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Commitment to God

Many people do not make commitments easily; and when it comes to making a commitment to God . . . they really shy away. BUT . . . unless you make a commitment to Him and keep it, your soul is in grave danger of the eternal fires of Hell.


Closer to You, Lord, I want to be,
I crave the fellowship, You with me.
O how I need your Presence so near,
Giving me comfort, calming my fears.

Closer to You, Lord, both night and day,
Help me dear Lord, your will to obey.
Let me feel your Presence, giving me pow’r,
Lord, I do need You, every hour.

Closer to You, Lord, in sorrow and pain,
Feeling your Presence gives such great gain.
You seem closer when I’m in pray’r,
Conveying your love, showing You care.

Closer to You, when I search your Word,
It tells me your love will not be barr’d.
It builds up my faith when I have doubt,
Assuring me I’m on the right route.

Lord, I want to be closer to You,
For You are my Friend, faithful and true.
Your awesome Presence, in me abides,
‘Til that sweet day, with You I’ll reside.

Feeling you close is one way You bless,
I thank You for your Spirit I possess.
Each day I feel much closer to thee,
Soon I’ll be with You for eternity.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer  # 546  Sept.5,1999


Closer, closer Lord, will You please walk,
I need assurance when Satan stalks.
E’er so close, that Your shadow falls,
Extremely close, that I need not call.

Closer, closer Lord, humbly I ask,
That in Your Presence, I warmly bask.
As onward thru’ this brief life I go,
May You be close in joy or sorrow.

Closer, closer with Your awesome love,
Inspiring love that comes just from above.
Closer dear Lord, as I live each day,
I need to know that You won’t go away.

Closer, closer Lord, year after year,
‘Tis a great comfort to have You near.
As I walk on the steep, rugged road,
I pray You will help me carry my load.

Closer, closer with Your amazing grace,
Until that day that I see Your Face.
Closer, closer with Your great mercy,
Thru’ this life now, thru’ eternity.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer  Sept.15, 2000  # 735


Closer, closer Lord, this I do need,
And on your Holy Word, I must feed!
You nourish, comfort and give me pow’r,
You help me, day by day; hour by hour!

Closer, closer Lord, it is a must,
In Your great love, I do place my trust!
Faithful and loyal, as I live each day,
Your lovingkindness, is on display!

Closer, closer Lord; increase my faith,
Let me believe with my ev’ry breath!
Lord, cast out my doubt, for it is sin,
And don’t let worry, even begin!

Closer, closer Lord, is my desire,
Far away from sins’ muck and mire!
Lord, I need You to lead and guide,
Help me dear Lord, in You to abide!

Closer, closer Lord, each day I live,
Lord, have mercy, and please do forgive!
Lord, let me, as You, have mercy too,
A walk with the Spirit, let me pursue!

Closer, closer Lord, loving always,
For I know not, the length of my days!
How I long for my “mansion” above,
Where for eternity, I’ll have your love!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer  June 23, 2000 # 699


Commit thy way, and trust the Lord,
God v’ry plainly tells us in His Word.
So sad to say, ‘tis here we all fail,
Believing and trusting should prevail.

Commit thy way unto the Lord, and trust,
Simple, child-like faith in Him, is a must.
With Him beside, we can dare to stand,
We must firmly place, our hand in His Hand.

Trust the Lord, and commit thy way,
Abandon all to Him, this v’ry day.
Leave all to Him, he knows thy course,
Faith in Him, removes much remorse.

When we commit our life to the Lord,
We must completely trust His Word.
When storms come, believe He can hold them still,
Simply trust His strong Arm, and perfect will.

Trust Him to manage ev’rything you do,
Commit all to Him, our Lord so true.
He can help with ev’rything for thee,
But God insists that you, trustful be.

Trust Him, He is wise, faithful and true,
Faith, my friend, is what He asks of you.
From anxious worry, you can have rest,
Commit thy way to Him, and you’ll be blest.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.14, 2000 # 667


I see Jesus with Arms, stretched out to me,
Giving me comfort and security.
I must keep, my commitment to Him,
Trust and obey, or salvation is dim.

Trusting Jesus, is the first step we take,
Then comes the commitment, we must make.
We must take our commitment to Christ, seriously,
For it takes us to Heav’n, eternally.

In our commitment, we all must obey,
Trust is not enough, on each giv’n day.
Trust and obedience, together are bound,
For eternal salvation, just in Christ is found.

The only work we can do, is believe,
And eternal salvation, we receive.
To the foot of the cross, we must go,
Repent of sin, as we mourn in sorrow.

Have you made a commitment, to the Lord?
Friend, you must do this, in willing accord.
You must be devoted; trust and obey,
And serve your Master, each and ev’ry day.

Can you see Jesus, with Arms reaching for you?
He really loves you, and is always true.
His amazing grace, compassion and love,
Is a Promise He makes to you, from above.

When you make a commitment, Christ makes one too,
He makes you God’s child, one of the chosen “few,”
Your commitment, gives life eternally,
It’s His commitment to you, and to me.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.25, 2007 #1164
Prov. 23:26; Rom.12:1; Heb.11:6; 12:2; John 20:31; 1 Peter 1:2, 14; Phil.2:12; Luke 11:28; James 1:25; John 3:14-16; 4:14; 5:24-25; 5:29; 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 John 5:10-12; Jam.6:23; Titus 1:2; 3:7; 1 John 2:25; John 6:28-29; 1:12-13; 3:8; 3:36; 1 John 3:9; Mat. 7:13-14.


‘Dedication’ is a word we oft’ hear,
But to most, the meaning is not clear.
Dedication to Christ is a great thing,
Put Him first, no matter what life brings.

Christ must be preeminent alway,
Domination your life, night and day.
You must live out His life, here on Earth,
Making Him proud, as you show His worth.

We are complete, only thru’ our Lord,
In all we do, He must be adored.
We must be filled with His Spirit,
And our lives to Him, we must submit.

As we journey on our road of life,
Christ is the solution, to all strife.
Dedication to Him, is what we need,
Love and serve Him, and do take heed.

The fullness of God, in us will show,
Thru’ dedication, as on we go.
Poured out in life, thru’ those who believe,
Dedication to whom, you did receive.
By: Connie Kramer Apr.17,1996 # 207
(Pro.16:7; 23:26; Ps.40:8; Ro.12:1; 14:9; 1 Thes.2:4; 4:1; 5:3;
Heb.11:5; Phil.1:21; 3:7-8; Ep.1:22; 3:19; 5:18;
Ac.13:52; Jn.1:16; 15:11)


I commit to You, my heart this day,
Totally, completely; all the way.
Dear Jesus, of You I humbly ask,
That You grant me strength, for ev’ry task.

This day, my mind, I commit to You,
I’ll not hold back; but to You be true.
Dear Lord, let me think only good things,
That You grant me each day, your blessings.

I commit to You this day, my soul,
I give to You, full and complete control.
I know You will watch out after me,
From this day forward, thru’ eternity.

I commit to You this day, my all,
I’m not afraid of what might befall.
Faith tells me, I can truly trust You,
And what You say, You will surely do!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.14, 2000 # 641

I Confess

I confess Him, as the Creator,
Knowing the vast pow’r, He holds in store.
The Universe was made, by His Hands,
All the wide oceans, and all the lands.

I confess Him as Saviour, of mankind,
No other one anywhere, can you find.
Just Jesus, is the Messiah True,
My friend He can be, your Saviour too.

I confess Him as Redeemer, this day,
He paid the price, I could never pay.
I was bought with His precious Blood so pure,
And only with His strength, can I endure.

I confess Him as Lord, of my life,
With His right guidance, I have less strife.
And to Him as Lord, I do submit,
To Him my heart and life, I commit.

I confess Him as Master, always,
I’ll strive to serve Him, all my days.
His humble servant, I want to be,
From this day on, thru’ eternity.

I confess Him, as Almighty King,
Just Jesus, worldly peace can bring.
What a wonderful world, this will be,
O’ev all His enemies, He’ll have vict’ry.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and Life,
Just He can remove, eternal strife.
Confess Him this day, walk the small road,
Only then can you walk, to Heav’n’s abode.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer  Oct.10,2013 #1332
Confessing Jesus: (Mat.10:32; Lk.8:39; Rom.10:9; Phil.2:11; 1 Jn.2:23; 4:15)
Denial of Christ: (Pro.30:9; Mat.10:33; 26:34,60-70,74; Mk.8:38; 14:30,68; Lk.9:26; 12:9; 22:34,57; Jn.13:38; 18:17; 18:25; Acts 3:14; 1 Tim.5:8; 2 Tim.2:12; Tit.1:16; 2 Pet.2:1; 1 Jn.2:22; 4:3; 2 Jn.1:7; Jude 1:4)


Dear Lord, Your love I humbly accept,
For I know my soul, You will protect.
I will be grateful, for eternity,
That You sav’d a sinner, such as me.

I humbly accept, salvation You give,
There’s no greater Gift, in this life I live.
E’er so thankful, and always will be,
As I continue on my life’s journey.

I humbly accept, Your sufficient grace,
And Your assistance, as I run my race.
To You be the glory, in all things,
As You continue, vast blessings to bring.

I humbly accept, Your mercy too,
As I try to walk, the path with You.
I’m thanking You, for compassion divine,
And I thank You too, that You are mine.

I humbly accept, Your forgiveness,
When I repent, and my sins I confess.
I humbly thank You, for cleansing me,
And making me ready, for eternity.

I’ll humbly accept, my mansion one day,
And I thank You, for showing me the way.
Your love, Your mercy, Your amazing grace,
Make it possible, that I’ll see Your Face.

Father, I humbly accept, all You’ve done,
And accept all, in the Name of Your Son.
Such precious blessings, beyond compare,
I thank You that one day, I’ll be with You there.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer # 1058 Mar.29, 2005

When we make a commitment to Jesus . . . He
makes one to us . . . and we come out victoriously!


Dear Lord, I submit my all to You,
Lord, I humbly ask that You rescue.
One hundred percent, to You I submit,
Fill to o’er flowing, with Your Spirit.

I want not evil, my mind to control,
That would be disaster, to my soul.
I humbly to You, submit my all,
O Lord, hear me, as on You I call.

If I submit to You, Satan will flee,
This is a Promise, You give to me.
I claim this Promise this v’ry day,
Lord I need You, each step of the way.

From a bad attitude, run, I must,
For You want me to be right and just.
Lord, I submit to You, willingly,
Claiming the Promise, that Satan will flee.

To You I submit, and Satan I resist,
I need Your pow’r, as long as I exist.
Lord I submit, claiming your Promise,
Only You alone, can answer and bless.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.11, 2002 # 863
James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (KJV)

Many people do NOT like the word "submit."
But it simply means cooperating voluntarily with God


Forever and ever, I will praise You,
Lifting up Thy Name, so good and true!
Greatly to be praised, is our Lord so great!
His wisdom we underestimate!

I will praise Thy glorious majesty,
And Thy wondrous works, all done so free!
Thy kind works utter Thy righteousness,
Lord, I will always praise Thy goodness!

I will speak of Thy Kingdom’s glory,
I will praise Thy glorious majesty!
Thy mighty acts to men, I’ll make known,
In hopes that Thy goodness, may be shown!

Lord, Thou art righteous, in all Thy ways,
And Thy Holy works, shall be all Thy days!
I praise Thee Lord, for Thy holiness,
And I’ll tell the world, of Thy righteousness!

To all that call on Thee, Thou art near,
Our desires shall be fill’d, if You we fear!
I praise Thee Lord, that you hear my cry,
I’m grateful that on Thee, I can rely!

Each one that loves Thee, Thou wilt preserve,
Thy mercy and grace, we don’t deserve!
My mouth shall speak, the praise of the Lord,
I’ll praise Thee always, in loving accord!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.1, 2002 # 856
(Ps.145; 107; 69:30-31; Jer.33:11; Heb.13:15)

A commitment of praise to God.


Lead me, lead me, Lord, where you would have me go,
Let me always be willing, all your ways to know.
Lord, grant me wisdom, that I might follow You,
Let the light of your love, come to my perfect view.

Lead me, lead me, Lord, and help me do my best,
Let me learn more of your love; ‘tis my request!
Such great compassion, grace and tender mercy,
All blessings, you bestow on us so freely!

Lead me, lead me, Lord, away from wicked ways,
Tho’ Satan does tempt us with their bright array.
Worldly pleasures are here now, but gone tomorrow,
Lord, keep me away from eternal sorrow!

Lead me, lead me, Lord, from habits that are sin,
Fill me with your Spirit, as each new day I begin!
Let me walk in your ways, casting evil aside,
For I want only with my Lord to abide!

Lead me, lead me, Lord, that I might know you more,
For ‘tis clear, just You hold ‘keys’ to Heaven’s door!
Just You precious Jesus, can give us access,
Without You in our heart, God will never bless!

Lead me, lead me, Lord, to a lost soul today,
That I might tell them, You are the only Way!
Lord Jesus, lead me, that I might live for You,
Help me show to others, a love that is true!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer May 20, 1999 # 529
Psalm 5:8; 23:2; 25:5, 9; 48:14; 73:24; 143:10; Is.30:21; 42:16; 48:17;
Jer. 31:3; Luke 1:79; John 3:16; 10:4; 16:27; Rom.5:8; 8:38-39;
Ephesians 2:4-5; 1 John 3:1; 4:9, 16

A commitment to follow where He leads you.


In all the right paths, let your Spirit guide,
So that with you, dear Lord, I can abide.
Keep my eyes on you, for Satan is strong,
Let your Spirit guide, and keep me from wrong.

The devil is strong in the world today,
He’ll not cease trying to lead me astray.
I need God’s armor, full and complete,
For with my strength alone, I can’t compete!

Let your Spirit guide on roads rough and steep,
Don’t let me fall into canyons so deep.
Keep this fragile ‘sheep’ from going astray,
Let your Spirit guide, or I’ll surely sway.

Let your Spirit show me right paths to take,
Without His guidance, I’ll make vast mistakes.
I want loving friendship, Lord, with you,
Just with your Spirit, can I this pursue.

You have granted eternal life in Heav’n,
This ‘gift’ tops the list of many you’ve giv’n.
You’ve giv’n your Spirit to abide with me,
To guide and comfort for eternity.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.31,1997 # 421
(Jn.12:31; 14:17,30; 15:4,11; Ro.8:9; 15:29; 1 Co.3:16; 1 Jn.2:27;
Ep.2:8-9; 3:19; 5:18; 6:10-18; Col.1:9; Jam.4:7; 1 P.5:8-9; Gen.3:5;
2 Co.2:11; 11:13-15; Mt.4:6,8-9; Jude 20-21; Jn.3:15-18; 14:2-3,6,16; 2 Jn.2)

A commitment to allow His Spirit to guide you.

My Commitment To You

I’ve consecrated my life to Thee,
Christ Jesus who gave me victory.
My heart and soul now belong to You,
Give me the pow’r, that I may be true.

This total commitment, to You I make,
Let me be faithful for Thy Name’s sake.
I hold back nothing; You have my all,
Dear Lord, give me strength, lest I do fall.

Lord to You my life, I dedicate,
It seems all along, twould be my fate.
I am Yours; do with me as You please,
Ev’ry chance to reach lost ones, let me seize.

I surrender all, body and soul,
You are my Master; You have control.
Lord give me strength that I might abide,
Let me walk close to You, near Your side.

Flooding my soul is amazing peace,
Since my selfish desires, they did cease.
Now deep within, is vast hope and joy,
Since in Thy service, I did employ.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept. 19, 2001 # 825


The commitment I’ve made, most can’t comprehend,
Firmly I stand by my Saviour, Lord and Friend.
He is my life, and I want only to live for Him,
With His radiant Light, my path is never dim.

Bold and firm, in this commitment I’ll stand,
What e’er may befall, the Lord takes my hand.
Tho’ I get weak, and stumble to my knees,
Encouragement comes from Him, like a cool breeze.

This commitment I’ve made, I do not regret,
Tho’ persecutions and sorrows do beset.
I’ll stand firm and persevere, come what may,
For the Lord’s wisdom and pow’r are there each day.

Most don’t understand, my life I did entrust,
Christ Jesus is my all, and serve Him, I must.
I’m not the same person I used to be,
Committing to Christ, gave me new identity.

Fellowship with Jesus is an awesome thing,
Knowing Him personally, is a blessing.
Serving Him is an honor, ever so great,
A privilege that many underestimate.

Tho’ many times I grieve God’s well belov’d Son,
Thru’ my sinful nature; by evil things I’ve done.
Yet when I repent and confess, He forgives me,
I’m glad I’ve committed to Him, eternally.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.13, 2001 # 846


Submit to His grace, and He will save you,
Christ Jesus is trustworthy, and so true.
We must have faith, believe and accept,
Then from eternal Hell, Christ will protect.

Submit to His pow’r, and be kept by it,
By the constant abiding of His Spirit.
The pow’r of Jesus, can lead, teach and guide,
What an awesome feeling, as He resides.

Submit to Jesus, and walk in His light,
He will sustain, and keep you in His might.
Ev’n in the darkest night, Jesus can lead,
But by His wise guidance, we must always heed.

Submit to the Saviour, and Him obey,
Trust and obedience, is a must each day.
If we don’t obey, we simply don’t love,
And it’s doubtful we’ll see, Heav’n above.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.25, 2002, #934


What happens, when to God you submit?
You now no longer, His will resist.
You are now in Christ, and He in you,
And it’s just His will, you want to do.

You now willingly, co-operate,
You no longer now, ev’n hesitate.
When we submit, God’s will we desire,
We want out of, this world’s much and mire.

Submitting to God, is a wise thing,
God repays us, with many blessings.
We are wise, if we do things God’s way,
It always makes for, a better day!

Living as God wants, is always right,
We must walk with Jesus, in His Light.
We must get off, the devil’s broad path,
For we want none of, God’s Holy wrath.

Do you reject God? And Him resist?
Does Satan keep at you? Does he persist?
Make a v’ry wise decision this day,
Submitting to God, helps keep trouble away!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.23,2008 #1208

Submission is obedience!
Psalm 40:8; Psalm 143:10; Matthew 6:10; 12:50; 26:42; John 5:30; 7:17; Acts 21:14; Romans 12:2; Ephesians 6:6; Hebrews 13:21; James 4:15; 1 John 2:17
“In Christ” Rom. 3:24; 8:1-2; 1 Cor. 1:30; 3:1; 4:10; 4:15; Ephes. 2:10,13; 1 Thes. 4:16; 5:18; 2 Tim. 3:12; 1 Pet. 3:16;
In Christ” is being saved!


When I turned to Christ that fateful day,
I made Him a promise I would stay.
Many times I feel helpless and lose track,
But I’ll stand firm, there’s no turning back!

I made a commitment, totally,
To my loving Saviour, who died for me.
Tho’ I may stumble, He takes my hand,
There’s no turning back, by Him I’ll stand.

There’s no turning back, I have no fear,
For my awesome Friend, is always near.
No matter what trouble comes my way,
I’ll stand by His side, both night and day.

I won’t turn back for earthly pleasure,
For I look forward to heav’nly treasure.
There’s no turning back, Christ holds the key,
To life in Heav’n with Him, eternally.

No turning back, what e’er comes my way,
For I am headed for a better day.
There’s no turning back, my mansion awaits,
I’m passing thru’, headed for Heav’n’s gate.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.7,2001 # 842

Please do NOT turn away from your commitment to God.


Walking with God, one step at a time,
Keeps us out of this world’s filth and grime.
We must speak truth; no sin on our lips,
Only His Holy Spirit equips.

Walking with God, we must always trust,
Also to obey; this is a must.
Believe what He states, for He does care,
He’ll watch out for you, no matter where.

Enoch, Noah, and Josiah too,
Walked with God; just to name a few.
Each one of us, need to be like these,
We don’t want to be God’s enemies.

Fear the Lord! be afraid ‘fore His Name,
Love and revere Him, each day the same.
Walking with God is divine fellowship,
Daily, consistent; a constant trip.

Walking with God, don’t wander away,
No matter what, with Him, you should stay.
Always with Him, in love, do abide,
He’s there to lead, direct, and to guide.

Thru’ long tedious days, you feel alone,
You stumble and fall, and how you do groan.
Why did He leave? when you need Him so?
YOU left! NOT HE! He wants you to know.

He will never leave, never forsake,
This great promise, He will not retake.
Walking with God, He’ll stay by your side,
The choice is yours; wander, or abide!
By: Connie Kramer Oct.8,1996 # 268
(Jer.6:16; Gen.5:24; 6:8-9; Mal.2:4-6; Rev.3:4;
2 K.23:3; Mic.4:5; Heb.13:5)

Keep your commitment to Him.


There are not many sermons preached on Hell,
Preachers are reluctant, this subject to tell.
Most speak only on what people want to hear,
Only the nice things, to ease those itching ears.

But friend, I’m here to tell you,” Hell does exist,”
You are sure to go there, if Christ you resist!
If you do not believe, nor accept God’s Son,
You shall reach Hell; and your agony begun.

Hell is a choice; one that you make on your own,
Only you can decide, when the ‘WAY’ is shown!
There are just two destinations: Heaven, Hell,
You make the choice my friend; which place will you dwell?

Are you headed this day for the judgment of Hell?
‘Twill be total darkness; the pain, I can’t tell!
Agony and suffering; complete distress,
All this can be avoided, if Christ you confess!
By: Connie Kramer Dec.6,1995 # 55
(2 Tim.4:1-5; 2 P.3:17; 2 Thes.1:9; Mt.25:41,46; 8:12; 22:13;
Deut.30:15; 1 K.18:21; Jos.24:15; Ex.32:26; Mk.10:21;
Jn.3:15-18,36; 8:24; 14:6; 6:66-67; Ro.10:10,13;
Rev.14:10-11; 19:20; 20:10,14-15; 21:8,14-15)


YOU MUST . . .

You must BELIEVE all that God does say,
That only Christ will lead you God’s way.
Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life,
Without Him, Satan’s harvest is rife.

You must TRUST Jesus to save your soul,
Without Christ, Satan has full control.
Christ is the only One with the key,
To life in Heav’n, for eternity.

You must KNOW Christ as Saviour and Lord,
And live according to His true Word.
Knowing Him as your personal Friend,
A relationship that will never end.

You must ACCEPT God’s wonderful Gift,
Without Christ, your life will be adrift.
Accept this Gift thru’ faith, by God’s grace,
Without Christ, you’ll never see God’s Face.

You must LOVE our God with all your heart,
And from sin and evil, you must depart.
We must always love each other too,
Forgiving and caring, with love so true.

You must CONFESS Christ to those around,
The wonderful Gospel, is so profound.
Tell others of all He’s done for you,
He forgave all your sins, made you all new!

You must BE FAITHFUL to Christ our Lord,
Serving with love, and your sin discard.
Looking for the day you shall see His Face,
Be loyal, and faithful, and no disgrace.
By: Connie Kramer Dec.24,1996 # 281
(Jn.14:6; 3:15-18; Ep.2:8-9; Mt.22:37-40; Ac.18:9-10; 22:14-15; Jn.6:27)

A commitment to God includes the above!


In your walk with Christ, stay close to Him,
‘Tis amazing, how your troubles will dim.
Ever present, He’s always near,
Gently He whispers “You need not fear.”

In your walk with Him, you may stumble,
Stay close to Jesus, be meek and humble.
Each time you stumble, His Hand extends,
May I tell you, there’s no better Friend!

As thru’ this wicked world you journey,
Satan tries hard to bring you mis’ry.
He’ll make bad things look good, he’ll deceive,
Don’t let your mind, his evil receive.

The road of life may get rough and steep,
Remember, Christ will safely keep.
Walk close to Him, with no room between,
Don’t let the devil degrade or demean.

Walking with Christ, you will make mistakes,
But He will ne’er abandon, or forsake.
All believers are tremendously bless’d,
With Promises of joy, peace and rest.

When to our Saviour and Lord, we stay true,
Heav’n’s glory awaits these faithful few.
Walking with Christ gives us victory,
We’ll then walk the street of gold, eternally.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 28, 2004 #1020

Keep your commitment to walk with Him!

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