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Satan, the Old Devil!!

God Creates . . . Satan Imitates

God creates, Satan tries to imitate,
And believers, he tries to intimidate.
To be God, the old devil wants to be,
He wants your worship, he wants great glory.

God has doctrines, Satan has heresies,
God offers you bliss, Satan agonies.
The Gospel of Christ, the Bible does teach,
But another gospel, Satan does preach.

Walk the narrow road, and the Lord obey,
Stay off the broad road, the old devil’s way.
In a dark world, Christians must be a light,
But the old devil, is dark as the night.

God has a Son, Satan will have one too,
‘Twon’t be long, Antichrist shall come in view.
The Holy Spirit, Satan will imitate,
And mighty miracles, he will create.

The Great Tribulation, lies ahead,
Deceitful Satan, shall inflict much dread.
God marks His people, Satan will mark his too,
But accepting Satan’s mark, means Hell for you.

God’s way of living, leads to Heav’n above,
Believing in faith, a must for God’s love.
Old Satan’s way leads, far below to Hell,
And there for eternity, you would dwell.

Beware my friend, which master you follow,
Travelling the wrong road, will lead to sorrow.
Walk in Jesus’ light, on the narrow road,
The devil’s broad road, leads to Hell’s abode.
By His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.24, 2009 # 1224
Romans 1:16; 1 Cor. 9:12; 1 Cor. 9:18; Phil. 1:27; 1 Thes. 3:2; 2 Cor. 11:4; Gal.1:6-7; 2:4; 2 Peter 2:1-22; John 14:2-3; Rev.21 & 22; Mat.7:13-14; 5;14-16; 2 Cor. 11:14; Rev.13; Mat.24:21; Mat. 13:42; 25:41,46; Rev.20:11-15; 2 Thes. 1:8-9,

Safety From Satan

Safety from Satan, is what I pray,
For my feet want to go, the wrong way.
Dear Lord, keep me on the narrow path,
Far, far away, from the Father’s wrath.

Safety, from the devil’s temptations,
For I look, to eternal salvation.
Dear Lord, right decisions, let me make,
Let me never, Your great love forsake.

Safety, from old Satan’s tricks and snares,
I must keep watch, and always be aware.
Dear Lord, keep me from his deceitfulness,
Let me stay close to You, that You may bless.

Safety, from the old devils’ vile hate,
Of this evil, I want not to partake.
Dear Lord, let me love instead, I pray,
And let me praise and thank You, ev’ry day.

Safety, from Satan’s desperate lies,
False doctrine is that, on which he relies.
Dear Lord, let me not fall, for heresy,
Let me tell the Truth, of life eternally.

Safety, from Satan’s mighty shrewd ways,
He wants you, from God’s Book, to stay away.
Firmly each day, let me search Your Word,
That I may gain wisdom, from You Lord.

Safety from Satan, this I do plead,
But this I know, to You I must heed.
Closer to You, let me grow each day,
And may Satan stay, far, far away.

Safety from evil Satan, was won,
By the lovinkindness, of God’s own Son.
As He struggled up the hill, of Calvary,
Satan was beaten! Christ got victory!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer  Oct.27,2013 #1333
Satan’s Ambition: (Gen.3:4; 2 Ki.14:10; Isa.28:2; 2 Thes.2:4,7; Rev.12:3).
Satan, Arch Deceiver: (Gen.3:5,14; Mat.4:6; Mk.1:13; Jn.8:44; 2 Cor.2:11; 11:14; Rev.13:14; 19:20; 20:7-8) Satan’s Tricks: (Mk.4:15; 8:33; Lk.4:6; 1 Cor.2:11;11:3; Eph.6:11; 2 Thes.2:9; Rev.12:9; 20:7-8)


Satan will come only to your door,
Don’t let him in; he’s evil to the core!
He’ll blind your eyes, the Gospel he’ll hide,
And on the road to Hell, he will guide.

Satan is cunning, very crafty,
Be on guard, he is your enemy!
He’s clever and shrewd, to lead astray,
You must be careful, both night and day.

Bold as a lion, sly as a fox,
And God’s children he constantly stalks.
Put on the complete armour of God,
To stand against the wiles of this fraud.

Satan is skillful at subtle lies,
Alert and watchful; how hard he tries.
From the beginning he did deceive,
In the garden with Adam and Eve.

Submit yourselves therefore to God,
Our ‘key’ to success, as we do trod.
Resist Satan, and he’ll flee from you,
The power of Christ will see you thru’.
By:  Connie Kramer  June 18,1997  # 356
(Jn.8:44; Mt.4:1-11; 7:13-14; Gen.3:4-5; 1 P.5:8; Jam.4:7;
Ep.4:26-27; 6:10-18; 2 Co.2:11; 4:3-4; 11:14; 1 Jn.4:4)


Satan does lurk, in dark shadows, drear,
He just waits for your weakness, and fear.
NO one is exempt from his power,
He’s there to tempt you, at any hour.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood,
But against Satan’s dangerous flood.
Spiritual wickedness does o’er flow,
All that we do here an Earth below.

He accuses us ‘fore God each day,
Slandering us, in so many ways.
He speaks lies; is the ‘father’ of it,
Abides not in truth, and will not quit.

As a roaring lion, seeking prey,
Walking all about, both night and day.
We must be watchful, and serious,
For Satan’s the king, of all darkness.

We cannot go against him alone,
For we’d give in to him, then groan!
Submit yourself to God; that’s the key,
Then resist the devil; and he will flee.

We must have Jesus to see us thru’,
We must have His help, both me and you.
We can do it all, thru’ Christ’s power,
Satan WILL flee, we need not cower.
By:  Connie Kramer  Aug.29,1996  # 254
(Lu.4:1-13; Ep.6:11-18; Rev.12:10; Job.1:9-11; Jam.4:7;
Jn.8:44; 15:5; 1 P.5:8; Phil.4:13)


Satan makes allegations of me,
Rightly stating my iniquity.
At God’s right Hand, my Counselor sits,
My final decree: God does acquit!

Satan’s allegations go on and on,
But because of my Counselor I have won!
Christ paid my debt, the ultimate price,
Death on the Cross, the supreme sacrifice.

Satan’s allegations ne’er seem to end,
But I have on my side, quite a ‘Friend’.
My loving Advocate stands by me,
Gone are my sins and iniquity!

Hard and fast come Satan’s allegations,
Many sins and evils I have done.
But my Counselor paid with His own Blood,
He purified me with that precious Flood.

Jesus, wonderful Saviour and Friend,
He will stand by me until the end.
Passing all knowledge is Christ’s wondrous love,
He grants eternal life in Heav’n above!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer  Aug.1,1997  # 379
(Rev.12:10; Job 1:9-11; 2:7; Zec.3:1; Mt.4:11; 13:19,38-39;
Jn.8:44; 13:2; 17:11; 1 P.5,19; 5:7-8; 1 Jn.2:1; 2 Tim.1:12;
Jude 24;  Heb.2:17; 4:14-15; 5:5; 7:25-27; 8:1; 10:19-23;
Is.9:6; Ep.3:17;19)


Those who serve Satan work energetically,
Freely, willingly, and persistently.
They’re always so actice to proselyte,
Beware! their doctrine is dark as night!

Satan has many children; a great crowd,
Spreading false doctrine, shouting aloud.
And for the devil, they firmly stand,
They’re partners with Satan; hand in hand!

Their evil doctrine at first sounds good,
But they teach falsely, and not as they should!
They’re truly dedicated to their cause,
In serving the devil, they never pause!

God’s children also should persevere,
Yet bringing the Gospel seems to cause fear.
The ‘Truth’ to the lost ones must be told,
We must witness for Christ; we must be bold!

If only we had their dedication,
Many souls would be led to Salvation!
We must confess Christ and His precious Name,
Or one day He’ll deny us, to our shame!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer  July 8, 1998  # 482

Satan’s Dirty Ways

When Christ as Saviour, you do accept,
There are some things, you must expect.
Satan will not be happy with you,
His evil ways will come into view.

Satan despises our precious Lord,
O’er and o’er we’re told this, in God’s Word.
He doesn’t want you, with Christ to abide,
The devil wants you, back on his side.

Satan will try you, in so many ways,
Working e’er so hard, both night and day.
He doesn’t want you, Jesus to love,
He’ll try to keep you from Heav’n above.

Don’t listen to his sweet-sounding lies,
Don’t fall for his deceiving cries.
He doesn’t mean any good at all,
Impatiently he waits, for you to fall.

If he tempted Jesus, way back then,
He’ll tempt you too, o’er and o’er again.
You can shout for joy, the vict’ry cry,
If on Christ Jesus, you do rely.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer April 4, 2003 # 941


Are you trav’ling a road of no return?
Do you for the world’s wealth, and pleasure yearn?
Do you lust after fortune and fame?
Do you e’er think of our Lord Jesus’ Name?

Most people are speeding down Hell’s highway,
Trav’ling down the broad road, with no delays.
Never ev’n thinking ‘bout eternity,
Headed for Satan’s home, of agony.

With each passing day, the road gets more wide,
It gets easier, as they take big strides.
Satan’s home of agony, is where they’ll go,
A place of horrid, eternal sorrow.

The longer on this wide road you stay,
The harder it is to go the other way.
That other road is a small, narrow path,
Leading away, from our God’s Holy wrath.

Are you trav’ling that road, where Satan leads?
Trav’ling at a rate, of increasing speed?
Satan leads just to his home of agony,
With no exit doors, for eternity.

You can change your route; go the other way,
That narrow road leads, to a blissful day.
Leading to the City, with a street of gold,
Where the glory of God, you will behold.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.22,2002 # 904


Rebellion, links us to Satan,
This spirit is not good for man.
If you go head to head with God,
For certain you’ll lose, as you trod!

In life, do you feel insecure?
Does God seem far, and so obscure?
Satan is brilliant, and very sly!
He’ll try to keep you from God on High.

Bitterness will eat you inside,
Will cause strife, and churches divide.
Unforgiveness, hurt pride, envy,
Satan tempts; he’s your enemy!

Do you ever feel depressed?
Discouraged, gloomy, stressed?
Satan is there, when you are low,
Always there in sorrow and woe.

Nagging doubt, fear; are Satan’s tools,
He’s crafty and sharp; not a fool!
He tempts us in our weakest spot,
We must be careful, or we’re caught!

There is an answer to these things,
Rely on Christ and the grace He brings.
Satan is doomed, with Christ there,
Just call out to God in prayer.

Christ can help in all your trouble,
Just He, can burst Satan’s bubble.
Don’t try to do things on your own,
Trust Christ, and the path will be shown.
By: Connie Kramer June 15,1996 # 234
Ac.8:23; Ro.3:14; Ep.4:31; Heb.12:15)


Satan will blind you to what is true,
Making false things shine, as bright as new!
The devil is sly, he will deceive,
Makes false doctrine sound right, so you’ll receive!

Satan will subtly harden your heart,
Trying to drive you and Jesus apart!
The devil is desperate with his lies,
The harder you resist, the harder he tries!

Satan will always take right words away,
And he will give you all wrong words to say.
He’ll try to win by pure deception,
Turns you from Christ, wants your rejection!

Satan will guide you down the wrong road,
And give you a heavy, cumbersome load!
Trials and troubles, he’ll surely bring,
But, he’ll not win, if to Christ we’ll cling!

Satan will turn your friends against you,
Also your fam’ly, who were so true.
Satan hates Christ, and when Him you accept,
He’ll try to make you forget and reject!

Don’t fall into the old devil’s snare,
Turn instead, to our Saviour who cares!
Submitting to Christ, keeps Satan back,
For His Spirit keeps you on the right track!

Our dear Lord Jesus, is always near,
So, Satan’s attacks we need not fear.
God’s children have Someone, much more great!
So we need not let Satan dominate!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer April 9,1999 # 520
Genesis 3:5; Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:12-19;
John 8:44; 13:2; Matthew 4:6; 13:19, 38-39;
Luke 9:42; 13:16; 2 Cor. 2:11; 4:3-4; 11:14; Acts 26:18;
Ephesians 2:2; 4:26-27; 6:11-12;1 Peter 5:8; James 4:7; 1 John 3:8;
John 16:11; Romans 16:20; Revelation 12:12; 20:10; Matthew 26:41.


Satan’s hard at work in the world today,
Working relentlessly, as he goes his way.
He knows your shortcomings; where you are weak,
This is where he’ll hit; and havoc he’ll wreak.

He’ll seduce by pleasure; sex, sports, leisure,
Puff up our pride, give evil thoughts to lure.
He can afflict our body, as he did Job,
And into our lives; most surely he’ll probe.

He’ll quote Scriptures, pluck away the “good seed”,
He tries so hard his false doctrine to feed.
He tries to make us deny Jesus is Lord,
Satan is strong; we NEED Christ and His Word!
By: Connie Kramer Jan.6,1996 # 97-A
(1 Tim.5:11-15; 3:6; 1 Jn.2:16; 1 Co.7:5;
Mk.4:15; 1 Thes.2:18; Lu.22:31; Ac.5:3)


Satan is hard at work in the world today,
Working relentlessly, as he goes his way.
He knows our shortcomings, just where we are weak,
This is where he will hit, and havoc he’ll wreak!

He will seduce by pleasure, all he can,
Sex, sports, leisure; he’ll work on ev’ry man.
He’ll quote Scriptures, try to lead you astray,
Just as he did Christ; try your nerves to fray.

He’ll afflict the body, as he did Job,
And into our lives, most surely he’ll probe.
He’ll puff up our pride, so God won’t be pleas’d,
He’ll tempt by impure thoughts, he’ll not cease.

He’ll pluck away the seed, of God’s Good Word,
He won’t let it grow, he’ll only retard.
He’ll gravely buffet, if crisis should come,
Beating back our attempts, as if we’re a drum.

He’ll make us hypocrites, he’ll make us lie,
Also tries to get us, Christ to deny.
He’ll deceive by false doctrine, all the while,
And when he succeeds, he’ll have a great smile!

He’ll try to trap us, lay snares where we’ll trod,
Prompts to transgress the holiness of God.
He blinds men to truth, he perverts God’s Word,
Satan is strong, that is why we need the Lord!
By: Connie Kramer Dec.31,1995 # 84
(Lu.4:1-13; 2 Co.4:3-4; Ep.6:12; Mt.13:19,22,38-39;
1 P.5:8; Job 1:7-12; 2:1-7; Gen.3:1-6)


Sharp unkind answers or reactions, . . . Ro.12:10; 1 Co.13:4
Discourtesy, envy, rebellion. . . . Col.3:12; Ep.4:2,24
Blaming others, conceit, bitterness, . . . Ep.4:31; Heb.12:15; Jam.3:13-14; 4:16; 2 P.1:5-7
Nagging, bossing, and unforgiveness. . . . Pro.19:3; Ep.4:32; Phil.2:14; Col.3:13

Selfishness; demanding our own way, . . . Pro.12:15; 30:12; Mt.25:43; Ac.7:51
Always knowing best; temper displays. . . . .Deut.1:43; Pro.16:32
Easy to provoke, quick to irritate, . . . .Pro.14:17; 25:28; Ec.7:9
And always trying to dominate. . . . Mt.16:24; 23:12; Ro.15:1

Resentful feelings; and thoughts unkind, . . . Pro.15:19; 23:7; 24:9; Mt.9:4
Putting me first; to others, I’m blind. . . . Is.14:13-14; Ro.8:13
Comparing my sin with another, . . . 2 Co.10:12
Justifying self; my sin to cover. . . . Ro.2:1; 3:20; Lu.18:9-14

All the above are opposite of love, . . . 1 Co.ch.13
Not the character of God above! . . . Gal.5:22-23
The opposite of love is simply hate, . . . 1 Jn.3:15; 4:8,20
From ALL these sins, we must vacate! . . . Ro.6:12; 1 P.2:11; Ep.4:22;

No matter how small, all hate is sin, . . . Lev.19:17
Causing tensions and discord within. . . . Pro.10:12; 15:17
All are barriers ‘tween God and you, . . . Ps.66:18; Is.59:2; Hos.5:6; Jn.9:31
Repent at His Cross, each day anew! . . .Joel 2:12; Mt.3:2; Lu.13:3; Ac.8:22
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.12,1998 # 451

Satan NEVER ceases from his dirty work! Please do NOT allow him to take a foothold in your life. Jesus is there to help you have victory!

James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (KJV)


I’ll do those good deeds, some other day,
Too many anxious cares in the way.
I’ll call on the one who feels hurt or low,
When my trials pass, and all my woe.

Some other day, I will show mercy,
Good works I will do, and charity.
Compassion I’ll show to one who mourns,
Some other day, when I’m not forlorn.

Some other day, I’ll help one in need,
Be kind and loving; do a good deed.
Say a kind word to one who does cry,
Some other day, in the by and by.

If we wait to do good to those around,
God’s blessings to us will not abound.
God may wait until some other day,
To send His wondrous blessings your way!
By: Connie Kramer May 16,1997 # 333
(1 Thes.3:12; 4:9-11; Mt.3:10; 7:26;
Lu.12:47; 13:6; Jam.2:14; 4:17)

One of Satan's plans is to make you think "Some other day." He is a master of making you think you can put things off! BEWARE!!!


Stop me from doing what I would do,
Lord, let me always depend on You.
Don’t ever let me go off half cock’d,
For the result may leave me in shock.

Stop me from going against Your will,
Would You with Your Holy Spirit fill.
I pray that I always please You lord,
Let me serve You in willing accord.

Stop me when I get too rush’d to pray,
Help me to chase all worries away.
In Your Hand, let me put my concerns,
When I’m troubl’d, let me to You turn.

Stop me when I think I know it all,
Keep Your foolish child, from a great fall.
Such a mistake, is all vanity,
Lord, let me always look first to Thee.

Stop me when I think I know what’s best,
Let me instead with Your wisdom be bless’d.
For all my foolishness, please forgive me,
Let me do Your will, Lord, willingly!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan. 25, 2001 # 768

Beware of Satan! He works in deceptive ways!

The Devil

Like a piranha, with lightening speed,
The devil tries, on your soul to feed.
You must beware, him you should fear,
You must be careful, don’t let him near.

As a massive shark, hidden from view,
The devil always has, his eyes on you.
You must consider, this crafty one,
Submit to God, and the devil will run.

Like a lion, ‘bout to pounce on you,
The devil’s tricks, are more than a few.
Deceiving you, in so many ways,
You must guard against him, ev’ry day.

Like a hunter, ready for the kill,
The devil’s tactics, to him are a thrill.
He’ll set many, cunning traps and snares,
Of this crafty critter, you must beware!

He deceives by making, wrong things look right,
You must always walk, in Jesus’ light.
You must stay close, to Christ ev’ry hour,
Just He can ward off, the devil’s pow’r.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer  Nov.1,2003  # 974


When you take a firm stand for our Lord,
From worldly pleasures, you’ll be barred.
You’ll be tempted each and ev’ry day,
By the devil’s voice, wanting you to sway.

The devil’s voice, you’ll hear, ev’ry hour,
You need not give in, for you have pow’r.
The Spirit of Christ abides in you,
Resist the devil; to Christ be true.

The devil’s voice will tempt by pride,
You must stand firm, and in Christ abide.
He’ll tempt by pleasure; he’ll lie to you,
Don’t list’ to him, don’t look at his view.

The devil’s voice is subtle and sly,
He’ll try to make you, Jesus deny!
He’ll tempt by lies and hypocrisy,
Satan is your utmost enemy.

The devil’s voice will say: “It’s all right,”
To have those impure thoughts, day or night.
He’ll quote Scripture to lead you astray,
He wants you to follow the wrong way.

When you take a firm stand for our Lord,
The devil’s voice will speak with false words.
Submit to God, the devil will flee,
The power of Christ has made us free.
By:  Connie Kramer  Apr.17,1997  # 324
(1 Tim 3:6; 5:11-15; Mt.4:6; 2 Co.12:7; 1 Co.7:5; Mk.4:15;
1 Thes.2:18; Lu.22:31; Ac.5:3; 1 Jn.5:4; 2 Co.10:3-5;
Ep.6:10-18; Jam.4:7; 1 P.5:8-9)


Are your feet trav’ling the downward path?
Are you headed for God’s righteous wrath?
That slipp’ry path will lead straight to Hell,
Where for eternity, you shall dwell.

The downward path; the easy way to go,
But it leads only to great sorrow.
Walking that path, gets easier each day,
But following Satan, leads to dismay.

The longer on the downward path you stay,
The harder it will be, to turn away.
The old devil will tempt and entice,
But friend, ‘tis you, who will pay the price.

Would you like to leave that downward path?
Do you want to be rid of God’s wrath?
On the narrow, upward path, set your feet,
And a most awesome Friend, you shall meet!

“I want on the path to Heav’n,” you say,
Trusting Jesus is the only way!
When you open your heart’s door to Him,
He’ll take you from that downward path of sin.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept. 3,2000 # 734

Satan will do ANYTHING to keep you on that Downward Path!!!


The gates of Heaven, or Hell’s fires,
Which of these two, is your desire?
Most folks have not thought much ‘bout this,
The terror of Hell, or Heaven’s bliss!

Most go thru’ life, not thinking of God,
Just their ev’ry day life, as they trod.
Just the comfort of each new day,
Is in their thoughts, as they go their way!

This Earth is not our perm’nent home,
We’re just pilgrims, as we do roam.
We’re given this time, to decide,
Where for eternity we will abide!

God does live, in Heaven above,
Where there’s peace and joy, and great love!
Those gates of Heaven, have just one Key,
Christ Jesus, is His identity!

Without our Lord, there’s just Hell’s fires,
On your own, that’s what you’ll acquire!
Only Christ Jesus has the power,
To deliver, at the right hour!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.4,1997 #292
(Heb.11:13; 13:14; 1 Pet.2:11; Is.66:24; Mat.18:8; 25:41;
Mark 9:44; Rev.14:10; 20:10,15; 21:8;
John 1:12-13; 3:3, 15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 14:2-3, 6)

SO many millions are on the broad road that leads to Hell's Fires! Please do NOT listen to Satan!!! Matthew 7:13-14 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: [14] Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (KJV)


There’s nothing covered that He won’t reveal,. . . Mk.4:22; Lu.8:17; 12:2
God, in truth and justice, with us will deal! . . . Ro.2:2,16; Deut.32:4
There’s nothing hid, that shall not be known, . . . Lu.12:2; Mt.25:32; 1 Co.4:5
All we try to hide, will one day be shown! . . . 1 P.4:4; Ro.14:12; Mt.12:36

Our ev’ry work shall God bring to judgment, . . .Ec.12:14
Unless we mourn, and truly repent. . . . Mt.5:4; Is.55:7; 1 Jn.1:8-10
Be it good, or bad; ev’ry single thing, . . . Ec.12:14; Mt.10:26
One day, God, will ‘fore the courts of Christ bring. . . . 1 Co.3:13-15; Rev.20;11-15

God will one day judge the secrets of men, . . . Ro.2:16; Jer.16:17
We can hide nothing from God; now, or then, . . . Eze.11:5; Is.46:10; Hos.7:2
Can one hide himself in a secret place? . . . Jer.23:24; 32:19; Pro.15:3; Jude 14-15
One day all will stand before His Face! . . . Mt.25:32; Ac.17:31; Ro.14:12; 2 Co.5:10; Re.20:12

And be sure your sin will find you out, . . . Num.32:23
It won’t do you well to mutter or pout. . . .Mt.26:74; Mal.3:2; Rev.6:17
There won’t be any way you can hide, . . . Am.9:2-3
For our God can see the whole world wide. . . . Job 34:21-22; Ps.147:5; Heb.4:13

All will be judged one day soon to come, . . . Mt.25:31-32;
And we’ll be shown to our eternal home! . . . Jn.3:15-18,36; 14:1-6; Rev.20:15
The Judgment Seat of Christ; or Great White Throne, . . . 2 Co.5:10; Rev.20:11-15
Is where we’ll face the Great Judge; all alone. . . . 1 Jn.4:17; Mt.10:28; 1 P.1:17
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.31,1997 # 445

Satan is striving to take you to his side! He hates God and wants you to reject Him and turn away from Him and all His goodness. He does NOT want you to stand at the Judgment Seat of Christ where all TRUE believers will be judged! Beware!!!


There will be only one, winning team,
Led by our Saviour, who does redeem.
The other team shall lose, drastically,
For Satan leads, to Hell’s agony.

Christ Jesus leads to Heav’n’s Glory Land,
When we trust in Him, and take His Hand.
Satan leads you, to the pits of Hell,
Where in non-stop horror, you shall dwell.

The fierce battle goes on, constantly,
Where two coaches vie, for your loyalty.
With one you will be on the big, broad path,
The Other leads away, from God’s wrath.

So forcefully, the conflict goes on,
Tis Satan fighting, with God’s own Son.
We all can choose, to which side we’ll go,
The end of one is bliss, the other sorrow.

We’re all in a battle, ev’ry day,
We must pick a team, as we go our way.
Tis a spiritual fight, we must not lose,
We must be careful, which side we choose.

Spiritual warfare goes on ev’ry hour,
We must not give in, we must not cow’r.
Our faith in Christ will carry us thru’,
He is my Captain, He can be yours too.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.27, 2002 # 907
Some Scriptures referring to spiritual warfare.
1Cor. 9:25-27; 15:57; 16:13; 2Cor.2:11; 7:5-6; 10:3; 12:7,9; 1Tim. 1:18-19; 6:12;15; 2Tim. 2:3-4,10; 4:17-18; Ep.6:11-18; Jam.4:7; 1 Pe.2:11; 5:8-9; Rev.12:17; Ro.7:23-25; Gal.5:17; Jn.16:33; 1Jn.4:4; 5:4-5; Mt.10:35-36; Heb.2:10; 10:23; Jude 1:3; 1Thes.5:6; Ps.20:2; 27:1-3,14; 35:1-3; 118:13; 140:7; Phil.1:30; Jer.9:3; Mic.7:6; Is.41:11-14.


There are two roads to eternity,
We are free to choose --- both you and me!
We’re giv’n this time in life to decide,
Just where in eternity, we’ll abide!

Wide is the gate, and broad is the way,
Trav’ling is easy, both night and day!
This road to Hell is smooth and carefree,
But, it leads to eternal agony!

All who reject Christ travel this path,
Their willful unbelief, kindles God’s wrath.
To the Lake of Fire, all these shall go,
For that broad road leads to Hell below!

There is another road we can choose,
With this decision, we cannot lose!
Strait is this gate, and narrow this way,
And this road leads to Heavn’s array!

This narrow road at times gets rough and steep,
But everlasting arms will hold and keep!
His amazing love will always guide,
Soothing our trials as onward we stride!

As we on this narrow road do stay,
Things seem to go better ev’ry day!
He’ll ne’er give us more than we can bear,
And in troubling times, He’s always there!

The broad OR narrow road; God lets you choose,
The narrow road, you win; the broad, you lose!
You’re at the junction, you must decide,
Where in eternity you will abide!
By:His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.26,1999 # 516

Heaven is at the end of the narrow road . . . Hell is at the end of the broad road! Which will you choose? Satan wants you on the broad road with him!


There are just two families in the world, . . . Eph.2:2; 1 John 3:10
God’s Word, this fact, plainly unfurl’d. . . . Tit.3:7
Belief in God makes us God’s children, . . . Jn.1:12-13; 3:3,15-18
And with this privilege, comes great gain. . . . Phil.2:15

In all God’s children, His Spirit abides, . . . Rom.8:9,14,17
And He, in us, forever does reside. . . . John 14:16; 2 John 2
He’s there to guide, comfort, teach and aid, . . . 1 John 2:27
Always there for us, when we’re afraid! . . . John 14:17-18; Mat.28:20

When we’re born into God’s family, . . . John 3:1-8
It’s done, thru’ Jesus’ identity! . . . John 1:12-13
We’re “sons of God” thru’ God’s wondrous love, . . . 1 John 3:1
And we’ll live with Him, in Heav’n above. . . . John 14:2-3, 6

Another family this does leave, . . . Col.3:6
Those who reject, and will not believe! . . . John 3:18,36; 8:24; 2 Thes. 2:12
They are dead in trespasses and sins, . . . Ep.2:1-3; 5:1-7
Satan their hearts, continues to win. . . . John 8:44-45; 1 John 3:10

Two fam’lies, and two destinations, . . . Col.3:1-17; Gal.5:14;23
One, headed for Heav’n, one for perdition. . . . Mat.13:30,49; 25:32, 46
God’s children will have a mansion on high, . . . John 14:2-3
The others, Hell; to eternally die! . . . Rev.20:10-15; 21:8; 22:14-15
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.11, 1997 # 429

One "family" belongs to God . . . the other belongs to the devil!


Two masters are in the world today,
And each person, just one can obey.
You have a choice; and no one will shove,
Do you want Hell? or Heaven above?

One ‘Master’ is Christ, the Son of God,
The other is Satan; a complete fraud!
Jesus will save you, and make you free,
With Satan, it’s Hell, for eternity!

Christ is the ‘Master’ of God’s children,
Loving, pure and just; always has been.
Satan will blind your heart and your eyes,
Tempting, lying, and Christ he defies!

Following Satan will put you in Hell,
Made for the devil; and with him you’ll dwell.
If you follow Christ, you’ll live with Him,
In wondrous Heav’n, where it’s never dim.

Which of these ‘Masters’ is yours this day?
One or the other; it’s the only way!
I pray you choose the Lord of Creation,
Just He can give eternal salvation!
By: Connie Kramer Apr.15,1996 # 204
(Mt.5:8; 13:38; 23:8,10; Ep.2:2; 2 Co.4:4; 1 Jn.2:15; 3:10;
Ac.26:18; Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 8:44; 14:30)


Did you e’er look in the casket of a friend?
Then ask the question, “When will my life end?”
That one’s not really dead; their soul is alive,
One day this one, and you too, God will revive.

The day will come, God shall call; you too must go,
Your eternal destination; you ought to know!
You may live a good moral life; treat folks well,
But there’s a chance, you could end up in Hell!

Salvation can’t be bought, by good works you do,
Just by faith in Christ, who died for me and you.
Christ died on that Cross, to pay the price of sin,
You’ll not die that second death, when you trust Him!

The day is coming, when friends stand at your grave,
Do they know; and you too; only Christ can save?
Do they know that you are on your way to Heav’n?
Salvation can’t be bought, it’s a gift that’s giv’n!

Life on Earth is like a mist; days are short and few,
Your eternal destination; is it clear to you?
Have you trusted Christ? He’s the Truth, Life and Way,
Or would you go to Hell? if you’d die today?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.26,1995 # 40
(1 Chron.29:15; Ps.39:5; 90:5-6; 103:15-16; Is.40:6-7; 38:12;
Jam.1;10; 4:14; 1 P.1:24; Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24; 14;6;


When you leave this earth, where will you go?
The Bible tells you, IF you want to know.
It’s clearly in there, in black and white,
The answer is in there, in plain sight!

God the Father lives, in Heaven above,
Our Mighty God, who is filled with love.
He sent His Son, to save you and me,
To arrange for us, life eternally!

To go on this trip, you must believe,
And in faith, Jesus you must receive.
You must trust and obey Him, ev’ry hour,
 If you want His ne’er ending power!

You cannot work for, or buy this trip,
It’s FREE, no charge, let me give you this tip.
By faith are you saved, and by God’s grace,
And one sweet day, you shall see Jesus’ Face!

A horrid place, is the lake of Fire,
And going there, is NO one’s desire.
This is the second place, you could go,
To the fiery pits, so far below!

When you leave this Earth, where will you go?
The Bible tells us, IF we want to know.
We must trust and obey, the Son of God,
And follow His footsteps, as we trod!

Each of us has, a decision to make,
Two roads are before us, which will we take?
 The small one leads to eternal life,
The broad one, to Hell’s eternal strife!

We must choose our, eternal destiny.
Heaven’s bliss, or Hell’s horrid agony.
Each of these places, are for e’er more,
I pray you choose, Heaven’s restful shore!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer  Nov.16,2013 #1335
Jn.14:1-6; 3:15-18,36; 1 Jn.5:10-13;  Eph.2:8-9; Rom.6:23; Mat.25:41,46; Mk. 9:44,46; Lk.16:20-31; Jn.5:28-29; 2 Thes.1:8-9; Rev.20:15; 21:8; Dan12:1-2

FOLLOW JESUS. . . NOT Satan!!!

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