r away,
For He will answer, any time of the day.

This Friend is what my soul needs, all the time,
And that’s what Christ is, with His love so fine!
He will never forsake; nor will He leave,
He’s there all the time; my soul need not grieve!

The love of earthly friends, quickly flies away,
Not like the love of Christ, that’s here to stay.
The warmth and cheer of friends, we fondly treasure,
Let us down at times; a loss we can’t measure.

Jesus is a Friend, not in word, but in deed,
And all my spiritual hunger, He does feed.
I’m glad He’s not here today, gone tomorrow,
But a true Friend, in all my joy or sorrow.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Oct.10,2001 #836


Above and beyond, Christ Jesus did go,
Enduring great pain, as He suffered so.
By God the Father, our Saviour was sent,
Willingly He came, and to the cross He went.

Above and beyond, is Christ’s love for us,
All God’s children, to Him are precious.
Loving us, guiding us, each day anew,
Christ Jesus looks after, God’s chosen few.

Above and beyond, Christ goes for me and you,
With an awesome love, that’s forever true.
He will never leave, He will not forsake,
If a commitment to Him, we will make.

As I do consider my life this day,
Do I love Him enough? Do I obey?
Do I go above and beyond, for my Lord?
Or do I turn my back, on Him and His Word?

Above and beyond, NO! I do not go,
I fall so short, causing Christ sorrow.
I must love Him more, with my heart, soul and mind,
Then vast treasures of blessings, I will find.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Sept.18,2003 # 960


Amazing grace, set my burden’d soul free,
It granted me peace and serenity.
Almighty God revealed His awesomeness,
His children He does abundantly bless.

His amazing grace we do not deserve,
Yet in our ev’ry trial, God does observe.
His divine love and mercy does o’er flow,
‘Tis a privilege this awesome God to know.

What a joy to feel His amazing grace,
Now only slightly, but one day Face to face.
We’ll live in His majestic Home on high,
All who love and obey God, shall never die.

God’s amazing grace to us always flows,
He truly wants us His character to know.
He reveals Himself as we draw e’er so near,
As we fellowship with Him in reverent fear.

God’s amazing grace gives comfort and pow’r,
Ev’n in out most dreaded and woeful hour.
For Your encouragement, this child thanks You,
I thank You for Your exalted love so true.

‘Tis Your amazing grace that forgives me,
And that same grace gives me life eternally.
I thank You Lord, I praise Your Holy Name,
‘Tis by faith, Your amazing grace I claim.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Aug.1, 2001 #793


It is an extraordinary blessing
To have on your side the Almighty King!
Things always go better when He is near,
He gives such comfort and removes all fear!

Christ is a Blessing, extraordinary,
A Gift from the Father, absolutely free!
A Blessing that never leaves nor forsakes,
A Blessing that most, for granted take!

Christ is an extraordinary Blessing,
We are honored to have Him as our King!
A blessing that He is our greatest Friend,
He’ll give pow’r and guidance ‘til this life ends!

Jesus blesses us, extraordinarily,
His Presence within is a mystery!
Incredible and awesomely amazing,
This Blessing comes, simply by believing!

An extraordinary Blessing to us, is He,
And just He can grant life eternally!
Only He can lead us to Heav’n above,
And He does it with such tremendous love!

An extraordinary blessing is His grace,
For only He all our sins can erase!
The Father has placed all pow’r in His Hands,
Just He is Lord and Saviour of all lands.

Do you know Christ as your Saviour today?
If you don’t, open your heart’s door, I pray.
He waits outside ever so patiently,
Open to Him, for just He has Heav’n’s key!
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Dec.28,1999 #598


The Lord leads and guides, truly indeed, . . . Ps.23
And He will always supply our needs. . . . Phil.4:19
As our Shepherd, He’ll lead the right way,
Trust His pow’r and wisdom, ev’ry day.

His Spirit within us does abide, . . . Ro.8:9
Ne’er to leave us, what e’er may betide. . . . .Jn.14:16; 2 Jn.2
MUCH greater than Satan is God’s Spirit, . . . 1 Jn.4:4
So, humbly to God, we must submit. . . . Ro.6:13; Jam.4:7

We should not e’er covet worldly things, . . . Lu.12:15
But trust in the Lord and what He brings.. . . Mt.6:19-21
He will never leave us, nor forsake, . . . Heb.13:5
Turning from God, is a big mistake!. . . Jer.11:14; Is.1:15

Being content with what God provides, . . . 1 Tim.6:6-12
Is a great secret that can’t be denied.. . . Phil 4:11-13
Without Jesus we’re nothing at all, . . . .Jn.15:5
But with Him on our side, we’ll not fall. . . .. Jn.3:15-16; 14:6
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Aug.22, 1998 # 489


Blessed is he that walks with the godly,
Blessed is he that from wickedness flees.
Blessed are all they that trust in the Lord,
Blessed are all they that obey his Word.

Blessed is he whom the Lord does forgive,
Blessed is he who does righteously live.
Blessed are all they whose sins are covered,
Blessed are all they o’er whom angels hover.

Blessed is the one that trusteth in Him,
Blessed is the one whose faith is not dim.
Blessed are they that make the Lord their trust,
Blessed are they that live righteous and just.

Blessed is he that consider the poor,
Blessed is he that persecution endures.
Blessed are all they that the Lord does choose,
Blessed are they that who God’s Gift don’t refuse.

Blessed are all the poor in spirit,
Blessed are they the world thinks are misfits.
Blessed are they that mourn, comfort is theirs,
Blessed are they for the Lord truly cares.

Blessed are they who are humble and meek,
Blessed are they whom the Lord does seek.
Blessed are those that thirst for righteousness,
Blessed are they, for God, His Word won’t repress.

Blessed are they who want Jesus as Lord,
Blessed are all they that obey His Word.
Blessed are they whom He’s given the key,
For they have a mansion in eternity.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Sept.20, 2002 # 903
Scripture verses for above poem:
Ps.1:1; 2:12; 32:1-2; 91:11; Heb. 1:14; Ps.34:8; Heb.11:6; Ps.40:4; Mat.13:43; Ps.41:1;65:4; Rom.6:23; Mat.5:5-12

Blessed = beatitude = perfect happiness and joy


Blessings of the Lord, is wealth untold,
As you walk with Him, they do unfold.
Wisdom and knowledge, to us He’ll give,
They’ll grow greater, each day as we live.

Faith to God, is more precious than gold,
God gives a Gift, salvation of our soul.
Love that He gives, casts out all our fear,
Love so perfect, lasts ‘til He appears.

The peace that He gives, is special peace,
With each passing day, it does increase.
This peace, in this world cannot be found,
Only thru’ Christ, does this peace abound.

Comfort, a blessing from God above,
In trials or troubles, sent in love.
He’ll grant strength and help, we need not fear,
For our wondrous God is always near.

Precious joy, He gives, deep down inside,
Comes to all who, in Jesus abide.
All these blessings are riches untold,
Giv’n to His children, to have and hold.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Sept.13,1996 #260
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Pro.10:22; Ec.2:26; 1 P.1:7-9; 1 Jn.4:18; Ro.5:1;
Jn.14:27; 15:11; 16:22,33; Phil.4:6-7; 2 Co.1:5; Ps.33:21;46:1-3; 55:22; Mt.11:28; Hab.3:18; 1 P.1:8)


God’s blessings are as showers, from above,
Each little raindrop, is simply pure love.
Just as the rain blesses the dry parched land,
Gifts He gives are blessings from his Hand.

Showers of blessings, they ne’er do cease,
God truly blesses with joy, love and peace.
For raining blessings on all His children,
We must thank and praise Him, o’er and o’er again.

God’s blessings are shower’d on us each day,
His awesome love and grace He does display.
Blessings, like raindrops that caress our soul,
By Almighty God, always in control.

We need to thank God for blessings He gives,
For loving compassion, each day we live.
His wisdom in guiding, His tender watchcare,
His forgiveness of sins; nothing can compare.

When you go in prayer to our awesome Lord,
Do you thank Him for things we couldn’t afford?
Ev’rything He gives is entirely free,
And His precious Son, Jesus is the Key.

Do God’s blessings come as rain from above?
Do you accept Jesus and His precious love?
Jesus is the Key to the Father’s heart,
Where Heav’n is yours, ne’er more to depart.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Aug.24, 2001 # 807
Scripture verses for above poem:
Deut. 11:14; Psalm 65:9; 68:19; 136:25; 145:15; Isaiah 30:23; 56:5; Jer. 24:7; Joel 2:23; Matthew 6:23; 11:28; 16:19; Luke 10:19; 11:13; John 4:14; 6:51; 10:28; 14:27; Rev. 2:26, 28; 21:6

Forgiveness of sins, His Presence within us, love, joy, peace, rest, comfort, contentment, encouragement, strength, knowledge, wisdom, discernmnent, hope, and eternel life in Heaven. Blessings that cannot be bought!


Sufficient to His children is God’s grace,
No matter what our trouble, or the place.
His pow’r and His wisdom will see us thru’,
He blesses us daily, both me and you.

Abundant is God’s grace to one and all,
A never ending supply, when we call.
His love for His children will never cease,
He blesses us daily, with inward peace.

Merciful is God’s grace to those who obey,
Tho’ we stumble many times in our day.
He cares for us even tho’ we are weak,
He blesses us daily, if Him we seek.

God’s children receive grace compassionate,
From their Father in Heav’n, awesome and great.
Our troubles and sorrows are felt by Him,
He blesses us daily, makes bad things dim.

God’s grace is absolutely amazing,
Plus the fact, it is absolutely free.
Our Father truly shows us such great love,
He blesses us daily, from Heav’n above.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer June 30,2003 #954


My Greatest Blessing is Christ Jesus, God’s Son,
And I thank Him daily, for all He has done.
He helps me this day, and will for eternity,
And He’s ne-er too busy, to hear my ev’ry plea!

My Greatest Blessing, comfort He brings my way,
An everlasting consolation, I feel each day.
My heart has hope thru’ His grace, each single hour,
For one day He’ll resurrect me, with His power!
My Greatest Blessing, is my Greatest Treasure,
My heart feels it shall burst, with awesome pleasure.
He has gone on ahead, my home to prepare,
Where I will forever, His grand love to share.

Most people want no part, of Jesus the Lord,
And they want no part, of God’s Holy Word.
But that is the ONLY place, to find the Truth,
Be you elderly, middle age, or in your youth.

People keep on in sin, ne-er thinking they shall pay,
They do not think, of what shall be, on Judgment day.
You don’t want to stand, before the Great White Throne,
For agony awaits you, and you all alone!

 May I suggest, accept the Blessing so great,
Jesus can keep you, from Hell’s tormenting fate.
Only Jesus, has the key to Heav’n above,
Acceptance of Him, shall flood your soul with love!

The Greatest Blessing e’er, you too can proclaim,
If you trust and believe, in Jesus’ Holy Name.
You can escape, the horrid torments of Hell,
Jesus can reserve in Heav’n, a place for you to dwell.

Gratitude for Christ Jesus, is what I feel,
For I know in my heart, my soul He has sealed.
Jesus can be a Blessed Treasure, for you,
 If only you believe, God’s Holy Word so true!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   July 16, 2015 #1374
Col.1:22-23; Heb.3:6,14; 6:11-12;  Mat.6:19-21; Lk.12:34; Jn.14:1-3; 2 Cor.5:1; Tit.1:2; Heb.11:16; Rev.21:2; 1 Pet.1:3-9; 2 Cor.1:3-4; 2 Thes.2:16-17; Lk.6:24; Ps.49:15; 71:20; Dan.12:2; 1 Cor.6:14; 15:22,42,52-54; No escape from Judgment: Ex.20:7; 34:7; Isa.2:10,12-19,22; Eze.14:13-14; Amos 5:16-20; 9:1-4; Mat.23:33; Luke 16:19-31; Heb.2:1-3; 10:28-29; 12:25; Rev.6:16-17.


I have no complaints, on how You treat me,
You are the awesome God, of eternity.
You reach out, in mercy and love,
From Your Home in Heav’n, so far above.

I have not one reason, to complain,
For You reach’d out to me, in all my pain.
You sent Your Son, to take my sins away,
Willingly, He died, for me that day.

Lord, I can’t complain when You chastise,
In great love You correct me, e’er so wise.
When I lose my way, You lovingly guide,
Bright light for the right path, You provide.

Why would I complain, when You fill my needs?
You furnish all, when to You I heed.
Day after day, You’re always there for me,
Your Presence abides, for eternity.

I appreciate You, I won’t complain,
Knowing You, dear Lord, has been such great gain.
I’ll glorify You, with honor and praise,
The fruit of my lips, I’ll gratefully raise.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Oct.22,2003 #971


Peace takes control, when my sins I confess,
In my quiet time, O Lord You truly bless.
You’re slow to anger, with abundant mercy,
Your forgiveness, gives complete serenity.

In my quite time with You, peace takes control,
Such amazing peace, flowing thru’ my soul.
This fellowship with You, I truly need,
Many thoughts do come, on which my soul does feed.

Peace takes control, in these quiet times always,
Giving me wisdom, to help me live my days.
I feel Your awesome Presence, ever so near,
It hurriedly chases away any fears.

Peace takes control, urging my heart to be still,
Quietly I listen, that I may know Your will.
Lord, I feel Your vast love, O so near to me,
This love You give, comes unconditionally.

Peace takes control, and my faith does increase,
In this quiet time, comfort never does decrease.
Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all within me,
Praise His awesome Name, for all eternity.

Peace takes control, O Lord You truly bless,
In these quiet times, my soul You do caress.
O Lord, I thank you for your amazing grace,
I look to the day, when I meet You Face to face.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Dec.24,2000 #762


There’s turmoil in the world; all around,
But Christ gives me peace that does abound!
Joy, for most people, is far away,
Yet I rejoice, each and ev’ry day!

Contentment, for most, is but a dream,
But with Christ near, it’s a steady stream!
The world is fill’d with wickedness,
But true Christians reveal Christ’s kindness!

A child of God is not of this world,
Character traits of Christ, are unfurl’d!
We must always be patient and meek,
And His guidance, we should always seek!

We should copy Christ with faithfulness,
When we persevere, our God will bless!
We must love, most important of all,
Being gentle and good, let us stand tall!

We are privileged, as God’s children,
Each day He blesses us; o’er again!
All those without Christ, receive God’s wrath,
Traveling with Satan, on Hell’s broad path!

Let’s pray for the “fruit” of self-control,
And commit to Christ, body and soul!
Just those “in Christ” can access God’s Throne,
For just the Blood of Christ, can atone!

You can be privileged, this very day,
If the Gospel of Christ, you obey!
Receive Christ, and believe on His Name,
And become God’s child; make it your aim!
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Aug.18,2000 #725
Scripture verses for above poem:
John 1:12-13; 3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 1 John 3:1; 5:10-12.


Time spent with Jesus, just you and He,
This time is precious, it’s quality.
You’ll never regret, not one moment,
Any time with our Lord that you’ve spent.

‘Tis such a blessing, to spend some time,
With our Saviour, and His love so fine.
Time spent with Jesus, is of great price,
All other hours, cannot suffice.

Time spent with Jesus, is time so dear,
It is wonderful, to have Him near.
All my doubts and fears, fly far away,
He gives joy and peace, for e’er to stay.

A remarkable Friend, He is to me,
Time spent with Him, is pure quality.
His counsel to me has great value,
With untold wisdom, and always true.

‘Tis quality time, spent with my Lord,
Walking with Him, and reading His Word.
The most desirable part of the day,
Choice, select, and outstanding, alway.

O what a blessing I do receive,
Such a blessing, I want not to leave.
Quality time, spent with my Saviour,
Nought can compare, ‘tis joy and grandeur.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Oct.24,1996 #271
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Ps.73:28; 119:165; Is.26:3; Jn.14:18,23,27; 15:15; 1627,33;
Ac.17:27; Ro.35-39; 14:17; Heb.13:5; Phil.4:7; 1 P.1:8; 5:7)


So many blessings the Lord does give,
Each and every day that we live.
A wondrous God in the Heav’ns above,
Showers us with blessings, done in love.

The wonders of nature, all around,
Beauty to the eye, and wondrous sound!
Birds and animals, to each other call,
Massive whales, to tiny insects small.

In rugged mountains, tall and grandeur,
The air way up there, so fresh and pure.
In the valley where the crops do grow,
His Hand is ev’ry where, this I know!

He makes pretty clouds, puffy and white,
‘Tis astounding, how gorgeous the sight!
Sunsets are His striking works of art,
For us to enjoy, ‘fore they depart!

So many blessings from Him abound,
His grace, mercy, kindness; all around!
At the top of the list, is His love,
A gracious God, in the Heav’ns above!

He pardons sins and iniquities,
Can grant Heav’n, as our final decree.
He gave His one Son, to buy our soul,
If we trust and believe, we are whole.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer June 4, 1997 #350
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Gen.1:1; Neh.9:6; Job 12:7-10; 26:7; Ps.102:25; Ac.14:15; Heb.1:2-4; 11:3;
 Jer.31:3; 33:3; Jn.3:16; 16:27; Ro.5:8; Ep.2:4-5;8-9; 1 Jn.3:1; 4:9-21)


Wait on the Lord: be of good courage,”
Instead, we let the world be our gauge.
Hurry and scurry, from morn ‘till night,
We surely do not treat our Lord right.

Be still, and know that I am God,
Yet we run to and fro, all abroad.
With Him, we should spend quality time,
Be still and list’ to His Words so fine.

Wait on the Lord, and keep His way,”
Then He shall exalt us, one sweet day.
Patience, it seems, each one of us lack,
Instead, impatience, we seem to pack.

My soul, wait thou only upon God,”
Don’t take the path of the world, so broad.
Satan is waiting, in shadows dark,
Grinning with glee, when we miss the mark.

He gives strength when we wait on the Lord,
He’ll help us walk in right accord.
Each child of God, can access power,
Thru’ His Spirit; we need not cower.

We all should learn to “Wait on the Lord,”
And do as He states in His Holy Word.
Let us KNOW He is God, and be still,
So us, with His blessings, He can fill.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer May 134, 1996 #217
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Ps.27:14; 37:34; 46:10; Is.40:31)


When the Lord bids you to seek His Face,
Do you run to receive, His blessed grace?
Do you answer? “Lord, Thy Face I will seek,”
Do you go in pride? or lowly and meek?

Dear Lord, hide not Thy Face far from me,
Do not put Thy servant, away from Thee.
Do not forsake me, or ever leave,
That would cause Thy servant, to surely grieve.

Teach me Thy way O Lord, ev’ry day,
Let Thy brilliant Light, show me the way.
Lead me in a path, ever so plain,
Help from You dear Lord, is such great gain.

You are my Salvation, and my Light,
Without You, days are black as night.
You are my strength Lord, whom shall I fear?
It’s such a blessing, to have You near.

Wait on the Lord, He shall strengthen thy heart,
Patiently trust Him, He will not depart.
Believe on the Lord’s awesome goodness,
Wait on the Lord, I say, for He will bless.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer Sept.20,2002 # 902
Scripture for above poem: Psalm 27


When into the ark Noah did go,
You were there, with blessings to bestow.
You shut the door when the waters came,
For Noah in your eyes, had no blame.

You were there with Elijah, back then,
Showing your approval, O’ so plain.
Elijah trusted your mighty power,
You answered his call at right hour.

Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego,
Were thrown into the furnace long ago.
They would not bow, to the idol so great,
You were there, the king’s plan to frustrate.

Daniel disobeyed the king’s edict,
“To the lion’s den” was the verdict.
You were there, the lion’s mouths to close,
To all those of faith, your blessing flows.

If you were there for all these, and more,
You’ll be there for us, and blessings pour.
We must trust and believe; keep our faith,
And you’ll be there, until our last breath.
By His Servant, Connie Kramer May 27,1996 # 226
Scripture verses for above poem:
(Gen.6:8-9; 7:16; 1 K.18:30-39; Dan.ch.3 & 6; Heb.ch.11

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