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Christ made the Earth, sky and sea; divided day from night,
He created everything, by the power of His might.
Noah made the ark, put the animals on three floors,
Then when everything was ready, Jesus shut the door.

Nimrod built a tower, that reached far into the sky,
Only on their pow’r and wisdom, did these people rely.
The pride of Babylon, came to an blunt halt one day,
Christ confused languages, and they fled in every way.

The pre-incarnate Christ, to Abraham one day did come,
And Abraham entertained Him, in his humble home.
The Lord told him “Lo, Sarah thy wife shall have a son,”
And everything the Lord promises, shall be done.

Christ destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, with brimstone and fire,
For the lifestyle there had become, an evil, wicked mire.
When she looked back, a pillar of salt, Lot’s wife became,
She disobeyed God, had no one but herself to blame.

Christ was there with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,
When into that horrid, fiery furnace they did go.
They refused to worship that giant statue of gold,
Their faith in God, gave them great courage to be bold.

Christ closed the mouths of the hungry lions in the den,
When Daniel disobeyed the king’s law, way back then.
He still prayed to Almighty God three times a day,
He was saved from sure death, when God he did obey.

Christ is there for us today, as He was for all of these,
When we trust Christ with our all, the devil cannot seize.
Only Jesus can save us from the horrid pits of Hell,
Just He can open Heaven’s gate, where all God’s children shall dwell.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.13, 2002 # 928

Considering Eternity

Forget the past, think of things yet to come,
Consider first firey Hell, then Christ’s Kingdom.
If you would die this day, where would you go?
To Heaven with Jesus, or Hell’s deep sorrow?

Most folk never think, of eternity,
As they live their sinful lives, joyfully.
To speak to these, about judgment or Hell,
Sharp words burst from their lips, they cannot quell.

A letter to a loved one, I did send,
As gently I tried, his hard heart to bend.
Such anger and hatred, from him did rise,
But they hated Jesus, so ‘tis no surprise.

But I must go on, of Christ I must tell,
I must speak of judgment, and firey Hell.
More than any other, Christ spoke of these,
So I too must speak, if Him I would please.

Have you really thought, ‘bout eternity?
Or do you just live in sin, foolishly?
Thruh my friend, there IS a Judgment Day,
To hide or avoid it, there will be NO way!

Before Judge Jesus, each person shall stand,
No one will be there to help, or hold your hand.
In the Lamb’s Book of Life, your name must be,
Or in Hell you’ll reside, eternally!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer 7-27-10 #1264


Eternal life; what does it entail?
‘Tis endless life, that will never fail.
But friend, it means so much more than this,
It’s life in Heaven; it’s total bliss.

A promise fulfilled, it does mean,
No man, nor Satan, can come between.
‘Tis ours, the moment we do believe,
Trusting Christ to save, and Him receive.

Christ promised life, abundantly,
We can claim this promise, victoriously.
A full meaningful life, in His will,
Spirit controlled, with hope to instill.

This ‘life’ is yours, when you do believe,
It starts on Earth, ‘till Heav’n we receive.
Only thru’ Christ, can you have this ‘life’,
Without Christ, sin and evil are rife.

Life in Heav’n is coming, soon I know,
No tears, pain nor suffering, no woe.
Only the joy of serving our Lord,
Loving Him always; that won’t be hard.

I praise my dear Saviour, ev’ry day,
Eternal life is mine, for alway!
The joy and peace He puts in my heart,
And the hope of Heav’n, will ne’er depart.
By: Connie Kramer Apr.20,1996 # 210
(Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 10:10;14:27; 17:3; 20:31;
Ac.13:52; Ep.5:18; 1 P.1:8)


Our life is strange in so many ways,
We must make choices, in each of our days.
Satan wants us to stay on his side,
Feeds us with lies, and fills us with pride.

He tells us that all our dreams can come true,
And fools that we are, wrong roads we pursue.
We lie, we steal, to gain earthly treasure,
And we idolize, leisure and pleasure.

Did you ever think of eternity?
Fact is, it lies ahead of you and me.
Only two places where we can go,
Eternal bliss, or eternal sorrow.

Have you giv’n any thought about your soul?
A day shall come, when your death bell will toll.
You really should think of eternity,
For Hell’s torment with you, will not agree.

No matter what this world can offer you,
Christ offers peace, joy and contentment too.
Jesus gives us things that the world cannot give,
Your soul is His concern, as you live.

There’s nothing more important, than your soul,
For only Christ Jesus, can make you whole.
Christ loves us, makes us God’s friend,
And gives us a Home in Heav’n, a grand end.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.19,2007 # 1124


Each person must face reality,
Just where will you, spend eternity?
This life God gives, is where we decide,
Where in eternity, we’ll abide.

A free will is something, God does give,
When He created us, this life to live.
A blessing or curse, it can be for you,
It depends on how, God’s Word you view.

God made you, that with Him you could abide,
But you must trust Him, and let Him guide.
What you must do, He clearly tells,
Disobedience, will lead you to Hell.

God shows us two roads; you must decide,
Heaven or Hell, where will you abide?
The broad road goes to Hell, the small one Heav’n,
The choice to you, God has freely giv’n.

When you accept Christ, God smiles on you,
And you’re on that small road, chosen by few.
Rejecting God’s Son, you call Him a “Liar,”
You’re choosing the broad road that leads to Hell’s fire.

So many decisions, there are in life,
And all wrong choices lead to great strife.
The most important decision for you,
Believe God? Yes or no? What will you do?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.24, 2003 # 973
John 1:12-13; 3:15-18, 36; 14:6; 5:24; 8:24;
Acts 4:12; 1 John 5:10-12.


Without Christ, you are forever lost,
Friend, have you ever counted the cost?
Only Jesus can redeem your soul,
Just He has authority and control.

Forever lost, when you live in sin,
But Christ, for you, a new life begins!
Your sin, you must admit and repent,
Your forgiveness is why God’s Son was sent!

Forever lost; condemned to Hell!
Your unrighteousness, just Christ can quell!
Only Christ Jesus your soul can save,
And grant eternal life beyond the grave!

Are you without Christ and forever lost?
You don’t have to be; please count the cost!
If you turn to Jesus this v’ry day,
You’ll be forever saved, for alway!
By His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.7,1998 # 503


Forever mine, are blessings untold,
Blessings from God, worth more than pure gold.
Blessings are mine, because I believe,
And by faith, God’s Son I did receive.

Eternal life in Heaven above,
Is mine because of my Saviour’s love.
The burden of sin, remov’d from me,
My sins are forgiv’n, eternally.

Such awesome peace within me abides,
For God’s Holy Spirit does reside.
Forever mine, He’s always there,
Proof of God’s love; proof that He cares.

Forever mine, Jesus’ great Light,
Guiding me safely, thru’ dark lonely nights.
His Promise that He will always be near,
Makes my worry gone, I’ve nothing to fear.

Forever mine, is abundant joy,
From Christ to me, that no one can destroy.
Like a gentle river, thru’ me does flow,
Forever mine, for God does bestow.

The love of God is forever mine,
Such wondrous love that truly does shine.
Faith too is there, when doubt tries to creep,
From Satan’s wiles, He surely will keep.

Forever mine, His amazing grace,
Sufficient always, in time or place.
Forever mine are blessings untold,
Blessings that to me are worth more than gold.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec. 10, 2000 # 760


In God’s house are many mansions, Christ said so,
He went to prepare a place, for us to go.
If we’re God’s children, by being ‘born again’,
One day He’ll call us Home, from our grief and pain.

A new Heaven and Earth will someday appear,
God’s wrath will end, and He will always be near.
The Holy City, the new Jerusalem,
God made for His children, ev’ry one of them.

There’ll be no more sorrow, no crying, no pain,
All tears are gone; and all reasons to complain.
God Himself shall dwell with us; His we will be,
Wondrous joy, peace and bliss, for eternity.

The City’s Light, as a gem precious and clear,
Will be Jesus, please do listen and do hear.
We’ll not need the sun’s rays, nor light of the moon,
For His Light is brilliant; and He shall come soon.

There’ll be no more night, no evil, and no wrong,
All shall glorify God, so supreme and strong.
Nothing that defiles; not one who makes a lie,
Will be able to enter in, or even to pry.

I pray you listen, if you’ve not believed God,
Don’t follow Satan, on that road that’s so broad.
You don’t want to go with him, of this I’m sure,
It’s a road to destruction, and has no cure.

Please trust and follow Jesus, He’ll lead you right,
Just He can take you to Heav’n, all pure and bright.
Open your heart’s door, He wants to come inside,
And with you, for eternity, He will abide.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.27,1995 # 6
(Jn.14:1-6; 1:12; 3:3-8,15;18; 2 P.3:10; 1 Jn.3:10;
MT.13:38; 8:44; Rev.3:20; ch.21; 22:14-15)


His endless love like a river flows,
Such wondrous love, on us He bestows.
Care and concern and compassion too,
Eternal grace flows to me and you!

An e’er lasting fount, His endless love,
Such awesome love comes just from above.
Unto us, His great mercy abounds,
Tremendous love that’s simply profound!

His endless love, as an eternal spring,
Such amazing love to be e’er lasting.
Unto us flows love, faithful and true,
Spectacular love, for me and you.

His endless love, like an ocean deep,
God’s wonderful love, will surely keep.
He longs to grant streams of mercy to you,
All because His endless love is true.

Just how can God’s endless love be won?
Only thru’ Jesus, His only Son!
Turn to Christ Jesus this very day,
And God’s endless love will come your way!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer May 16,1999 #528


God always was, and always will be, . . . Rev.1:8; Deut.32:40; 33:27
A God of love, for eternity. . . . Ps.145:13
His eternal love, for me and you, . . . 1 Tim.1:17
Is something all folk should pursue. . . . Mt.7:7

Eternal love won’t e’er go away, . . . Ro.8:35
Love beyond compare, God does display. . . . Jn.3:16
Sending His one Son to die for us, . . . Jn.15:13
He loves us dearly; to Him we’re precious! . . . Gal.2:20

His eternal love is always near, . . . Ps.34:18
His perfect love, casteth out all fear! . . . 1 Jn.4:18-19
It chases all our worries away, . . . 1 Jn.4:17
Lay your cares upon Him, ev’ry day! . . . 1 Pet.5:7

God’s eternal love gives peace in our heart, . . . Jn.14:27
Only a fool, from such love would depart! . . . Pro.1:7
Yet most run from it; the world around, . . . Pro.14:9
Tho’ peace, NO other place will be found! . . . Ep.5:15

His eternal love gives abundant joy, . . . Jn.15:11; 16:24; 17:13; Ro.14:17
And there is NO one who can destroy. . . . Ro.8:38-39
And we know we have life in Heav’n, . . . Tit.1:2; 1 Jn.5:20
‘Fore eternal life to us He’s giv’n! . . . Jn.3:15-16
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.25,1998 # 496


His Face with awe, my soul does thrill,
My whole being, His Presence fills.
I know He’s always there for me,
Both now, and for eternity.

My soul sees His majestic Face,
So filled with wonder, love and grace.
I know He loves me, He told me so,
I know grand blessings, He will bestow.

As I see His Face, filled with awe,
I never see, nary a flaw.
His awesome Face, made perfectly,
Reveals love and serenity.

The Face of Jesus, my soul does seek,
This Face of beauty, e’er so meek.
Face to face, I’ll see Him one day,
Til then, my soul sees Him always.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.9.2002 # 913


I look to the day, when sin is no more,
When I’ll be living on Heav’n’s blissful shore.
ALL evil things will gone and done,
I’ll be in the Presence of God’s own Son!

I look to the day, when pain’s gone away,
When I live in Heav’n’s glorious display.
No sorrow, no crying, no more grief,
For Heav’n gives only rest and relief.

I look to the day, I’m carried Home,
And never more from my God to roam.
My angels will carry me far above,
To God’s never ending, blissful love!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 27, 1999 # 539


I’d rather be God’s doorman, for eternity,
Than spend one horrid hour, in Hell’s dark agony.
I’d rather be a poor man, and be God’s friend,
Than be a rich man in Hell, where screaming ne’er ends.

I’d rather scrub the floors, in God’s mansion above,
Than enter Hell’s dark abyss, so vacant of love.
I’d rather serve my Master, what e’er His demands,
Than to be locked in Hell, ne’er to see Heaven’s land.

I’d rather cast ev’ry bit of pride away,
That I might be exalted, by my Lord some day.
I’d rather be humble, and enter Heaven’s gate,
Than wind up in Hell, and hear the words: “It’s too late.”

I’d rather walk this day, as Christ does bid me walk,
And have my heart bring forth right words, when I talk.
I’d rather please my Lord, and strive to obey,
Than to be condemned to Hell, for always.

I’d rather trust Jesus, God’s one and only Son,
Than believe Satan, who deceives most ev’ry one.
I’d rather walk by faith, trusting all the way,
Than anger my Lord, when I doubt and disobey.

I’d rather serve my Master, and be at His Feet,
Than be a rich man being served dainties so sweet.
I’d rather be in Heaven with my Lord so true,
Than be locked in Hell, with no pardon or rescue.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan. 10. 2002 # 851


Let me live with eternity in mind,
To lost souls, don’t let me be blind.
Dear Lord, grant me love, and compassion too,
Grant me boldness, and ‘words’ to bring them to you.

Lord, I don’t think enough ‘bout eternity,
And all the lost ones, in Hell’s agony.
Grant me more love, that the Gospel I’ll share,
Exchange this hard heart, for one that does care.

Hell is a ‘place’ where ALL lost souls will go,
And forever, have nothing but sorrow.
Unending thirst, and eternal darkness,
Let me tell them of Christ; let me witness.

Let me have concern for all the lost souls,
Lord, let bringing the Gospel, be my goal.
Let me live in light of eternity,
Lord, grant me compassion, and mercy.

In light of eternity, let me live,
That the Good News of Jesus, I might give!
Let me show more love, from a tender heart true,
Please give me ‘words’ that might bring them to you!

Don’t let me be selfish with your great love,
Let me tell them ‘bout blissful Heav’n above!
Let me live in light of eternity,
Let me tell of ‘Salvation’, a GIFT so free!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 11,1998 # 483


You’re on a journey, to eternity,
Just what will your destination be?
Only two roads from which you can choose,
The narrow road you win, the wide one, you lose!

As on your journey, you speed,
Be careful, that warning signs you heed.
Two diff’rent guides, will attempt to lead you,
One a deceiver, the other One true!

On to eternity, as you journey,
Your destination, you choose freely.
Many will be, on that road so wide,
But only a “few” with Christ will abide!

Most important, is this journey you take,
Critical, is the decision you make.
In Heaven, you can live joyously,
Hell will bring only agony!

As you journey, to eternity,
Ponder, what will your destination be?
Jesus can give you Heaven’s grand key,
Satan can give only agony!

Which precise road are you on today?
Only Jesus can show the right way!
Just He can lead you to Heav’n above,
Trust Him to guide you in perfect love.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.6,2002 # 894


It Shall Be So For Eternity

Christ will come in the clouds, one special day,
And take me to my home, so far away.
My mansion awaits, in God’s great City,
And it Shall Be So For Eternity.

God’s wondrous City and street, made of gold,
What a marvelous place, I shall behold.
The City’s wall, is a structure of beauty,
And it Shall Be So For Eternity.

No sun or moon, in this City so bright,
God and the Lamb, shall provide all the light.
It’s always day, no night in this City,
And it Shall Be So For Eternity.

A river; water of life, from God’s Throne flows,
A place where there will be no more sorrows.
No more death, crying, no more pain for me,
And it Shall Be So For Eternity.

I look to the day when I leave this Earth,
To go to God’s House, of much greater worth.
Thank You Jesus, for what You’ve done for me,
I’ll praise You Lord, for now and eternity.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer March 29, 2002 #868


Many mansions are in God’s House, so great,
So many, we can’t even estimate.
Jesus has told us He went to prepare,
He will come again, we need not despair.

These mansions are there; His Words are true.
If they were not, He’d have told me and you.
A mansion awaits each and ev’ry one,
That has accepted Jesus, God’s Son.

One day He’ll descend from Heav’n, with a shout,
If you belong to Him, He’ll call you out!
The dead in Christ are first to hear their name,
Then too, we which are alive and remain.

IF we BELIEVE Christ died and rose again,
We’ll hear our name, called out so plain!
We’ll be caught up together in the clouds,
To meet the Lord in the air, with the crowd.

This ‘day’ will come as a thief in the night,
Watch ye therefore; with your heart contrite.
We know not what hour our Lord doth come,
We should be ready, when He calls us ‘Home’.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.14,1996 # 165
(Jn.14:1-6; 1 Thes.4:13-18; 5:2; 1 P.1:4-5; 2 P.3:10;
Lu.10:20; Rev.20:15)


One day my angels will carry me,
On my last, but my greatest, journey.
The moment I die, my soul they’ll bear,
Into the presence of my God who cares.

On this wondrous journey through the air,
The soul of His servant, they will bear.
My angels will carry, safe and sure,
And from Satan’s grasp, I’ll be secure!

My angels will carry me away,
To be with my Jesus, e’er alway.
I’ll be in His Light for ever more,
Where I’ll love and praise and always adore.

Into the vast expanse of God’s Home,
Into the presence of His great Throne.
On my last, but my greatest journey,
To Heaven, my angels will carry me.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer April 10,1998 # 468
Scripture: Luke 16:22


Serving You, Lord, on that street of gold,
My reward will be, Your Face to behold.
Being with You, is enough for me,
There’s no greater reward, in eternity.

Lord, let me serve You, for ever more,
As I live on Heav’n’s eternal shore.
No greater reward, could there be for me,
Than serving my Lord, eternally.

To be with my Lord, who for me died,
Reward for me, is with Him to abide.
I could never His great love repay,
My reward, to be with Him every day.

A reward I simply do not deserve,
My soul in Heav’n, You will preserve.
Abundantly each day, You bless me here,
‘Tis such a privilege, to know You’re near.

You shall grant a reward, for staying true,
A “rest” for me has been prepared by You.
An inheritance, that will never fade away,
Joint heirs with Christ, for eternity’s days.

‘Tis God’s good pleasure, this Gift to give ,
Everlasting, is the life I shall live.
By our awesome God this is prepared,
A reward for His children, for He cares.

Is the reward of Heav’n waiting for you?
Believing God in faith, is what you do.
Only by faith can you ever succeed,
Blissful Heav’n awaits, when you take heed.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.18,2003 # 966

  • Being with Christ. John 12:26; John 14:3; Phil. 1:23; 1 Thes. 4:17
  • Beholding the face of God. Psalm 17:15; Mat.5:8; Rev. 22:4
  • Beholding the glory of Christ. John 17:24
  • Being glorified with Christ. Rom.8:17-18; Col. 3:4; Phil. 3:21; 1 John 3:2
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  • Reigning with Christ. 2 Tim. 2:12; Rev. 3:21; Rev. 5:10; Rev. 20:4
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  • A crown of righteousness. 2 Tim. 4:8
  • A crown of glory. 1 Peter 5:4
  • A crown of life. James 1:12; Rev. 2:10
  • An incorruptible crown. 1 Cor. 9:25
  • Joint heirs with Christ. Rom.8:17
  • Inheritance of all things. Rev. 21:7
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  • Saints may feel confident of. Ps.73:24; Isa.25:8-9; 2 Cor. 5:1; 2 Tim. 4:8
  • Hope of, a cause of rejoicing. Rom.5:2
  • Be careful not to lose. 2 John 1:8
  • God’s good pleasure. Luke 12:32
  • Prepared by God and Christ. Heb.11:16; John 14:2


My time on Earth will soon end,
I thank Him, for calling me “friend”,
As my time to go does draw near,
I’m so grateful, I have no fear.

I have no fear of what’s to come,
For I’ll be with Christ, in His Home.
My Heavenly ‘home’ does await,
Angels will carry me, thru’ the gate.

I have no fear at all of Hell,
That’s not the place where I shall dwell.
Christ paid the price; redeemed my soul,
I’m Heaven bound; He’s in control!

God sent His Son, that I might live,
If I believe, my sins He forgives.
Believing on Christ’s wondrous Name,
Puts me in Heaven, His Word is plain!

Belief in Christ takes away fear,
E’vn tho’ my time to go is near.
For if from my body I am absent,
I know with God, I am present!

Do you have fear of where you’ll go?
Will it be Heav’n? or Hell below?
Only CHRIST can give you Heav’n’s key,
And give you peace, and set you free.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.1,1996 # 155
(Ps.103:15-16; 1 P.1:24; 1 Jn.4:18; Ro.3:24; 2 Co.5:8;
Jam.4:14; Lu.16:22; Jn.15:15; 14:1-3,27; 3:15-18,36)


No pitter patter of a soft gentle rain,
No musical notes of a bird’s sweet refrain.
No cool breeze to soothe our hot aching body,
Or to stir the leaves gently up in the trees!

No luscious green grass, where children do play,
And no more laughter from them, on any day.
No beautiful flowers with fragrance so rare,
No fruit on the trees; for no trees will be there!

No majestic purple mountains, O’ so high,
No lush green valleys far from the sky.
No lakes, no rivers, not any where around,
No bright sunshine to cheer, shall ever be found!

No loving companionship, of man, or beast,
No joy, peace, or contentment; no more feast.
No windows, no exit doors, no where at all,
And no way of escape; don’t bother to call!

No friendship, no love, no caring for others,
No comforts of home; for you or another.
No rest or relief from your pain or distress,
No more pardon from God; no need to confess!

No mercy, compassion, or pity; no grace,
No water to cool you; a terrible place!
Do you want to go to this place called “Hell”?
If you reject Jesus; for sure there you’ll dwell!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.30,1995 # 81
(Lu.16:22-26; Mt.8:12; 13:41,42,49,50; 22:13; 23:33; 25:41,46;
Ps.9:17; Mk.16:16; Heb.10:26,27,31; Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24; 14:6)


There’s no closed door to God’s wondrous love,
It’s never ending and true, from above!
That love is there, for you and for me,
God gives thru’ Jesus, so abundantly!

There’s no lock on the door to God’s grace,
It’s always open, our sins to erase!
It’s available, to all who believe,
When God’s precious Son they do receive!

The door’s always open, to God’s mercy,
For our precious Saviour holds the ‘key.’
Only Christ can open that door so wide,
That we can access God’s mercy inside!

There’s no closed door to God’s wondrous Throne,
But we must access thru’ Jesus alone!
We can go to the Father, day or night,
And ask in pray’r that He aid in our plight.

The door to forgiveness is always open,
God forgives thru’ Christ, again and again!
We can go to God when we transgress,
Forgiveness is ours, as He does bless.

Christ Jesus has control of ev’ry door,
All are open to what God has in store.
But we must always trust and abide,
To receive the blessings God holds inside!

We as God’s children have so much to gain,
Awesome blessings thru’ Christ we can attain.
Jesus opens all the doors to God so wide,
And gives to us eternal life besides!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 23, 1999 # 535


Have you ever heard anyone carelessly say,
“If I go to Hell, I’ll have much company?”
You’re deceiving yourself, I am here to tell,
For friend, you do NOT want to go to Hell!

There will be no one in Hell, to be your friend,
Friendship with everyone, has come to an end.
You’ll have no company, but be all alone,
You’ll wish you’d listened, and to Jesus had gone.

There’ll be no tears in Heav’n, for those God keeps,
But it’s opposite in Hell, there all shall weep.
Weeping and wailing, and gnawing of tongues,
And after a thousand years, it’s only begun!

There will be NO escape, from the prison of Hell,
Absolutely for certain, there you shall dwell.
There are NO ‘exit’ doors, to escape any day,
NO parole for good behavior, NO partial stay!

Only one question I would like to ask you,
Are you headed for Hell? or Heav’n in the blue?
ONLY Jesus can save you from the pits of Hell,
Just turn to Him, and in Heav’n, you shall dwell.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.6,1995 # 54

Mat.13:41-42, 50; 18:8; 25:41, 46; Mark 9:47-48; Luke 16:22-24, 28;
John 3:15-18, 36; 5:24; 8:24; Acts 4:12; Jude 13; Rev.14:10-11; 16:10-11; 19:20; 20:10, 15; 21:8


No matter what, you can be forgiv’n,
Your eternal home, can be in Heav’n.
But our holy God, you must believe,
His beloved Son, you must receive!

No matter what, God’s great love is there,
Free and abundant, because He cares!
But our wondrous God, you must obey,
And walk with Christ in the narrow way.

No matter what, God’s mercy is near,
Penalty of sin, we need not fear.
Christ paid our debt, as He hung on the Cross,
But, if you reject Him, Heav’n is lost!

No matter what, you can sense God’s grace,
And one day soon, you can see His Face.
But you must be “born again” Christ states,
Or the pits of Hell shall be your fate.

God forgives, no matter what we’ve done,
But you must trust Jesus, God’s only Son!
His precious Blood will wash you white as snow,
And generous blessings He’ll bestow!

No matter what, your past you can shed,
All those horrid sins, that cause you dread.
God will forgive, if our sins we confess,
He removes our guilt as He does bless!

No matter what, you can feel God’s love,
Everlasting and true; from above!
No sin is too great for Him to cast out,
But we must obey, and go the right route!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 21, 1999 # 534
Scripture references: Ps.130:4; Acts 5:31; 13:38;
26:18; Ep.1:7; Jam.5:15; 1 Jn.1:9.


The beauty of our God’s Heaven can’t be told,
It’s unspeakable; and one day we’ll behold!
There’ll be so many things that won’t be there,
I’m looking forward to climbing that stair.

No more pain from troubles or labors long,
No more sickness, no disease; nothing wrong!
No more heart attacks, no cancer, no doctors,
No more old age, no more death held in store.

There shall be no more funerals, e’er again,
No parting, no families, broken by men!
No more poverty, no hunger, no more thirst,
No more afflictions that need to be nursed.

No more oppression of the poor weak folk,
No injustice, that would take their only cloak.
No more suffering, no confusion, no more stress,
No more war, no more crime, no more wickedness!

No more evil, no hatred, and no more lies,
No drunkenness, no hard feelings to deny.
No more meanness, no ugliness, no more strife,
I can’t ev’n imagine this kind of life!

No more pride, no stubbornness, no more fear,
No depressing moments will e’er come near!
No disappointments, no more heartaches deep,
No more worry, no more loneliness to reap.

No more sin of any kind; Satan is gone!
No one to discourage; ‘twill be a new dawn!
Do you want to go to this marvelous place/
Just accept Jesus, you’ll go by God’s grace!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.29,1995 # 80
(Rev.ch.21; 22:1-15)


No more wonderful fragrance of a rose,
No more beautiful birds; can you suppose?
No more blue skies, with fluffy clouds so white,
No more children playing, with laughter so bright.

No more peace at heart, no more feeling swell,
No more joyous occasions; not in Hell.
No more fishing or boating on water clear,
Friend, there is no more water, no where near!

No more friendship of joy, found in that throng,
No more comforts of home, no loving song.
No more music or laughter in that place,
No more of God’s mercy, pardon, or grace!

No more light, not even a tiny bit,
No more tranquility, no contentment.
No more goodness of any kind, e’er more,
No more blessings from God will be in store!

No more love, joy, nor happiness in Hell,
Is this the place you have chosen to dwell?
No more beauty of nature on Hell’s banks,
Just darkness forever; ‘twill be so rank!

You’re on the way to Heav’n OR Hell this day,
Only Jesus can get you to Heav’n’s way!
But if you do reject God’s only Son,
Hell does await, and agony begun.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.28,1995 # 79
(Lu.16:22-26; Mt.13;41,42,49,50; 8:12; 22:33; 25:41,46;
Ps.9:17; Mk.16:16; Heb.10:26,27,31; Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24; 14:6; Ac.4:12)


All our needs shall be filled in eternity,
Our God shall watch o’er us, so lovingly.
The tree of life, its fruit shall always bear,
For our eternal Father, truly cares.

Our mansion in Heav’n, shall need no repair,
Thru’ all eternity, ‘twill show no wear.
The street of pure gold shall never be worn,
‘Twill always be bright; never look forlorn.

Never any dimness in Heaven’s Lights,
The unfailing Power shall always be bright.
The City’s walls shall never shift or fall,
No damage or harm shall ever befall.

The gates of the City shall never sag,
No repairs needed, for they’ll never drag.
As I humbly enter Thy majestic Presence,
Thy awesomeness, I gratefully reverence.

What an amazing Place, Heaven shall be,
‘Twill be Perfection, for eternity.
No repairs needed; for nothing shall fail,
Only peace, joy and goodness shall prevail.

Are you going to this marvelous Place?
Will you meet our Saviour there, Face to face?
God gives the Gift of Heaven, to all who believe,
Accept Christ, and Heaven, you shall receive.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug. 1, 2001 # 794

No One Else

As no one else could, Jesus touched my heart,
Made me all new; gave me a brand new start!
Took evil desires and hate, far away,
Made me see things differently, each new day!

Jesus touched my heart, and its hardness fled,
Now it is soft and pliable instead!
Compassion is there, that never used to be,
I now think of others, and not just me!

Jesus touched my heart, and my sins were gone,
I no longer was the old devil’s pawn.
Complete forgiveness; my slate was wiped clean,
My soul is now content; quiet and serene!

When He touched me, my life began to change,
My attitudes and desires; He re-arranged!
A brand new creature He did make of me,
And He placed me into, God’s family!

Jesus touched my heart, as no one else could,
A truly awesome Friend; loving and good!
He has abundant mercy, and royal grace,
And one day soon, I’ll see His kindly Face!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.11,2000 # 608


There’s no place like home, most people say,
We find such comfort there, in these days.
We can be ourselves, not put on airs,
There, we can cast away, many cares.

Our home here on Earth; it will not last,
All that we own, one day will be past.
We’ll leave this Earth, for another place,
Will you, my friend, see Heav’n, by God’s grace?

There’s no place like home; that one that waits,
If you know Christ, He’ll open the gate!
It will be a mansion, plain and true,
If you know Christ, He’ll reserve it for you!

No more death, nor sorrow, no more pain,
And to all our needs, God will sustain.
No more crying; all tears gone of this day,
For former things are all passed away.

God will keep us in comfort and bliss,
None of the things of Earth, will we miss.
The ecstasy of Heav’n can’t compare,
The greatest joy of Earth, won’t ev’n fare.

There’s no place like the Home we’re goin’ to,
But it’s reserved, for only a “few”.
Only Christ Jesus can grant access,
To the future Home, of so much promise.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.7,1997 # 302
(Ps,39:5; Jam.4:14; Pro,12:28; Eze.33:19;
Jn.6:28-29; 3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 1 P.1:4-5;
Rev.ch.21; 22:1-5; Mt.7:13-14; Is.54:1)


One day soon, our Lord, in the clouds will come,
To take all born again, believers home.
Those “dead in Christ”, shall be the first to rise,
We must be ready, so it’s no surprise.

The Lord Himself, from Heaven shall descend,
Believers here, shall to the clouds ascend.
We shall meet our dear Lord, high in the air,
Never again, will we e’ev have despair.

Jesus says, there are many mansions in Heav’n,
And one to each of God’s children, is giv’n.
Reserved in Heav’n, an inheritance true,
Undefiled and won’t fade away, for you.

Are you living, as our dear Lord requires?
Are you watching, as Christ Jesus desires?
Jesus shall come, in the blink of an eye,
Upon God’s Holy Word, you must rely.

Incorruptible bodies, we will receive,
The old devil, no longer shall deceive.
Thank You dear Jesus, for the victory,
Thank You, thank You, for life eternally!
By His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.15, 2009 # 1223
1 Thes.4:13-18; John 14:2-3; 1 Peter 1:4; 1 Cor.15:50-58;
Mat.24:42-43; 25:13; Mark 13:33-35; John 3:15-18; 5:24; 6:39-40, 44, 47; 10:27-29.

One Day Soon

One day soon, I will have no more pain,
As I consider, eternal gain.
Your grace has been sufficient, each day,
As I claim this Promise, as I pray.

One day soon, no sorrow will there be,
No more sorrow, in eternity!
At times on Earth, we’ll have great sadness,
But in Heav’n, the Lord will always bless.

One day soon, all temptation will cease,
For in Heav’n, there shall be only peace!
For now, to escape, God makes a way,
Submit to God, Satan will run away.

One day soon, I’ll not sin any more,
For I’ll be with Jesus, on Heav’n’s shore!
A new sinless body, like my Lord,
Is what is clearly taught, in God’s Word.

One day soon, I will have perfect rest,
In Heav’n, I will be, eternally blessed!
While on Earth, God will take care of me,
And afterward, receive me to glory!

One day soon, I will walk that street of gold,
As the beauty of Heav’n, I behold!
What a wonderful day, that shall be,
That first full day, of eternity!
By His servant, Connie Kramer May 5, 2009 # 1231
2 Cor.12:9-10, 1 Cor.10:13; Jam. 4:7; Dan.12:13; Heb.4:9; Rev.6:11; 14:13; Ps.73:24; Rev.21:4,21
Will YOU be going to Heaven? Only Jesus has Heaven’s ‘key’ John 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 John 5:10-12


You reached out to me, in eternity past,
Before the foundation of the Earth was cast.
So very long ago, You chose humble me,
To live with You in Your House, eternally!

Predestinated --- humble me You chose,
Heaven’s gates to me, You will never close.
You’ve prepared a “mansion” that’s reserved for me,
Where I’ll walk that street of gold, eternally!

Predestinated --- You have adopted me,
I was chosen in Christ, for Your family.
To the praise of the glory of Your grace,
One day I will see Your majestic Face!

Predestinated --- You chose me in Your Son,
Before Creation, You had ever begun.
In Your mercy and grace, You reached out to me,
That humble me might have life, eternally!

I’m not noble, nor wise, least of all mighty,
Your choosing me, is a great mystery.
Yet You chose me, knowing I’d stumble in weakness,
And bestow upon me, Your blessedness.

My only desire is to glorify You,
In everything that I think, and say and do.
I just want to praise You for all You have done,
Blessing me completely, thru’ Thine own Son!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 21, 2001 # 792
Eph. 1:4-12; 1 Cor. 1:26-31
Can I explain HOW or WHY God chooses people? NO! Do I believe it? Yes! As I have said before, I really do believe that God chooses ALL people, but the vast majority reject HIM and His invitation.


When you plan a trip, to go away,
Do you prepare for that special day?
If you’re like most, you plan well ahead,
With preparations; so there’s no dread.

Most people never prepare or plan,
For the most important trip of man.
Most live as if they won’t ever die,
Death is certain, don’t try to deny.

When your day comes; just where will you go?
Your soul lives for e’er, you’d better know!
Just two destinations; Heav’n or Hell,
You’re headed for one, for e’er to dwell.

Have you made preparations for that day?
When you will leave this Earth, and go away.
You will leave, there is no doubt at all,
When your time is up, our God will call.

Hell is the place folks don’t want to hear,
But it IS there, and a place to fear!
You don’t want to go Hell below,
Instead, our Saviour, you need to know!

Only Christ can take you to Heav’n’s land,
You must prepare, and be well planned.
Your most important trip is soon to come,
Just WHERE will be your eternal home?
By: Connie Kramer Jan.19,1996 # 115
(2 Chron.19:3; 2 Tim.2:19-26; Mt.24:27; 25:6-10; 1 Thes.5:3; Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; 14:2-3,6)


Like a brutal blizzard blinds your eyes,
Keeping you from Jesus, Satan tries!
He will make your heart so cold and hard,
Your eyes are blinded, your way is barr’d!

Like a sandstorm, where you cannot see,
Satan keeps you bound; won’t set you free.
From the Lord, he will keep you away,
He’ll blind your eyes, ev’ry single day!

In prison, is where, Satan wants you,
Far away from the Lord’s love so true!
The Truth, he does not want you to see,
He does not want Christ, to set you free!

Behind prison bars, in darkness so deep,
Is where the old devil wants to keep!
He doesn’t want you to know the King,
His lies keep millions from God’s blessings!

In this dark prison, you need not stay,
Jesus has for you, a better way!
He can make the sky, cloud-free and bright,
He can give those blind eyes, precious sight!

The Light of Jesus can shine on you,
He can remove your hard heart too!
That prison of darkness, need not be,
Christ can give you life, eternally!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 25, 2000 # 717


There are two roads to eternity,
We are free to choose --- both you and me!
We’re given this time in life, to decide,
Just where in eternity, we will abide!

Wide is the gate, and broad is the way,
Trav’ling is easy, both night and day.!
This road to Hell is smooth and carefree,
But, it leads to eternal agony!

All who reject Christ, travel this path,
Their willful unbelief, kindles God’s wrath.
To the Lake of Fire, all these shall go,
For the broad road leads to Hell below!

There is another road we can choose,
With this decision, we cannot lose!
Strait is the gate, and narrow this way,
And this road leads to Heav’n’s array!

This narrow road at times, gets rough and steep,
But everlasting Arms, will hold and keep!
His amazing love will always guide,
Soothing our trails, as onward we stride!

As we on this narrow road do stay,
Things seem to go better ev’ry day!
He’ll ne’er give us more, than we can bear,
And in troubling times, He’s always there!

The broad OR narrow road; God lets you choose,
The narrow road, you win; the broad, you lose!
You’re at the junction, you must decide,
Where in eternity, you will abide!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.26,1999 # 516

Vast Realm of Eternity, The

Consider the life that is to be,
In the vast realm of eternity.
Do you think, of what the future holds?
Will you e’er walk, on that street of gold?

The river - - - clear and pure, did you know?
The water of life, from God’s Throne flows.
In the midst of the street, on each side,
Is the tree of life, that God provides.

No more curse, shall e’er again be found,
Just blessings from the Lord, will abound.
We shall at last see, His precious Face,
And first hand feel, His amazing grace.

There shall never be, any more night,
Just the brilliance, of our Saviour’s Light.
No sun or moon, will this City need,
Glory from God and the Lamb, shall proceed.

No more death, sorrow, crying or pain,
From all these things, we shall abstain.
Nothing that defiles, shall enter in,
Gone will be, all wickedness and sin.

Consider now, the other life to be,
In the vast realm of eternity.
Most will go in, thru’ Hell’s one lone gate,
The Lake of Fire, is the sinner’s fate.

No exit doors, just smoke and darkness,
Here, God’s Glory is gone; He won’t bless.
God’s wondrous Presence, you won’t e’er see,
You’ll be bann’d for e’er, from His mercy.

Agonizing screams, will never cease,
Christ is not there, so you’ll have no peace.
All the wonder of Heav’n, you’ll never see,
Just non-stop suff’ring, eternally.

Only TWO roads, to eternity,
One leads to bliss, the other - - - agony.
Your future in your own hands, you hold,
Eternal suff’ring - - - OR the street of gold.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.24,2007 #1162
Rev. 21 & 22; 20:11-15, 2 Thes.1:9-10; Mat.7:13-14; John 14:27
Hell: Mat.5:22; 5:29-30; 10:28; 18:9; 23:15; Mat. 23:33; Mark 9:43; 9:45; 9:47; Luke 12:5; Jam. 3:6


There’s no way we can see beyond the door,
And we do not know what God holds in store.
We can only humbly kneel and pray,
For pow’r and wisdom to serve Him each day.

The devil does tempt us relentlessly,
With doubt, pain, sorrow and misery.
We never know what lies up ahead,
It may be good things, but it may be dread.

Tho’ we climb a mountain, and see a long way,
We never know what’s in store for that day.
But when we in pray’r, bow our humble heart,
There’s truly not a better way to start.

Tho’ we may not know where our path may lead,
God promises grace that we might succeed.
By faith we can pierce the unknown haze,
By claiming God’s Promise, and giving Him praise.

One sweet day we will reach the glorious heights,
And claim our home in that City so bright.
For now we must trust God implicitly,
Until our time for eternal serenity.
By: His servant: Connie Kramer Mar.14, 2000 # 664


We know not, what tomorrow may bring,
It may be joy, or sad troubling things.
We must ask Him, to increase our faith,
For we know He’s there, till our last breath.

We cannot see, what may come our way,
But we know He’s with us, night and day.
No matter what, let us trust in Him,
The brightness of Christ, makes troubles dim.

We must trust in the Lord, come what may,
Comfort will come, when to Him we pray.
Knowing His Presence, is always near,
Gives us strength to go on, casts away fear.

Jesus suffered pain, more than anyone,
Pain suffered for us, by God’s own Son.
He knows exactly what we go thru’,
We must stand fast, and to Him be true.

Things that happen to us, God allows,
Be it good or bad, to Him we must bow.
Suffering and pain, may well come our way,
But there is coming, a better day!

The worst can happen, but the best remains,
He tells us in His Word, He makes it plain.
When we stand true to the very end,
We’re truly God’s child, and too His friend.

Better days await us, they lie ahead,
Where there’ll be no sorrow, pain or dread.
A reserved mansion, by that street of gold,
Where the bliss of Heav’n, for e’er we’ll behold.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.7,2002 # 896


Fifty, sixty or seventy years,
We do not know, our time may be near.
The length of our life, we are not told,
Our time gets closer, as days unfold.

Forty years, but maybe just thirty,
We know not, then comes eternity.
There are only two places to go,
One will be bliss, the other sorrow.

Ten years, ten minutes, we don’t know,
When the Lord will say: “It’s time to go.”
Life is so brief, ‘tis no mystery,
Each day gets closer to eternity.

We don’t know if we have years, days or hours,
It depends on God’s wisdom and power.
It’s His decision just when He’ll say
“Life here is over for you this day.”

Are you ready for this life to end?
Where is your eternal home, my friend?
Will you with Jesus, in Heaven dwell?
Or will you be with Satan in Hell?

God gives us time on Earth to decide,
Just where in eternity we’ll abide.
Narrow road, broad road, which did you choose?
Narrow road you win, broad road you lose.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.5,2003 # 962
Ps.90:5-6; 103:15-16; Isa.40:6-7; 28:1,4; Jam.1:10; 4:14;
Deut.30:15; Jos.24:15; 1 K.18:21; Eph.2:1-3; 1 John 3:10;
Mat.7:13-14; 20:16; 22:14; 22:37-40; Mat.25:41; 13:49-50;
Rev.20:11-15; 21:8; 21:27; 22:14-15.


Will I know Him, when He comes in the clouds?
Will I know His Voice, booming clear and loud?
I’ll know Him! for His Spirit shall reveal,
My awesome Saviour, who is so real!

Will I know Christ at the Judgment Seat?
In this approaching time, when Him I meet?
I’ll know Him! and know His judgment is right,
And Jesus shall grant me a garment of white!

Will I know Christ as He sits on that Throne?
Will I lose crowns, that could have been my own?
I’ll know Him! and know there’s no mistake,
For I’ll live for e’er, with judgments He makes.

Will I know Christ in that City of Gold?
Will I have regrets, as His Face I behold?
I’ll know Him! I’ll know that precious Face,
And I’ll know I’m there, just by His grace!

I will know my Saviour, instantly!
And I’ll praise and thank Him eternally!
I’ll fall to the ground, and kiss His Feet,
When my awesome Lord, I finally meet!
Yes, yes, yes! I’ll know Him!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Apr.10, 2000 # 681


Does God’s Word state, who’s doomed to Hell?
Friend, over and over, it does tell.
Except that a man be ‘born again’,
He’ll not see Heaven; ‘tis very plain!

You must be born into God’s family,
And from all sin you must want to flee.
All that love God, are begotten of Him,
You must obey, or Heaven is dim.

The Gospel of our Lord, you must obey,
Or vengeance will fall on Judgment Day.
Eternal separation, God will give,
In Hell, for eternity, you will live.

If you choose this day not to know God,
Rejecting salvation, as you trod,
The ‘Day’ will come, God won’t want you near,
Your cries of pure agony, He won’t hear.

Our life here on Earth is very fleet,
One day soon, Almighty God we’ll meet!
When He does issue your last decree,
Will it be: “HELL FOR ETERNITY”?
By: Connie Kramer Mar.28,1996 # 181
(Ro.1:18; 1 P.4:18; 2 P.2:4-5; 3:7; Heb.10:29;
Rev.20:11-15; Jn;3:3-6,15-18,36; 1:12; 5:24; 8:24)


The soul of man for e’er does live,
Your v’ry soul, our great God did give.
It will live for e’er, in Heav’n OR Hell,
It’s up to you, where you will dwell.

You have a choice while on this Earth,
How much do you think is Christ’s worth?
Jesus is God’s beloved Son,
He paid it ALL; His work’s all done!

Have you thought ‘bout eternity?
Do you want bliss? or agony?
The choice is yours; it’s up to you,
Just what with Jesus will you do?

You have a choice, if breath’s in you,
Will you accept our Saviour so true?
Trust and accept; in Heav’n you’ll dwell,
But if you reject; you’ll go to Hell!
By: Connie Kramer Apr.4,1996 # 194
(Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24; 11:26; 6:37; 4:14; 5:24; Ec.12:7; Lu.16:22;
Rev.20:4; Josh.24:15; 1 K.18:21; Ro.10:12; Ac.5:31; 10:34-35,43;
1 Jn.2:22-23; 3:10,15) 5:1; Heb.7:25)


Did you e’er look in the casket of a friend?
Then ask the question, “When will my life end?”
That one’s not really dead; their soul is alive,
One day this one, and you too, God will revive.

The day will come, God shall call; you too must go,
Your eternal destination; you ought to know!
You may live a good moral life; treat folks well,
But there’s a chance, you could end up in Hell!

Salvation can’t be bought, by good works you do,
Just by faith in Christ, who died for me and you.
Christ died on that Cross, to pay the price of sin,
You’ll not die that second death, when you trust Him!

The day is coming, when friends stand at your grave,
Do they know; and you too; only Christ can save?
Do they know that you are on your way to Heav’n?
Salvation can’t be bought, it’s a gift that’s giv’n!

Life on Earth is like a mist; days are short and few,
Your eternal destination; is it clear to you?
Have you trusted Christ? He’s the Truth, Life and Way,
Or would you go to Hell? if you’d die today?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.26,1995 # 40
(1 Chron.29:15; Ps.39:5; 90:5-6; 103:15-16; Is.40:6-7; 38:12; Jam.1;10; 4:14; 1 P.1:24; Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24; 14;6; Rev.20:11-15)

Your Mansion

Will your mansion in Heav’n, be bigger than mine?
Will it be furnish’d, with luxuries so fine?
Will it shine so bright, by the street of pure gold?
As the glory of Jesus, you behold?

If my dwelling place were small, I’d care not,
I’m so grateful for this place, Jesus has bought!
A tiny cottage, on a side street would be great,
For all Christ Jesus has done, I appreciate!

What an awesome Saviour we have, He paid our price,
Went to the cross for us, was our Sacrifice!
He redeemed us, with His wondrous, precious Blood,
Privileged we are, for that sacrificial Flood!

Don’t worry ‘bout how big, your mansion will be,
Christ will rightly provide, for you and for me!
On that old rugged cross, Jesus took our place,
So that one, sweet day, we’ll see, His Holy Face!

Our mansion in Heav’n, Jesus controls the size,
Who are we, that we should ever criticize!
A small cabin, in a place out of the way,
Would be all right with me, on that special day!

I’m not worthy, nor want, fancy luxuries,
I want just to serve Him, for eternity!
The dwelling place for me, that Christ shall provide,
I’ll gladly accept, and for e’er, there reside!
By His servant, Connie Kramer June 17, 2009 # 1232
Mat.6:20; 22:30; Luke 10:20; 16:9; 13:29; 20:35-36; 21:36; John 14:1-6; 1 Pet.1:4,19; Acts 2:47; 7:55-56; 1 Cor.1:18; 5:1; Col.1:5; Heb.8:2; 9:24; 11:10,16;
Rev.3:4; 7:9, 13-17; 14:2; 21:1,4, 24; 22:3,5,14

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