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Christ Jesus

Christ Delivers Us

Christ delivers us, from the lowest Hell,
Belief in Him assures, there we won’t dwell.
In the Book of life, Jesus writes our name,
Faith in Jesus, removes eternal shame.

Christ delivers us, from the wrath to come,
We will not see, the Great Tribulation.
Being in Christ Jesus, we’re justified,
Jesus’ righteousness, to us is applied.

Christ delivers us, from the pow’r of darkness,
We’re God’s friends and children, whom He does bless.
A royal priesthood, let’s sing forth our praise,
The fruit of our lips, let’s gratefully raise.

Christ delivers us, from the curse of the Law,
Placing us under grace, where there is no flaw.
We’re cursed, if just one point of the Law we fail,
But God’s wondrous grace, has much to avail.

Christ delivers us, from this present world,
As all around us, evils are unfurl’d.
Christ was not of this world, neither are we,
He made us citizens of Heav’n, eternally.

Christ delivers us, from all evil’s pow’r,
Satan has no control, ev’n in his best hour.
If we submit to God, Satan will flee,
Christ delivers our soul, eternally.

Christ delivers us, from the presence of sin,
Delivered, from the bondage we were in.
One day we shall live, in God’s Home above,
Because of our God’s, great and awesome love.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer April 30, 2005 # 1066
(Ps.86:13; Rev.20:15; 1 Thes.1:10; Rom.8:1,21; 7:6; 14-15; 5:1-10;
Col.1:13; 1 Pet.2:9; John 17:16; Gal.1:4; 3:13; 4:3-5,10; 1 Cor.1:30;
2 Cor.5:21; Heb.13:15; Jam.4:7; 2 Tim.3:11; 4:17; 1 John 3:2; Deut 27:26.


Christ is the True Light, receive Him today,
He can cast out all darkness in your day.
When we walk with Him, He will light our path,
And my friend, He can keep you, from God’s wrath.

Christ is the True Bread, on Him let us feed,
Spiritually, He is the Food we need.
We will never hunger, never e’er thirst,
If in our heart, we place Christ Jesus first.

Christ is the True Vine, from Him comes our pow’r,
In Him we must abide, ev’ry single hour.
We’re just branches, so helpless on our own,
Without Him we’re nothing, God’s Word has shown.

Christ Jesus is, the True Water of Life,
He can cast away, all our spiritual strife.
He gives to us, His Spirit to abide,
Assuring us of Heav’n, where we’ll reside.

Christ is the True Shepherd, of all God’s sheep,
Leading and guiding, He does tenderly keep.
Of all His flock, He’ll lose not ev’n one,
This wondrous Shepherd, who is God’s own Son.

A True Record of the Father, is the Son,
A record in place, ‘fore the world begun.
If we have Christ Jesus, Heav’n does await,
Reject Jesus, and it’s Hell’s one-way gate.

Christ is the True Witness, ‘tis O so true,
We MUST believe in Jesus, me and you.
Long ago, the prophet of Christ did speak,
The Words of Jesus, let us truly seek.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug.10, 2005 # 1079
References for above poem:
John 1:9; 6:32; 15:1-5; 4:10-14; 7:37-38; 10:1-16; 3:11; 18:37;
Eph.1:4; Isa.55:4; Rev.1:5


Christ is the Light, that shines in darkness,
The Light that can remove our blindness.
The Light that guides in paths I can’t see,
That leads us onward to eternity.

Christ is the Shepherd, of all God’s sheep,
The Shepherd whom our souls safely keep.
The Shepherd who supplies all our needs,
And to all our dangers, He pays heed.

Christ is the True Vine, that does empow’r,
The Vine that refreshes us, ev’ry hour.
The Vine that strengthens, so we endure,
He makes us holy, loving and pure.

Christ is the Bridge, from sinners to God,
The only Bridge, the wide world abroad.
The Bridge, crossing o’er judgment and Hell,
To a place where we, in bliss shall dwell.

Christ is the Key, to eternal Heav’n,
The Key to the mansion, God has given.
The Key to joy in eternity,
Where we’ll have peace and serenity.

Christ is our Saviour, our Lord and King,
The only Channel, to God’s blessings.
He’s our Redeemer, our debt He did pay,
That we might live, to see a better day.

This Jesus; what an amazing Man!
God’s only Son, who fulfilled His plan.
If you don’t know Him, He waits for you,
Open your heart’s door, to this Friend so true.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.2, 2001 # 811
(Mat. 1:21; John 3:15-18, 36; 10:1-16; 14:2-3, 6; 15:1-5;
Ps. 19:14; 1 Tim. 6:15; Rev. 19:16)


Christ is a great Light, in darkness deep,
He’s strength to aid, when our path is steep.
He is warm sunshine, after a rain,
He’s calming assurance, after strain.

When my soul does tire, Christ brings relief,
Giving comfort and peace; expels my grief.
He’s my help and my hope, for e’er more,
And He has the ‘key’ to Heaven’s door!

Christ is merciful, loving and kind,
With grace for all; that baffles the mind.
He is love for e’er, loyal and true,
To all who trust Him; “Is that you?”
By: Connie Kramer Jan.10,1996 # 99-B
(Jn.1:4; 8:12; 12:35,46; 14:6; 2 Co.4:6;
Ep.5:14; 1 Jn.2:8)


I was evil, wicked, and filthy,
In God’s eyes I was His enemy.
Then one day I found a better way,
Down on my knees, to Him I did pray.

Like water, I drank iniquity,
I loved evil, and would not flee.
One day I awoke to find Christ there,
Before that time, I was unaware.

All my wicked sins were sheer delight,
I rejoic’d in evil; day or night.
And then one day the Answer I found,
Satan can no longer keep me bound.

One day I felt pricked in my heart,
Christ came in; and He did not depart.
He’s there, and all my sins He’ll forgive,
And in Heav’n, some day with Him I’ll live.

I awoke to find a better way,
Christ is the Answer, both night and day.
Outside my heart’s door, so patiently,
I found the Answer, waiting for me.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug.7,1997 # 382 [s-2]
(Job.15:16; 20:12; Pro.2:14; Is.5:18; Jn.3:15-18; 14:1-6)


Christ is the ‘Bridge’ from Earth, to Heav’n,
The only One the Father hath giv’n.
If we accept God’s One True Way,
We’ll be citizens of Heav’n alway.

Christ is the ‘Bridge’ from death to life,
The only One that can relieve strife.
We as humans follow sin’s path,
Only Jesus relieves God’s wrath.

Christ is the ‘Bridge’ o’er troubled seas,
The only One that makes Satan flee.
Trials and tribulations will be near,
But with our Saviour, we’ve nought to fear.

Christ is the ‘Bridge’ from wrong to right,
Always there to help, in our fight.
We must love and trust; and obey,
For with our God, there’s no other way!

Christ is the ‘Bridge’ that leads from Hell,
Trust Him, and there, you’ll never dwell!
Just walk in Him, thru’ Heav’n’s door,
All Heaven’s wonder is in store.
By: Connie Kramer Feb.29,1996 # 154
(Jn.3:3,15-18,36; 11:25;14:6,15,23; 1 Jn.5:1,12;
Ro.5:21; Jam.4:7; Ep.6:12; Heb.11:6; Rev.ch.21)


Christ is the ‘Key’ to eternal life,
Without Him, evil and sin are rife.
The wages of sin is death, my friend,
Only Christ leads to glory, with no end!

Christ is the ‘Key’ to life, full and good,
Trust and obey Him; as we well should.
He came that we ,might have life abundantly,
This you will have if you follow closely.

Christ is the ‘Key’ for cleansing our soul,
Only Christ the Lord, is in full control.
His precious Blood washes away all sin,
Cleanses completely, deep down within.

Christ is the “Key’ to unlock power,
We’ve no reason to hide or to cower.
We can do all things thru’ Christ the Lord,
For He gives strength, as told in His Word.

Christ is the ‘Key’ to great peace and joy,
With Him by our side, Satan can’t destroy!
Do not be troubled; do not have fear,
For our precious Saviour is always near!

Christ is the ‘Key’ to Almighty God,
If you live close by, or far abroad.
There’s just one Way to get to God in Heav’n,
The ‘Way’ is Christ; and by God is giv’n.
By: Connie Kramer Feb17,1996 # 136
(Jn.14:6; 10:10, 27-30; 15:11; 16:24; 1 Jn.1:7; Ro.5:1; 6:23;
Ep.2:14; Col.1:20; Phil.4:13)


Christ is the “Light” in all your darkness,
When He lights your path, you’ll have success!
In our dear Lord, there’s no darkness at all,
When He holds your hand, you will not fall!

“The Lord is my light and my salvation,”
He chose me from before the Creation.
Mysteries like this are not understood,
But if we love God, all will work for good.

“For the Lord God is a sun and a shield,”
Walk close to Him, and Satan’s darts you’ll wield.
When I shall fall, I shall rise once again,
If I trust and obey, He shall remain!

When I sit in darkness, He’ll be my “Light”,
Helping and guiding, in all my plight.
The Lord shall be a “Light” unto me,
He illuminates the dark; sets me free.

The world today is in darkness deep,
My friend, only Christ, your soul can keep!
He’s patiently waiting to hear from you,
He’ll chase your darkness, with His “Light” so true!

Darkness to God, is ALL sinfulness,
Turn to Him, repent; your sins confess.
Christ will lighten your every day,
Trust and accept Him; He’s the only Way!
By: Connie Kramer Feb.22,1996 # 144
(Is.9:2; 42:6; Mt.4:16-17; Lu.1:79; 2 Co.4:6; Ep.5:14;
Jn.1:4; 8:12; 12:46; 1 Jn.2:8-11; Rev.21:23)


We are mere branches, Christ is the ‘Vine’,
He is the One who truly does shine.
We’ll bear no fruit, lest in Him we abide,
We must let Him our heart to guide.

We can do nothing without our Lord,
‘Tis stated o’er and o’er in His Word!
We can bear not one fruit on our own,
All we can do is stumble and groan.

We must abide in the ‘Vine’ alway,
He’ll then supply our needs, night and day!
But if from that ‘Vine’ so true, we break off,
That crafty old devil will laugh and scoff.
By: Connie Kramer Feb.24,1996 # 149-B (Jn.15)


C --- tells of His unending charity, 1Co.ch.13
H --- is His tender Heart filled with mercy. Tit.3:5
R --- is righteousness He gives you and me, Ro.1:16-17
I --- He intercedes for us so freely. Heb.7:25
S --- steadfast and sure thru’ eternity. Heb.6:19
T --- Truth and no lie, always is He. Jn.14:6

J --- a great, just Judge, He’ll be one day, Jn.5:22; Ro.2:16; Jude 14,15
E --- excellent greatness, all the way. Phil.3:8
S --- He’s our Salvation, God does say. Jn.3:15-18; 5:24; 14:6
U --- He’s unchangeable; the same alway. Heb.7:24; 13:8
S --- The Good Shepherd who will never sway. Jn.10:11;14

O --- Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience Jn.2:24; Mt.19:26; Pro.15:3
U --- Our Unspeakable Gift. 1 Co.9:15
R --- Resurrection: His, and ours. Ro.4:25; 1 Thes.4:14; Jn.6:39,40,44,54

L --- He’s Lord and Master of us all. Lu,8:24; 17:13; Mt.28:19
O --- He’s Owner of our body and soul. 1 Co.6:20; 7:22-23; 2 P.2:1
R --- Redeemed us from what Hell does befall. Col.1:14; Tit.2:14; Jn.3:15-18,36
D --- Divine, Deity; is our Lord’s call. Jn.8:58; 17:5,24; Rev.22:13
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.28,1997 # 444

Christ Means So Much To Us All

Christ Jesus means so much to us all,
Without Him, we’d have such a great fall.
Jesus is our strength, day after day,
His wisdom helps us on life’s pathway.

As filthy rags, is our righteousness,
But with Christ’s purity, God does bless.
When on Jesus, we trust and believe,
That moment, Christ’s righteousness we receive.

Our faith in Jesus, does justify,
The verdict “Not guilty” is God’s reply.
In the courts of Heav’n, we’re not guilty,
From the burden of sin, we’re set free.

Christ sanctifies, God states in His Word,
We’re set apart, to serve our dear Lord.
One day we’ll share Christ’s glory above,
As joint heirs with Him, in eternal love.

Christ is our Shepherd, to show us the way,
Jesus leads and guides us, ev’ry day.
On dark paths of life, He is our Light,
Ne’er deserting us, no matter the plight.

Our Lord Jesus, holds Heav’n’s only key,
Just He can give us, life eternally.
For believers, a mansion awaits,
Reserv’d for us, inside Heav’n’s gates.

Jesus is our Master, and our King,
Let’s to Him daily, our praises sing.
He is our Saviour, He is our Lord,
He should be loved, He should be ador’d.
By: His Servant, Connie Kramer May 24,2005 # 1071

Christ Jesus is our:

Creator: John 1:2-3,10; 1 Cor.8:6; Col.1:16-17; Heb.1:2
Glory: Mat.13:43; Rom.8:17; Phil.3:21; Col.3:4; Ps.73:24
Key to Heaven: John 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 John 5:10-12
King: Rev.19:16
Light: John 8:12; 12:46; Rev.21:23
Master: Mat.28:18-19
Propitiation: Rom.3:25; 1 John 2:2; 4:10
Redemption: Mat.20:28; Mark 10:45; Rom.3:24; Eph.1:7; Heb.9:12; Ps.71:23
Righteousness: Isa.64:6; Rom.5:18,21; 1 Cor.1:30
Sanctification: 1 Cor.1:30; 6:11; 1 Pet.1:2
Shepherd: Ps.23; John 10:1-16; Heb.13:20; 1 Pet.2:25, 5:4
Strength: John 15:1-5; Phil.4:13
Wisdom: Ps.111:10; 119:99; Mat.7:24; Jam.3:17; 1 John 2:20

More Scripture verses: John 1:12-13; 14:2; 1 Pet.1:4; Rev.21-22

Christ Must Be First

In our heart and life, Christ must be first,
Yearning for Him to be near, you must thirst.
Our awesome Lord, must be number One!
Our precious Redeemer, God’s own Son.

Of all others, you must love Him more,
If you e’er have hope of seeing Heav’n’s shore.
More than anyone in your family,
You must always place Him first, willingly.

We must love Him more than silver or gold,
If the gates of Heav’n, we want to behold.
We must love Him more, than fortune or fame,
If we want to carry His Holy Name.

To deny self, is simply a must,
We must ne’er doubt, but Him always trust.
For His amazing grace, we must yearn,
And the things of the world, we must spurn.

Our dear Lord clearly states, “Follow Me,”
He wants our commitment, you and me.
We must love Him, and trust and obey,
We must place Christ first, to see Heav’n someday.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer May 24, 2004 # 1013


On the Solid Rock, only will I build,
Where spiritual treasures can be fill’d.
My precious Saviour and Hiding-place,
You grant to me abundant grace!

On the Solid Rock, I will hold tight,
For only Christ is my Guiding Light.
Troubles seem as an o’erwhelming storm,
Your loving pow’r keeps me from all harm!

On the Solid rock, I’ll truly rest,
Distress or enemies, will not molest.
Within the cleft of the Rock I’ll hide,
You grant a safe shelter, when I abide!

On the Solid Rock, I’ll be content,
For I have peace and joy, not torment.
My sins are gone; Christ did justify,
For His precious Blood, He did apply!

On the Solid Rock, I’ll rest my case,
For then one day, I will see his Face.
The devil’s lies will never hurt me,
For my Advocate gives victory!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.23, 2000 # 621


Christ is the ‘True Vine’ that God does keep,
Remember this, when Satan does creep.
If God kept Jesus, He’ll keep us too,
Abide in Christ, He’ll take care of you!

Christ is the ‘Vine’; we need His support,
Always to Him, we need to resort.
We as branches can’t live without Him,
Life would be unproductive and dim.

Nourishment comes only from the ‘Vine’,
We the branches, must make Jesus shine!
We must abide in Christ, or we’re useless,
Trust and obey, and our sins confess.

We can bear much fruit, if we abide,
Never to leave our dear Saviour’s side.
Love, joy and peace, patience and faith too,
A few of the fruits that can come from you.

We CAN’T produce these fruits, but He will,
When we abide, His Spirit does fill.
We must try to do God’s will always,
Giving Him the glory, all our days.
By: Connie Kramer Apr.26,1996 # 214
(John ch.15)


Christ made the Earth, sky and sea; divided day from night,
He created everything, by the power of His might.
Noah made the ark, put the animals on three floors,
Then when everything was ready, Jesus shut the door.

Nimrod built a tower, that reached far into the sky,
Only on their pow’r and wisdom, did these people rely.
The pride of Babylon, came to an blunt halt one day,
Christ confused languages, and they fled in every way.

The pre-incarnate Christ, to Abraham one day did come,
And Abraham entertained Him, in his humble home.
The Lord told him “Lo, Sarah thy wife shall have a son,”
And everything the Lord promises, shall be done.

Christ destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, with brimstone and fire,
For the lifestyle there had become, an evil, wicked mire.
When she looked back, a pillar of salt, Lot’s wife became,
She disobeyed God, had no one but herself to blame.

Christ was there with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,
When into that horrid, fiery furnace they did go.
They refused to worship that giant statue of gold,
Their faith in God, gave them great courage to be bold.

Christ closed the mouths of the hungry lions in the den,
When Daniel disobeyed the king’s law, way back then.
He still prayed to Almighty God three times a day,
He was saved from sure death, when God he did obey.

Christ is there for us today, as He was for all of these,
When we trust Christ with our all, the devil cannot seize.
Only Jesus can save us from the horrid pits of Hell,
Just He can open Heaven’s gate, where all God’s children shall dwell.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.13, 2002 # 928


Jesus is our Anchor; firm and sure,
Placing trust in Him, makes us secure.
Whatever storms Satan brings our way,
Christ will keep you tethered, night and day!

Our Anchor is Jesus’ righteousness,
Accept Him, sin is gone; God does bless!
Only His righteousness justifies,
In God the Father’s Almighty eyes!

His precious Blood will always avail,
Our stable Anchor that will not fail!
Blood He shed willingly, on that Cross,
Without that Anchor, we’re at loss!

A trustworthy Anchor is His love,
Without a doubt; we’re bless’d from above.
Unmerited love; for you and me,
Our Anchor’s secure, for eternity!

Many fierce storms and raging waves, high,
We need an Anchor; we can’t deny!
Only Christ can be our Anchor sure,
Just He can help you, storms to endure!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 11, 1998 # 474


There is but one “Door” into Heaven,
Christ, God’s Son, whom to us is given.
Without Jesus, you’re God’s enemy,
Acceptance of Him makes you sin free.

God’s children have one qualification,
The Blood of Christ, gives us salvation.
We then have a privilege held in store,
We can enter Heaven, thru’ the “Door”.

Salvation for e’er, and liberty,
No more devil’s prison, we are free.
Access to the Father and His love,
Just thru’ the “Door” that will lead above.

A river of water, clear and pure,
And there’s a tree of life; so grandeur!
Almighty God shall take care of His own,
All who go thru’ the “Door”, when it’s shown!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 27,1997 # 361
(Rev.22:1-2; Jn.10:7; 14:6; Ro.5:2; Ep.2:18;
Heb.9:8; 10:19-20)

Christ’s Coming

The day of Christ’s Coming, will arrive soon,
Will it be night? or morning? or at noon?
Most folk won’t be ready, for that great sight,
The Rapture will be, as a thief in the night.

The Rapture will be, for God’s people alone,
Only for those, His Blood did atone.
Christ Jesus will come, and His Bride He’ll take,
All others that day, Christ will forsake.

Will you at the Rapture, be left behind?
Are you watching for Him? or are you blind?
Do you go along with this evil world’s ways?
Or are you prepared, for this special day?

The Rapture will come, as in Noah’s day,
All will be at ease, going their own way.
We must watch, for we know not when He’ll come,
If we’re not ready, we’ll miss that trip Home.

Two people in one bed, one stays, one will go,
The one left behind, will have much sorrow.
For he the Great Tribulation will enter,
He will have to wait to see Heav’n’s grandeur.

Two together, working out in a field,
But only one to Jesus’ call will yield.
And the other one, will be left behind,
And his fellow worker, he’ll not find.

God’s true children, must do more than believe,
If all God’s blessings, they want to receive.
We must trust, but we also must obey,
If we expect to go, with Christ that day.

At any moment, Christ Jesus could come,
High in the clouds, to take His Bride home.
This should be considered v’ry carefully,
My friend, it might save you much agony.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.6, 2005 # 1056
1 Thes. 4:11-18; 1 Thes.5:2,6,8,23; Mat.24:27,36,39,40-41,44,50; 25:13; Mark 13:32-37; Luke 12:38,40,46; 17:24,34-36; John 14:3; Acts 1:11; Phil. 3:20-21; Col. 3:4; Titus 2:13; 1 Peter 1:7,13; 2 Peter 3:10


So many try to guess, when Christ will come,
To take believers, to their new home.
They’ve never been right, they never will be,
Only God alone knows, when Christ we’ll see!

Jesus will come only at God’s command,
To take believers, to Heav’n’s blissful land!
We must be watching, we must live with care,
We don’t want Christ to catch us, unawares!

We know not when Christ will come; we cannot say,
We know not what God has in store each day!
We must walk by faith, and not by our sight,
Imitate Jesus, let Him guide day and night!

If Christ were to come in the clouds this day,
Would you be glad to see that wondrous display?
Or would you cringe in fear when He look’d at you?
Because you don’t live, as He wants you to?

Will you be asham’d when He comes in the clouds?
Or will you praise Him with that grateful crowd?
Your reaction then, will depend on this day,
We must watch for Christ, and the Lord obey!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.30,2002 # 853

(1 Thes.4:14-18; 1 Cor.15:51-53; Mat. 24:36-44;
Luke 17:26-36; Tit.2:13; 1 John 3:2-3; 2 Thes.2:1, 6-8;
Rev.3:10; 1 Thes.1:10; Phil.3:13-21; John 5:24)


Do you drive the Lord Jesus away?
By things that you do, or words you say?
Do your repeated sins distance you,
From our precious Lord, so just and true?

Fellowship with Christ is a wondrous thing,
It tops the list of many blessings.
But sin, from our Friend, will separate,
Leaving you feeling sad and desolate.

An amazing Friend, who does endure,
One who is loyal, loving and pure.
We must keep our dear Friend e’er so near,
For He warms our heart, and removes fear.

We can dare be ourselves with this Friend,
We can bare our soul, and not pretend.
But we must come in humility,
And we must walk with Him, to be worthy.

When great trouble comes, our soul to try,
Christ is a loving Friend, who stands by.
He will never leave us, or forsake,
Even in the times we make mistakes.

This true Friend, willingly shares our days,
Fellowship should always start with praise.
He understands when we laugh or weep,
So many blessings from Him we reap.

Fellowship with Christ will never harm,
He lovingly alerts us of alarm.
We must walk with Him, and communicate,
And from worldly lusts, we must separate.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Dec.31, 2000 # 766


“Come unto Me” Jesus gently cries,
But most folk today dare to defy.
Our loving Lord wants just the best for you,
Yet those who turn to Him are but a ‘few’.

“Take my yoke” Jesus tenderly states,
Always there to help, He’s compassionate.
His yoke is easy, His burden light,
And He’ll never leave you, day or night.

“Learn of Me” Jesus patiently pleads,
But most turn away; to Him won’t heed.
He is so meek and lowly in heart,
He just wants our love; we should not depart.

“Ye shall find rest for your souls” He says,
This ‘rest’ He can give, all of your days.
His ‘rest’ is certain, and satisfies,
Turn to Him now, don’t reject or deny.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.27,1997 # 401
(Mt.11:28-30; 7:13-14)


Christ can give ‘REST’ from burdens and sin,
Just turn to Him, and relief you’ll win.
Your soul will find such comfort and rest,
For He’s there to help, in ev’ry test.

Christ can give ‘POWER’ for ev’ry day,
That will give us victory, alway.
Power o’er all temptations and sin,
And aid to help us, the lost to win.

‘LIVING WATERS’ can be given by our Lord,
We shall ne’er thirst, as told in His Word.
God’s Holy Spirit, we can receive,
Just believe on Christ, and Him not grieve.

‘LIVING BREAD’ by Christ can be given,
Sent down by God the Father, from Heav’n.
Eat this Bread, and live for ever more,
The only way to see Heaven’s shore.

The ‘PEACE’ Christ gives, is a gift so rare,
Nothing on this Earth can ev’n compare.
Only thru’ Him, can you have this peace,
Nothing in this world, can cause it to cease.

The ‘JOY’ of Christ, can be in your heart,
Such a wondrous gift, that won’t depart.
This joy can be fulfilled in you,
Just accept Him as Saviour, and be true.

‘ETERNAL LIFE’ can by Christ be giv’n,
Eternity, in the bliss of Heav’n.
All these wondrous gifts, Christ can give you,
This He promised, and He’s always true.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug.5,1996 # 243
(Mt.11:28-30; Phil.4:13; Ac.1:8; Lu.10:19-20; Is.12:3; Rev.7:17;
Ro.14:17; Jn.4:14;7:37-39; 6:47,51,54; 14:27; 16:33; 17:13; 5:24)


God loves the world with merciful love,
Full of care and concern from above.
Because God is righteous, holy and just,
To enter Heaven, Christ is a must!

God so loves the world, He sent His Son,
And thru’ Christ, eternal life you’ve won.
He came, our sin debt , in full to pay,
Heav’n can’t be obtained, any oth’r way.

Salvation is a GIFT, freely giv’n,
Only by the grace of God from Heav’n.
We’re saved by our faith, thru’ God’s grace,
Only His WAY, will we e’er see His Face!

We can all have grace, mercy and peace,
Just Christ, judgment of Hell can release.
Accept Jesus, He can save your soul,
And He’ll place your name on Heaven’s roll!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.16,1996 # 110
(Jn.3:15-18,36; 14:6; 16:27; Acts 4:12; Ro.5:8; 8:32; Ep.2:4-5;
1 Jn.3:1,16; 4:9,16)


Has Jesus passed by your way today?
Did you notice? as you went your way?
Or were you too busy? doing your thing?
To take time to see the gift He did bring?

Did Jesus pass by? and you not see?
The wonderful gift, for you, so free.
Were you embarress’d to invite Him in?
Did you fear, your friends would mock and grin?

As you went on your merry old way.
Did you not see Jesus pass by today?
He just wants you to open the door,
He’ll give you the blessings He has in store.

Jesus won’t pass by, ‘less you reject,
His wondrous love, and gift so perfect.
Friend, please open the door of your heart,
He’ll not again pass by, nor depart.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.16,1997 # 309
(Lu.14:18; Ac.15:11; 24:25; 28:27; Heb.2:3; Ep.2:8-9;
Ro.3:23-24; 5:15, 11:6; Tit.2:11; 3:7; 2 Co.9:15;
Jn.3:15-18; 5:24; 8:24; Rev.3:20)


Have you reached out your hand, to Him for aid?
Have you turned to Him, when you were afraid?
Have you, your worries, taken to Him?
Have you trusted Him, in shadows dim?

In your confusion, did you ask Him to guide?
Did you ask that He, your needs provide?
Did you ask that He, your doubts remove?
Did you ask that you live a life, that He approves?

Have you thanked Him, for removing your fear?
Have you thanked Him, for His Presence near?
Have you thanked Him, for His guiding Light?
Have you thanked Him, for making darkness bright?

Have you thanked Him, for taking pain away?
Have you thanked Him, for ev’ry new day?
Have you thanked Him, for your mansion above?
And have you thanked Him, for His awesome love?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.5, 2004 # 990
1 Chron.16:8; Psalm 26:7; 30:12; 50:14; 68 ;19; 79 ;13; 92:1; 100:4;
107:22; 116:12; 118:28; 136:26; Eph.5:20; Phil.4:6;
Col.1:12; 2:7;3:15; 1 Thes.5:18.


When troubles come from all around,
Comfort from my Friend, does abound!
It is no longer a mystery,
For now I know, He cares for me!

Jesus is touched by griefs I bear,
When I tell Him, as I go in prayer.
My grief I don’t have to bear alone,
He cares for me, this He has shown!

When darkness is on the path I take,
When strength is gone, and friends forsake,
When it seems I have just loneliness,
He cares for me, O how He does bless!

When I’m filled with iniquity,
And sin’s shadows hang over me,
I can trust Jesus to forgive,
He cares for me, each day I live!

Jesus love for me, will never die,
And His mercy He won’t deny.
He comforts me both day and night,
He cares for me, no matter my plight.

I’m not alone when I have pain,
For His Presence always remains,
My ev’ry trouble He does share,
For my Saviour, truly does care!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer June 6, 2001 # 785


If you are willing, God can change you,
Into the real you; someone so true.
‘Fore I knew Jesus, life was all sin,
It was always ‘me, me,’ never Him!

I finally did listen to my heart,
That small still voice, that wouldn’t depart.
What a change took place in my lifestyle,
Christ did love me; was there all the while.

I finally did submit to God,
He was patient, as wrong I did trod.
I yielded to Him, and tried to obey,
I’m not perfect, but He is my stay.

To my Lord, my life I did commit,
I trust completely His dear Spirit.
I’m no longer the old sinful me,
For my dear Jesus did set me free.

I trust my Saviour to make me right,
My righteousness is dark as the night.
Thanks be to Jesus, who paid my debt,
Without Him, I’d be in Satan’s net.

Jesus took away sin’s penalty,
And God’s wrath, for all eternity.
How do I thank Him, and praise His Name?
He did change me; took all my shame.

Now that I am in God’s family,
I want to love and obey, closely.
I can ne’er do near enough to repay,
All He has done, the rest of my days.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.13,1996 # 106
(2 Co.5:17; Gal.6:15; Ep.2:15; 4:24; Col.3:10; Tit.3:5; 1 Jn.2:17
Ps.19:7; 51:12-13; Mt.18:3; 7:21-24; 12:50; Ac.3:19; Jn.1:12; 14:23)


I love, because God first loved me,
Because of love, from sin, I must flee.
If we love, we shouldn’t have any fear,
For Christ our Saviour, is always near.

God is love: he that loves, dwells in God,
This love comes freely, no need to prod.
If I dwell in God; God dwells in me,
Christ’s gracious love, gave me victory!

Who e’er shall confess Jesus as ‘LORD’,
Shall be forgiv’n; plain is His Word.
God loved us much, to send His Son,
If we believe, eternal life’s begun!

We too must love, as our God does love,
Patient, forgiving love, as from above.
If we hate our brother, we hate God,
We must love and forgive, as Earth we trod.

Love, full of mercy, compassion and grace,
Is what we should strive for in our race.
Ne’er ending, ne’er changing, love so true,
I fall so short, how about you?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.5,1996 # 157
(1 Jn.4:18-20; 5:12; Ro.10:9, 8:1; 5:1; Mt.22:37-40; Ro.3:23)


A privilege; that I’m in God’s fam’ly,
Tho’ a sinner, God included me!
Thru’ faith, by grace, God saved my soul,
Washed away my sins, and made me whole!

He included me, Him I do praise,
I’ll thank Him to the end of Earth’s days.
I’m unworthy, yet He reached out in love,
That one day I’ll live Heav’n above!

He included me, ‘fore He made the Earth,
Even tho’ I am of little worth.
He knew one day I’d trust and believe,
And His precious Son, I would receive!

Called by the Father; amazingly,
I am His child; He included me!
In the Book of Life, God wrote my name,
Gladly this privilege, I humbly claim!

Yes! He included me; lowly me,
Gave me the Gift; life eternally!
God sent His Son to take my sins away,
Christ died for me on that sad, lonesome day!

He included me; awesome but true,
God can do the very same for you!
A child of God; with Christ joint heir,
Where forever, we’ll God’s glory share!

His including me, gives joy and peace,
Forgiveness of sins, that burden’s ceas’d!
A mansion reserv’d in Heav’n above,
All because of God’s remarkable love!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct.19, 2000 # 745


He’s my Shepherd, I have all I need,
He feeds me, and by still waters leads.
Giving me solace and blessed rest,
And gives me strength, to withstand ev’ry test.

He clearly leads in all the right roads,
Support and protection; He’s bestowed.
His rod and staff, always there to guide,
Giving me comfort, as I abide.

When I walk that dark valley of death,
At the time God gives me my last breath.
I won’t be afraid; I’ll have no fear,
He’ll be there guiding; guarding, so near.

He’s my wondrous Host, for ever more,
Our wonderful God; we must adore.
His goodness and mercy follow me,
And will continue, eternally.

My Shepherd shall lead me, to God’s House,
Because of Him, I’m victorious.
He goeth before all of His sheep,
We follow gladly, for us, He does keep.

If Christ is your Shepherd; He will bless,
Granting rest, strength, guidance and goodness.
Too, He’ll give hope and sufficiency,
Joy, peace, love, and perfect destiny!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.12,1997 # 307
(Ps.23; 48:14; 73:24; Mt.6:31-34; 19:29; Lu.6:38;
2 Co.4:8-9,16; 9:8; Pro.3:6; Is.28:26; 1 P.5:7; 1 Jn.3:1; 4:18;
Jn.3:15-18; 10:3-5,25-27; 14:1-3,6,27; 15:13; Ro.5:8; 8:35-39)


His awesome glory, one day you’ll see,
If you are part of God’s family!
High in the clouds, and with a great shout,
Christ will call God’s children, from round about!

His awesome glory, at the Judgment Seat,
Where you’ll fall in reverence, at His Feet!
Not one secret will you be able to hide,
Into the light, all will be opened wide!

His awesome glory, one day you’ll admit,
If to His loving pow’r you did not submit!
Ev’ry knee shall bow, ev’ry tongue shall confess,
That He is the King of all righteousness!

His awesome glory, at the Great White throne,
Where those who reject Him will weep and moan!
If your name is not in the Book of Life,
Eternity for you will be horrid strife!

His awesome glory, on Heav’n’s blissful shore,
Where wondrous blessings are held in store!
No more death, no crying, no sorrow or pain,
With Christ, for eternity, you’ll remain!

Give Christ Jesus His total due this day,
Believe and accept Him, and Him obey!
Only He can give you life eternally,
For God gave Him pow’r, and awesome glory!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer, Jan.21, 2000 # 615
Mat.16:27; 19:28; 24:30; 25:32; Jn.1:14; 5:22; 17:5, 24; Heb.3:3;
Acts 10:42; Rom.2;16; 14:10-11; 1 Co.4:5; 2 Co.5:10;
Phil.2:10; 1 Thes.4:14-18; 2 Tim. 4:1; 1 P.4:1; Rev. 5:12; 20: 11-15; ch. 21.


His endless love like a river flows,
Such wondrous love, on us He bestows.
Care and concern and compassion too,
Eternal grace flows to me and you!

An e’er lasting fount, His endless love,
Such awesome love comes just from above.
Unto us, His great mercy abounds,
Tremendous love that’s simply profound!

His endless love, as an eternal spring,
Such amazing love to be e’er lasting.
Unto us flows love, faithful and true,
Spectacular love, for me and you.

His endless love, like an ocean deep,
God’s wonderful love, will surely keep.
He longs to grant streams of mercy to you,
All because His endless love is true.

Just how can God’s endless love be won?
Only thru’ Jesus, His only Son!
Turn to Christ Jesus this very day,
And God’s endless love will come your way!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer May 16,1999 #528


Walking in His glorious Light,
I need not worry ‘bout my sight.
I walk by faith, when I walk in Him,
The path ahead is never dim.

His glorious Light is all I need,
When on the precious Vine I feed.
My every need He does supply,
My trusting in Him does qualify.

His glorious Light does abound,
Darkness is gone, from all around.
No matter my plight, His Light does shine,
‘Tis great to know that Jesus is mine.

Ne’er any darkness, e’er at all,
His glorious Light won’t let me fall.
He removed the bonds of my sin,
When I believed, and trusted in Him.

His glorious Light out shines the sun,
Who can compare? nary a one.
Nothing to His Light, can compare,
We must tell others; and His Light share.

I’ll never walk in darkness again,
For my Source of Light will not wane!
I’ll walk by faith, not by my sight,
When I walk in Christ’s glorious Light!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug. 16, 2001 # 800


His Hand I see in things all around,
The beauty of nature is profound.
His wondrous works He did long ago,
His power and might they do show.

In the beauty of rugged mountains high,
Their majestic peaks reach to the sky.
I see in their great beauty, His Hand,
But not only there; in all the land.

The mighty oceans that keep their place,
The stars and planets way out in space.
So many we can’t e’vn estimate,
All were created by His Hand, so great!

The beasts of the field, the woods, the sea,
He made them all; also, you and me.
His Hand made all you see, and much more,
We should stand in awe, of the Creator!

Winter and spring, and summer and fall,
All seasons are at His beck and call.
Devastating storms; or calm and still,
According to the pleasure of His will.

His Hand is there to guide you and me,
Thru’ storms of life, or serenity.
On Him we can completely depend,
If we accept Jesus as our Friend.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.21,1997 #298
(Gen.ch.1; Ex.20:11; Ne.9:6; Job 26:7; Jer.23:23;
Ps.102:25; 104:5; Is.40:28-31; 45:12; 48:13;
Heb.11:3; Ac.4:24; 14:15; Jer.31:35; Ac.17:27;
Ps.16:8; 34:18; 145:18; Ep.1:5; Jn.3:15-18,36; 5:25)


Without my Saviour’s Hand on me,
I could never have life, eternally!
Without Jesus’ Hand, to lead me right,
I’d stumble and grope as in the night.

Without Jesus’ Hand on me, I know,
To that City of Gold, I’d never go!
I would be doom’d to Hell’s agony,
Without my dear Lord’s Hand on me!

Without His Hand on me to rightly teach,
Lost souls around me, I could not reach.
Without Jesus’ Hand, I’d sink and fall,
But He keeps me standing, straight and tall!

How I praise Him, for His awesome Hand,
Leading, guiding, helping me stand.
Dear Lord, keep Your wondrous Hand on me,
For I love Your peace and serenity.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.21, 2000 # 671

His Mirrored Love

In the mirror of His precious love,
Reflects that His care, comes from above.
I cannot look on Him, without tears,
This Amazing One, my voice always hears.

Innocent and pure as a lily fair,
Sacrificed His All; my sins to bear!
With a ‘cat of nine tails,’ they did scourge,
For all my sins, He wanted to purge!

Thorns at His Temples, did gore and gash,
His Back was bloody, from the whip’s lash!
Streams of Blood flow’d, from His ev’ry Part,
But streams of love flow’d, from His tender Heart!

By His many stripes, I have been healed,
And by His awesome Spirit, I am sealed!
His agonizing love, shows so clear,
He loves us deeply; we’ve nought to fear!

O How patient our dear Saviour stands,
Waiting to break sin’s strong, evil bands!
But most insult out Lord’s loving case,
They reject Him; they spit in His Face!

His love is mirrored to one and all,
But by the way He’s treated, I’m appalled!
He didn’t have to die on that tree,
Yet He left Heav’n’s glory, for you and me!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Oct. 6,2001 # 832


His Name is the Name of all Majesty,
Christ Jesus, the King of Eternity.
Yet He humbled Himself, for all the world,
As He hung on the cross, great love unfurl’d.

His Name is well known, in lands far and near,
Even devils know it, trembling in fear.
Yet our gracious Saviour shows how He cares,
He never forsakes, He’s always there.

His Name is on the lips of all His own,
And all who accept Him, His Blood atones.
Yet millions reject Him, and turn away,
He doesn’t come to their mind, any day.

His Name is Great Judge, just and almighty,
From His Presence that day, you cannot flee.
Yet most people stay on that Hell-bound path,
Not thinking that they will face His wrath.

His Name is the Name of all Majesty,
Christ Jesus whom God sent, for you and me.
Yet most won’t believe and trust in this Man,
God the Father’s only salvation Plan.

His Name is the sweetest name, any where,
This humble Jesus, who shows us He cares.
Turn to Him now, and on His Name believe,
And a mansion in Heav’n, you shall receive.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug, 19, 2000 # 726
John 1:12-13; 3:3, 15-18, 36; 14:1-6; 1 John 5:10-12.


In the millions of gods this world has known,
I choose You, Jesus, for my very own.
You’re most holy and absolute purity,
God of all ages, God of eternity.

I choose You Jesus, for my very own,
For Your Spirit abides, and I’m never alone.
You promise to never leave nor forsake,
And of Your grand love, I gladly partake.

Most Holy God, sinless, loving and just,
But my trust and obedience is a must.
I choose You Jesus, for You died for me,
I gladly accept You, for eternity.

As Saviour dear Jesus, You do I choose,
With You by my side, I simply can’t lose.
You’ve gone on ahead, my home to prepare,
Where I will forever, Your glory share.

Lord, I’m thankful that You first chose me,
And have given me life eternal so free.
It’s an awesome privilege, You call me “friend,”
And You’ll safely lead to my journey’s end.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.24, 2000 # 672


I pray dear Jesus, that I could break,
The wall that hate and bigotry make.
Lord, let me as Your disciple be,
Teach me love, forgiveness and mercy.

I love Your dear Words, so wise and sweet,
May I follow the footprints of Your feet.
Lord, help me Your righteous path to trace,
For I long one day to see Your Face.

Dear Lord, I love Your wise guiding light,
For darkness flees, making my path bright.
Dear Lord, help me guide lost souls Your way,
As I try to imitate You this day.

I pray dear Jesus, That I could be,
Wise, loving and merciful, like Thee.
Lord, Help me reach lost souls around,
Let Your awesome love thru’ me abound.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug. 19, 2001 # 803


Without Christ, I have no pow’r at all,
In ev’ry hour, on Him I must call.
O’ how I need, His strength ev’ry day,
And His guidance, to show me the way!

I need Him, when temptation sets in,
His pow’r alone, can keep me from sin.
Satan comes at me, from ev’ry angle,
Christ makes me strong, when with him I tangle!

I need Christ Jesus, when pain appears,
Comfort is there, when His Presence is near.
The pain lessens, considerably,
When I feel His Presence, close to me!

Without Christ, the wrong roads, oft’ I take,
I need His help, right choices to make.
Always on paths of light, me, He leads,
I must love and honor Him, and pay heed!

Without Christ, ‘twould be the Lake of Fire,
WITH Christ, ‘tis Heav’n, which is my desire,
His Promise, a mansion that awaits,
And a glorious entrance, at Hean’n’s gate!

WITH Christ, we will spend eternity,
Taking in all, Heav’n’s glorious beauty,
A grand Saviour and Lord, we have indeed,
Heav’n is ours, if we trust Him and pay heed!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Oct.1, 2014 #1358
God’s Providence, access to: (Mat.6:6; Jn.10:7,9; 14:6; Acts 14:27; Rom.5:1-2; Eph.2:13,18; 3:12; Col.1:21-22; Heb.4:16; 7:19,25; 10;19,22;11:6; Jam.4:8; 1 Pet.1;17; 3:18; 1 Jn.4:16)
Heavenly citizenship: Mat.6:1,20; Lk.10:20; 22:30; Jn.14:2; Phil.3:20; 1 Pet.1:3-4; Rev.21:27.
Hell: (Isa.5:14; 14:9; 30:33; Ps.49:14; Pro.27:20; Eze.32:18-30; Hab.2:5; Mat.7:13; Rev.20 13-15). 

I Thank You, LORD    

I thank You LORD Jesus, for What You are,
Our redeeming Saviour, from Heav’n afar.
You came e’vn though You knew, what You must do,
I cannot comprehend, such love so true!

For Who You are LORD Jesus, I thank You,
One with the Father, Almighty God so true.
You are the only Way, to Heav’s above,
I thank You and Your Father, for Your love!

I thank You LORD, for what you gave so free,
Your very own life, for the likes of me.
Life eternal, is what to me You give,
That with You in Heav’n, someday I will live!

I thank You LORD, for what You did not do,
You did not call angels, to rescue You.
Scriptures must be fulfilled, thus it must be,
And LORD, You fulfilled it, so perfectly!

I thank You Jesus, for what You did do,
Knowing full well, what was expected of You.
You knew You’d suffer, before, and at the cross,
Yet You came for me, ne’er thinking it loss.

I thank You Saviour, for redeeming me,
And giving me a home, in eternity.
A home reserved, that will not fade away,
And will be there, when I get there one day!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Mar.11, 2017 #1395
John 10:30  I and my Father are one. (KJV)
John 14:2-3 In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. 3  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. (KJV)
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (KJV)  
Matthew 26:53-54 Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels? 54  But how then shall the scriptures be fulfilled, that thus it must be? (KJV)
1 Peter 1:4 To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, (KJV)  Also see: Jn.3:15-18, 36; Acts 4:12; 1 Jn.5:10-13; Rev.20:15.


Think ‘bout your worst pain and agony,
‘Bout your deepest sorrow and misery;
‘Bout the greatest suffering you’ve been thru’,
The depths of Hell will be much worse for you!

Think about awful unhappiness,
And ‘bout all the times you were friendless.
‘Bout the times you were lonely and blue,
Eternal Hell will be much worse for you!

Just think ‘bout the sun’s sweltering heat,
And so dark you can’t see your hands or feet.
Think ‘bout a dungeon with NO exit door,
Eternal death is this, and much more!

Think about no light ever again,
No water to ever ease thirst’s pain.
You can avoid all these awful things,
For Christ can all the opposite bring!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer July 14,1997 # 371
(Lu.16:22-26; Mk.3:29; 9:43-48; Rev.14:10,11; 19:20; 20:10;
Mt.3:12; 5:22; 7:13; 8:12; 13:42,50; 22:13; 24:51; 25:41,46)


Revelation 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.  (KJV)
Your heart’s door has only one doorknob and it is on the inside! YOU must open your heart’s door or you leave Him out in the cold! He will NOT force Himself on you! OPEN the door my friend! Great and wonderful things will take place in your life.

When the goodness of Jesus, comes into your heart,
The bad and evil things, quickly start to depart!
Christ Jesus came in, when I opened my heart’s door,
He releases grand blessings, that He holds in store!

Awesome blessings come your way, when He resides,
Great Godly gifts are yours, when Jesus presides.
He will help you cast out, all immoral things,
For He gives vic’try, o’er all that Satan brings.

When you allow Christ Jesus, into your heart,
Backbiting, blasphemy, cursing, will depart!
Just kind, loving and tender words, you will speak,
And your attitude, will be humble and meek!

When Jesus comes into your heart, bad things flee,
Envy, greed, hatred, strife, will be far from thee!
Love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, will take place,
For the Spirit of Christ, helps us run our race!

When the goodness of Jesus, comes into your heart,
He gives the newly made you, a brand new start!
The amazing peace and comfort, He gives you,
With each new wonderful day, will continue!

Christ Jesus cannot come, into your life and heart,
Open your heart’s door, that His blessings may start.
Exceptional good things, He brings continually,
And when we depart this Earth, life eternally!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Dec.5, 2013 #1341
Rev.3:20; Rom.2:8-9; 7:5,18,25; 8:; 1 Cor.3:2; 6:9-10; 1:50; Gal.5:17-23; 6:8; Eph.5:5-6; Col.3:5-9; 1 Pet.4:1-2; Jam.3:14-18; Rev.21:8,27; 22:15; Bodies, new: (Ps.17:15; 1 Cor.2:9; 15:49,53-54; Rom.8:18,29; 13:12-14; 2 Cor.5:2-4; 2 Cor.4:17; Gal.3:27; Eph.4:24; Phil.3:21; 2 Pet.1:4; 1Jn.3:2) Lay aside: (Isa.2:20; 30:22; Eze.18:31;32; Heb.12:1; Mat.10:37-38; Lk.8:14; 9:59-62; 12:15; 14:26-33; 18:22-25; 21:34; Rom.13:11-14; 2 Cor.7:1; Eph.4:22-25; Col.3:5-8; 1 Tim.6:9-10; 2 Tim.2:4; Jam.1:21; 4:8; 1 Pet.2:1; 4:2; 1 Jn.2:15-16). Abiding in Christ: (Jn. 8:31; 15:4-5,7;10; 1 Jn.2:6,10,28; 3:6; 5:20; 2 Jn.1:9)Indwelling of Christ: (Isa.57:15; Jn.6:56; 14:20,23; 17:23,26; Rom.8:10; 2 Cor.2:20; 4:19; Eph.3:17-19; Phil.1:20; Col.1:27; 3:11; 2 Thes.1:12; 1 Pet.3:15; 1 Jn.2:5; 3:24; 4:4,16; Rev.3:20).
Hath eternal life: (Jn.3:16,18,36; 5:24; 6:40,47; 8:51; 11:26; 12:44; 20:31; Mk.16:16; Rom.10:11-13; 1 Pet.1:21; 1 Jn.5:1,10-13). Heaven, My home in: (Jn.14:1-6; 1 Pet.1:3-5; Rev.21) Heavenly citizenship: Mat.6:1,20; Lk.10:20; 22:30; Jn.14:2; Phil.3:20; Tit.1:2; 1 Pet.1:3-4; Rev.21:27.


The Bible of Christ Jesus, clearly tells,
Of Whom He really is, and where He dwells.
God’s most Holy Word, so plainly does state,
Of what will surely be, our eternal fate.

To access Heav’n’s glory, one special day,
Jesus is the Truth, the Life and only Way.
Only Christ Jesus, our soul can redeem,
If security in Heav’n, is our dream.

Christ’s righteousness, to us must be applied,
Or we are not by the Father, justified.
Jesus is the only Door, to go thru’,
 Or the wonders of Heav’n, you will not view.

Jesus is the Shephard, that guides our path,
Following Him, will keep us from God’s wrath.
You do not want to be, condemn’d to Hell,
Only the devil’s children, there shall dwell.

We must build on Jesus, the Cornerstone,
Or we are not, one of God’s very own.
We want all our works to stand, not to burn,
To obey Christ Jesus, this we must learn.

Most people today, Christ Jesus reject,
None of these souls, will God the Father protect.
All who deny God’s Son, in Heav’n will NOT dwell,
But instead the Lake of Fire, horrid Hell.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Nov.21, 2015 #1385
The Righteous One (Isa.53:11; Jer.23:5; Acts 3:14; 7:52; 22:14) Saviour (Luke 2:11; John 4:42; Acts 5:31; 13:23; Eph. 5:23; Phil. 3:20; 2 Tim.1:10; Titus 1:4; 2:13; 3:6; 2 Pet.1:1, 11; 2:20; 3:2, 18; 1 John 4:14; Jude 25) Redeemer (Rom 3:24-26; 1Cor. 1:30; Gal 1:4; 4:5; Eph 1:7; Col 1:14, 20-22; Tit 2:14; Heb, 9:12, 15) The Word (John 1:1, 14; 1 John 1:1; Rev.19:13) Creator (John 1:3; Col.1:16; Heb.1:2) The light (Mat.4:16; Lk.2:32; John 1:9; 8:12; Eph.5:8-14; Col.1:12-13) Lamb of God (Isa.53:7; John 1:29, 36; Acts 8:32; 1 Pet.1:19; Rev.5:6; 6:16; 7:14; 12:11; 13:8; 14:1; 15:3; 17:14; 19:7; 21:9; 22:1, 3) The Alpha and the Omega (Rev.1:8, 11; 17; 21:6; 22:13)  Our Advocate, our Mediator (1 John 2:1; 1 Tim.2:5; Heb.8:6; 9:15; 12:24) The image of God (Col.1:15; Heb.1:3) The chief cornerstone (Ps.118:22; Isa.28:16; Mat.21:42; 1 Cor.3:11-15; Eph.2:20; 1 Pet.2:6-7, 16) Priesthood of Christ (Heb.2:7; 3:1; 9:11, 24) Messiah, Christ (Dan.9:25-26; John 1:41; 4:25, 29; 7:26-27, 31, 41-42; 10:24; Acts 3:20; 9:22; 18:28; Rom. 9:5) King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev.17:14; 19:16;) Shepherd (Ps.23:1-6; 80:1; Isa.40:11; Zec,13:7; John 10:1-18; 21:15-17; Heb.13:20; 1 Pet.2:25; 5:4) The bread of life (John 6:35, 48) The water of life (John 4:14; 7:37-39; Rev 21:6; 22:17) The door (John 10:9) Ihe life (John 1:4; 11:25-26; 14:6; 1 John 1:1-2; Col.3:4)  The way (John 14:6; Acts 4:12; Heb.10:19-20)  Lord of all(Acts 10:36) Judge (Mat.16::27; 25:31-46; John 5>22, 27; Acts 10:42; 17:31; 2 Cor. 5:10; 2 Tim. 4:1, 8; Rev.19:11-21; 20:11-15)
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:
no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Jesus Is Able

Jesus is able, to love you more,
And on you, He’ll abundantly pour!
His merciful love, is always there,
He’ll never leave you, for He does care!

Jesus is able, to give you aid,
When you are troubled, or are afraid!
When you are tempted, day after day,
The Spirit of Christ, will help you pray.

Jesus is able, to justify,
All those who do not, His Name deny!
Justified by faith, you will have peace,
And hope of eternal life, will increase!

Jesus is able, to make grace abound,
Nothing better on Earth, can be found!
You’ll have sufficiency, in all things,
In every good work, His grace will bring!

Jesus is able, temptation to bear,
If you will just go, to Him in prayer!
A way of escape, will come into view,
An exit He will make, just for you!

Jesus is able, to do all things,
Eternal life in Heav’n, He can bring!
He gives His Spirit, within to dwell,
And fear of death and Hell, He does quell!

Jesus is able, to safely keep,
And the riches of Heav’n, you shall reap!
You are an heir, to a mansion above,
Because of the Father’s gracious love!

Jesus is able, great hope to provide,
A home in Heav’n, where we shall reside!
Reserved for us, that won’t fade away,
We can trust Him, each and ev’ry day!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Feb.11, 2015 #1366
Jesus is well able: (2 Chron.25:9; Dan.3:17; 6:20; Mat.3:9; 9:28; Lk.3:8; Acts 20:32; Rom.4:21; 11:23; 14:4; 1 Cor.10:13; 2 Cor.9:8; Eph.3:20; Phil.3:21; 2 Tim.1:12; Heb.2:18; 7:25; Jude 1:24) Spiritual: Heirs of God: (Rom.5:1; 8:16-17,26-27; Gal.3:26-29; 4:7; Eph.2:8-9; 3:6; Heb.1:14; 6:17; 11:7,9; 12:2;  Tit.3:7; Jam.2:5;
1 Pet.1:4-5; 3:7; Rev.21:7) 


Jesus waits, why don’t you open your heart’s door?    Rev.3:20; Song 5:2-4; Lk.12:36
For you, He holds, so many blessings in store.             Mat.20:28; 2 Cor.5:21; Eph.1:7; 1 Pet.2:24-25
He waits for you, ever so patiently,                     1 Tim.1:16; 1 Pet.2:21-23
He wants to give you, life eternally!                     Jn.3:15-16; 5:24; 6:47

Jesus waits for you, with His Arms open’d wide,         Isa.40:11; 59:16
He wants with you, to forever abide.                           1 Sam.1:22; Mat.28:20; Jn.14:16; 2 Jn.1:2
He waits for you, wanting to share His love;                 Rom.8:35,38-39; Eph.3:19; 5:2; Rev.1:5
Wanting to give you, a mansion above!                         Jn.14:1-3; 1 Pet.1:3-5

Jesus waits for you, your sins to forsake;                      Eph.4:22; Col.3:8-9; Jam.1:21; 1 Pet.2:1
He waits for you, His grand grace to partake.               Jn.3:16; Rom.3:24-25; 5:6-10. Eph.2:4-9
His mercy o’er flows, He wants you to know,               Ps.86:5,15; Eph.1:7; 1 Pet.1:3
Tis His desire, that to Heaven you’ll go.                       Mat.25:46; Jn:3:16-18,36; 5:24

Jesus waits for you, He can be your best Friend,         Mat. 11:19; Jn.14:21; 15:14-15; Jam.2:23
All thru’ this life, and to its very end.                            Mat.28:20
He will never forsake you, never leave,                        Heb.13:5; Ps.37:28; Isa.41:10,17
Always there if you’re happy, or if you grieve.             1 Thes.5:24; 2 Thes.3:3; Rev.1:5; 19:11

Jesus waits for you, ever so patiently,                           1 Tim.1:16; 1 Pet.2:21-23
He wants to shed his love, abundantly.                Rom.8:35,38-39; Eph.3:19; 5:2; Rev.1:5
No man can have, greater love than He,               Jn.10:11,15; 15:13; Rom.5:6; Eph.2:4  
And it’s available, to you and me!                       Lk.12:8; Jn.3:15-16; Rom.10:13

Jesus waits for you, to call Him in prayer,           Eph.6:18; Phil.4:6; Col.4:2; 1 Thes.5:17
Tis a blessing to know, He’s always there!         Heb.13:5; Ps.37:28; Isa.41:10,17
Twenty-four, seven, be it night or day,               Acts 8:22; Rom.12:12; Heb.4:16
Christ Jesus is just, a prayer away!                     Ps.16:11; 91:15; Heb.13:15; 1 Jn.4:15

Jesus shall be waiting, when it’s time to go,         Ecc.1:4; 12:7; Isa.38:12; Mat.25:13
And of our time, not one of us do know.             Mat.24:42; 25:13; Mk.13;33-35
The Lord Jesus will, His angels dispense,            Lk.16:22; Ecc.12:7; Ps.146:4; Dan.12:2
To carry us into, the Lord’s Presence!                2 Cor.5:8; Mat.13:40; 25:33,41;46
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Feb.1,2014  #1350


Christ Jesus, is the world’s Greatest Blessing,
We need to place Him, above everything!
Above and beyond all, Jesus must be,
If you want to be handed, Heav’n’s key!

Christ is the One, we should look to for aid,
With His Promise, we need not be afraid!
I will never leave you, never forsake,
Our truthful Jesus, this Promise does make!

My grace is sufficient, a Promise too,
Claim this Promise and see, it will work for you!
No matter your problem, trouble of pain,
His grace is sufficient, and always gain!

Forgiveness of sin, we really desire,
Just Jesus can pull us, from that muck and mire!
He’ll cast sin, to the bottom of the sea,
Where they will remain, for eternity!

If you obey Him, Christ Jesus is near,
His Presence will chase away, all your fear!
Christ Jesus is your Friend, if you obey,
He’s ever so close, be it night or day!

The Gift of Christ’s Spirit, the Lord does give,
To help us each day, as this life we live!
The fruits of the Spirit, help us always,
For His Spirit is with us, all our days!

Jesus, my Greatest Blessing, forever,
No one from me, His grand love can sever!
Face to face, one day my Lord I will see,
And with my Lord, I will spend eternity!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Nov.29, 2015 #1386

Mat.10:31-40; Jn.3:15-18,36; Heb.13:5; 2 Cor.12:9; Ps.65:3; 103;3.12; Col.1:14; Heb.8:12; Mic.7:18-19;
Jn.14:15-17, 21, 23; 15:14, 16, 26; 16:13; 1 Jn.2:27; 4:6; Rom.8:8-11; 8:38-39

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:
no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


Will I know Him, when He comes in the clouds?
Will I know His Voice, booming clear and loud?
I’ll know Him! for His Spirit shall reveal,
My awesome Saviour, who is so real!

Will I know Christ at the Judgment Seat?
In this approaching time, when Him I meet?
I’ll know Him! and know His judgment is right,
And Jesus shall grant me a garment of white!

Will I know Christ as He sits on that Throne?
Will I lose crowns, that could have been my own?
I’ll know Him! and know there’s no mistake,
For I’ll live for e’er, with judgments He makes.

Will I know Christ in that City of Gold?
Will I have regrets, as His Face I behold?
I’ll know Him! I’ll know that precious Face,
And I’ll know I’m there, just by His grace!

I will know my Saviour, instantly!
And I’ll praise and thank Him eternally!
I’ll fall to the ground, and kiss His Feet,
When my awesome Lord, I finally meet!

Yes, yes, yes! I’ll know Him!

By: His servant, Connie Kramer Apr.10, 2000 # 681


I’m not sorry Jesus calls me ‘friend’,
He’s always there, my needs to attend.
Always there, stormy weather or fair,
Blessing me with His love and care.

I’m not sorry I’m one of His fold,
He’s my Shepherd, and He will uphold.
He gives me living water and bread,
I’ll not go to Hell, but Heav’n instead!

I’m not sorry I opened the door,
To my dear Saviour, whom I adore.
Outside my heart, so patient to wait,
I finally saw His love and grace.

I’m not sorry some persecute me,
For loving and serving Him happily.
So very little, I do each day,
For all He’s done, I’ll never repay.

I’m not sorry I must bear my cross,
For without Him, I’d be a total loss.
The things I must give up are so few,
To have salvation, and love so true!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Mar.21,1997 # 313
(Jn.14:18; 15:15; 3:15-18,36; 5:24; 8:24; Heb.13:5;
Phil.4:13,19, Lu.12:32; Mt.5:10-12; Rev.3:20)


Jesus was God, as He walked this Earth as Man,
Jesus embodied, God’s eternal Plan!
Jesus came to save this wicked world,
Only thru’ Jesus, is God’s Plan unfurl’d!

Jesus was God, so He knew all of man’s thoughts.
Jesus constantly, the old devil fought!
Jesus paved the way, for all to go to Heav’n,
whosoever believes, salvation is giv’n.

Jesus was God, so He knew what would be,
Jesus knew just a
few would see Heav’n’s beauty!
Jesus knew ‘most’ would follow the broad path,
Leading to destruction, and God’s holy wrath.

Jesus was truly God, all those many years ago,
Jesus brings salvation, God wants you to know!
Blissful life in Heav’n, for all eternity,
Achieved just thru’ Jesus; for you and me!

Jesus said, in life there are just two roads,
And just the narrow one, leads to Heav’n’s abode.
Only a
few will ever make it in,
Because to God, unbelief is a great sin!

Jesus is still God, in this world today,
Jesus is still to Heav’n, the only way!
Will you be one of the fortunate
That receive eternal life, in Heav’n anew?
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Nov.13, 1999 # 579


Flee the darkness, that’s surrounding you,
There IS a Way, let me give you a clue.
Jesus brings light to a sinful world,
To free you from evils, Satan’s unfurl’d!

Let the “Light” in, and darkness will flee,
Jesus is the “Light” for you and me!
Please admit Him, open your heart’s door,
Love and joy and peace, are what’s in store!

Satan is strong and tries to suppress,
We must have the “Light” to flee darkness!
The enticement of sin will truly wane,
The pow’r of the “Light” is such great gain!

The darkness is where Satan does lure,
From sin and evil there’s but one cure!
Accept the “Light” and He will abide,
And He’ll forever, be by your side!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Jan.5,1999 # 509
Is.9:2; 42:6; Mt.4:16; Lu.1:79; Jn.1:4, 9; 12:35, 46; 2 Cor.4:6;
Ep.5:14; 1 Jn.1:8; Rev.21:23.

I could not ask more, of the God I love,  . . . Jn.14:14,21,23; 1 Cor.16:22; 2 Cor.5:6,8
As He sits at the Father’s right Hand, above.  . . . Rom.8:34; Heb.10:12; 12:2; 1 Pet.3:22
Such great love He has shown, to sinners on Earth,  . . . Jn.10:11; 15:13; Rom.35-38; Eph.3:19
Love so incredible, and of great worth! . . . Job 42:3; Acts 26:8; Eph.5:2;

He left Heav’n’s safety, to suffer and die,  . . . 2 Cor.5:19-21; Eph.2:13-17; Col.1:20-22
That sinners like me, He might justify.  . . . Rom.3:20,24,28; Rom.5:1,9,18
He redeemed me, from death’s eternal grave, . . . Isa.33:14; Mat.25:41; Rom.5:21; 6:23;
Released me from being, the devil’s slave. . . . Rom.6:20; Gal.5:1; 2 Tim.2:26; 2 Pet.2:19

Christ went to the cross, to pay sin’s penalty, . . .        Eph.5:6; 2 Thes.1:8-9; Tit.1:16; 3:3
A price, far too steep, for the likes of me. . . .      1 Cor.1:30; 6:20; 7:23; Gal.3:13; 4:15
Redemption is ours, thru’ His awesome grace, . . .  Eph.1:7; Tit.2:14; 1 Pet.1:18-19
And all our horrid sins, He does erase! . . .          Ps.103:12; Isa.43:25; Mic.7:19; Heb.8:12; 10:17

What an awesome God, we have on our side, . . .         Ps.38:21; 91:15; 94:14; 121:8; Heb.13:5
He gives us His Spirit, for e’er, to abide. . . .                 Jn.14:16-18; 2 Jn.1:2
His Promise, our every need to supply, . . .                   Ps.23; Ps.84:11; Rom.9:23; Phil.4:19
All of God’s TRUE children, do qualify. . . .       Jn.1:12-13; 3:3-8; 1 Jn.3:9; 4:7; 5:1,4,18

God blesses His children, day after day, . . .                  Mat.6:33-34; Lk.18:30
Providing great rest for our soul, always. . . .      Mat.11:28-30; Isa.55:1-3; Jn.6:37; 7:37The joy that we have, can come just from Him, . . .    Jn.15:11; 16:24,33; Rom.15:13
What the world has to offer, is so dim.  . . .                   Mk.4:19; 8:36; Rom.12:2; 1 Jn.2:15-16; 5:5,19

What my God can offer, the world has failed, . . .         Phil.4:9; 1 Thes.5:23; 2 Thes.3:16; Tit.1:4
The love and peace of God, has always prevailed. . Rom.1:7; 14:17; 15:13,33; 16:20
The only true comfort, we will receive, . . .                    Mat.5:4; Jn.14:1; Rom.8:28; 2 Thes.2:16
Is from an awesome God, who will not deceive. . . .Deut.32:4;  Ps.31:5; 92:15; Isa.25:1 

My awesome God, is faithful to the end,  . . .       Heb.2:17; 10:23; Rev.1:5; 3:14; 19:11
No one in the world, is a better Friend.  . . .                  n.10:11,15; 15:13; Rom.5:6-8; Eph.5:2
His tremendous love, brings life, eternally,  . . .   Jn.3:16,36; 4:14; 5:24; 6:27,40,47; 12:50 
Jesus, to Heaven, has the only key. . . .      Jn.10:9; 14:6; Acts 4:12; Rom.5:2; 1 Jn.5:10-3
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   June 3, 2014  #1354
Privileges of God’s children: Forgiveness (Col.1:12-14); Rest for your soul (Mat.11:28-30); Spiritual knowledge (Pro.1:7; 9:10); Eternal life (Jn.6:51; 10:9); Holy Spirit (Jn.14:16-17; 1 Cor.3:16; 12:13; Rom.8:9); Fellowship (Rev.3:20; Jn.17:3); Peace (Phil.4:7; Col.3:15); Needs supplied (Phil.4:19); Power (Col.1:11-12); Love (Eph.3:19; 1 Thes.3:12); Joy (Ps.16:11; Jn.15:11); Contentment (1 Tim.6:6,8; Heb.13:5);  Comfort (Mat.5:4; Jn.14:1; Rom.8:28; 1 Thes.4:13; 2 Thes.2:16); Patience, gentleness, goodness, faith (Gal.5:22); Meekness, self-control (Gal.2:23). This is just the tip of the iceberg! God has many blessings for His children.


My Greatest Blessing is Christ Jesus, God’s Son,
And I thank Him daily, for all He has done.
He helps me this day, and will for eternity,
And He’s ne-er too busy, to hear my ev’ry plea!

My Greatest Blessing, comfort He brings my way,
An everlasting consolation, I feel each day.
My heart has hope thru’ His grace, each single hour,
For one day He’ll resurrect me, with His power!
My Greatest Blessing, is my Greatest Treasure,
My heart feels it shall burst, with awesome pleasure.
He has gone on ahead, my home to prepare,
Where I will forever, His grand love to share.

Most people want no part, of Jesus the Lord,
And they want no part, of God’s Holy Word.
But that is the ONLY place, to find the Truth,
Be you elderly, middle age, or in your youth.

People keep on in sin, ne-er thinking they shall pay,
They do not think, of what shall be, on Judgment day.
You don’t want to stand, before the Great White Throne,
For agony awaits you, and you all alone!

 May I suggest, accept the Blessing so great,
Jesus can keep you, from Hell’s tormenting fate.
Only Jesus, has the key to Heav’n above,
Acceptance of Him, shall flood your soul with love!

The Greatest Blessing e’er, you too can proclaim,
If you trust and believe, in Jesus’ Holy Name.
You can escape, the horrid torments of Hell,
Jesus can reserve in Heav’n, a place for you to dwell.

Gratitude for Christ Jesus, is what I feel,
For I know in my heart, my soul He has sealed.
Jesus can be a Blessed Treasure, for you,
 If only you believe, God’s Holy Word so true!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   July 16, 2015 #1374
Col.1:22-23; Heb.3:6,14; 6:11-12;  Mat.6:19-21; Lk.12:34; Jn.14:1-3; 2 Cor.5:1; Tit.1:2; Heb.11:16; Rev.21:2; 1 Pet.1:3-9; 2 Cor.1”3-4; 2 Thes.2:16-17; Lk.6:24; Ps.49:15; 71:20; Dan.12:2; 1 Cor.6:14; 15:22,42,52-54; No escape from Judgment: Ex.20:7; 34:7; Isa.2:10, 12-19,22; Eze.14:13-14; Amos 5:16-20; 9:1-4; Mat.23:33; Luke 16:19-31; Heb. 2:1-3; 10:28-29; 12:25; Rev.6:15-17.

My Greatest Treasure

My Greatest Treasure, blesses me each day.
Ne’er does He depart, as I walk my way.
He tells me, He will ne’er leave nor forsake,
Tis true, for of His Spirit I partake.

Jesus, is the Greatest Treasure to me,
His righteousness, set my sin-sick soul free.
He justified me, making me God’s friend,
Gives to me, life in Heav’n, with no end.

Jesus is worth more to me, than silver or gold,
And more precious stones, than a truck could hold.
Alongside Christ, worldly riches mean nothing,
Just knowing He’s near, is a great blessing.

My Greatest Treasure, leads, guides and directs,
And He’s always close by, me to protect.
His awesome pow’r comes thru’, when I am weak,
He’s with me always, so I need not seek.

My Greatest Treasure, floods my soul with love,
Which I need, in this world of push and shove.
His abundant love, is shed upon me,
As I walk with Him, to eternity.

My Greatest Treasure, is so merciful.
His compassion to me, is wonderful.
When Judgment Day comes, I will have no fear,
For the Judge, my Greatest Treasure, is near.

God’s Word states, that Jesus is many things,
Redeemer, Saviour, Prophet, Priest and King.
But He is the Greatest Treasure, to me,
Freely gifting me, with life eternally.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Nov.13, 2015 #1384
Rom.8:9; Heb.3:5; 1 Cor.1:39; 5:1-10; Mat.6:20; 1 Tim.6:10; Eph.1:7; Tit.2:13-14; 1 Tim.1:10;
 Deut.18:15; Acts 3:22-23; Heb.9:11; 1 Tim.2:5; 1 Jn.2:1; Mat.2:2; 21:9; 27:11
Eternal Life in Heaven is the GIFT of God: (Mat.7:11; John 3:16; 4:10; 6:32; Acts 15:11;
Rom.5:15, 18; 6:23; 8:32; 2 Cor.9:15; Eph.2:8-9; 1 John 4:9; 5:11)
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:
no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


Lord, if You would set this servant free,
I’d rush back to You on bended knee!
My desire is to be near You, always,
I want to serve You, all my days.

Your bond servant I will always be,
Here on Earth, and thru’ eternity!
I praise You, dear Master and Lord,
In my heart and life, You are ador’d!

The Gospel of Christ I must beautify,
And His precious Name I will glorify.
I’ll serve You with love and gratitude,
None of Your lost ones will I exclude.

I commit to You with all willingness,
I pray You will continue to bless.
With my life I’ll strive to honor You,
Let me do right and always be true.

I was bought with a price, O so high!
Master, I’m Yours, and I won’t deny!
I ask that Your Word cleanse me each day,
A vessel fit for Your use, alway.

Dear Master, I am completely Thine,
In my works, let Thy glory shine.
In quiet contentment, let me abide,
And imitate Jesus with ev’ry stride!

Lord, let me boast of You in all I do,
Keep my thoughts and words always true.
Give me wisdom and words Lord, equip me,
Master as I serve, give me victory!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer May 8, 2001 # 784

1 Cor. 6:20; 7:23; Deut. 10:12; Phil. 2:3-8; Psalm 119:49; Isaiah 56:6; Rom. 1:1


Is your soul deep in the pit of Hell?
Like the woman, Christ met at the well?
Do you live in immorality?
Do you live only, for me, me, me?

Do you lust after fortune and fame?
Do you blaspheme Christ Jesus’ Name?
Are you speeding down that big, broad road?
As Satan leads you, to his abode?

You must repent, go the other way,
God will turn your darkness, to bright day.
All your sins and wickedness, must die,
Turn to Jesus, and on Him rely.

When you mourn and repent for your sin,
Gone will be all guilt and shame within.
The chains of Satan, that held you tight,
Will break and fall off, in Jesus’ Light.

God’s vast grace heals us, and makes us strong,
He justifies us, frees us from all wrong.
Change your destination, from Hell to Heav’n,
Accept Christ, the precious Gift, God has giv’n.

You can be one of His chosen few,
You can change your path, start life anew.
Christ holds in His Hand, the only key,
That opens Heav’n’s gate for eternity.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Sept.24, 2002 # 905


Only Jesus, can make you God’s friend,
His precious Blood cleanses, and makes amends.
Only Jesus’ Blood can justify,
And your friendship with God, verify!

Only thru’ Christ, can you have forgiveness,
Only thru’ the Saviour will God bless.
God will wipe out your sin, completely,
And from Satan’s chains, you will be free!

Only thru’ Jesus can you have peace,
Stress and worry, the Lord will release.
Great peace you can have down in your heart,
Things will change, for you have a new start.

Only thru’ Jesus, can you have joy,
A feeling within, that no one can destroy.
Ev’n in sorrow, your joy will remain,
The Presence of Jesus, give great gain!

Only Jesus, can give eternal life,
Where we’ll never have suff’ring nor strife.
We’ll live in a
mansion on Heav’n’s shore,
Where we’ll praise Jesus for ever more!
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Feb.22, 2000 # 648


This lowly Shepherd purchased His flock,
With His own Blood, He paid for the stock.
He guides the flock gently ev’ry day,
Keeping their worst enemy away.

He feeds His flock in pastures so green,
And leads them beside a peaceful stream.
His rod and staff are a comfort sure,
With Him always near, the flock endures.

The wondrous Shepherd defends His sheep,
There with pow’r when the devil does creep.
He knows each one of us by our name,
He knows all about our puny frame.

With Him, in Heav’n, some day we’ll dwell,
Not even Satan my hopes can quell.
My wondrous Shepherd, and Saviour too,
My loving Friend, and my God, so true.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer Aug.26,1997 # 390
(Ps.23; 79:13; Is.40:11; Jn.10:1-16; Heb.13:20;
1 P.2:25; 5:4; Mt.18:12-13)


Our Saviour’s love is such, that no one can explain,
Loyalty, faithfulness, sacrifice, and pain!
This unselfish love will always endless be,
In days of toil and sorrow, thru’ eternity!

He gave of self, to benefit the sinner,
Without a doubt, He’s our victorious winner.
This enduring love that will last forever,
There’s nothing on Earth, from us can sever.

Nothing can destroy it, or take it away,
It will be there always, come what may.
Our Saviour’s love is patient, forgiving, kind,
Love beyond description, and baffles the mind.

It will not falter, condemn, stumble, or fall,
Our Saviour’s wondrous love is there for us all.
I thank and praise Him for this priceless treasure,
I’m grateful and indebted, far beyond measure.
By: His servant, Connie Kramer August ?, 1995 # 1
(Jn.13:1; 15:9;,12,13; Rom.8:38-39; Gal.1:4; 2:20; Ep.5:2;
1 Jn.3:16;Tit.2:14; Rev.1:5)

The Bible Does Not Exaggerate

The Bible, only the Truth does tell,
It speaks of Heav’n, but also of Hell.
Heav’n is a place, of bliss and glory,
While Hell is a place, of agony.

The Bible clearly states, wrong from right,
It tells us to avoid, Satan’s throng.
The eternal God, wants us to know,
To His Home on High, He wants us to go.

Many Promises to us, God makes,
Such as, “I’ll ne’er leave you, nor forsake.”
All God’s Promises, are ours to claim,
Let us claim them, in Christ Jesus’ Name.

When troubles arise, where do you look?
Have you e’er thought of, God’s Holy Book?
All correct answers, can come your way,
If you are wise, you’ll do it today,

The Bible does not, exaggerate,
On the worth of Jesus, O’ so great.
It speaks of His awesome love, so true,
And what He endured, for me and you.

Have you e’er consider’d, what He has done?
This Man, God’s only begotten Son.
He paid a sin debt, He did not owe,
So we’d not have to go, to Hell below.

Exaggeration, God’s Word does not do,
All its pages, are completely true.
What it states about Christ, you must believe.
Or the glory of Heav’n, you’ll not achieve.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Nov.4, 2015 #1381
Salvation: (John 1:12-13; 3:3-8,15-16,36; 5:24; 1 John 5:10-13) Heaven: (Mat.6:1,20; Lk.10:20; 22:30; Jn.14:1-6; Phil.3:20; 1 Pet.1:3-5; Rev.21) Hell: (Deut 32:22; 2 Sam.22:6; Job 11:8; 26:6; Ps.9:17; 16:10; 18:6; 55:15; 6:13;116:3; 139:8; Pro.5:5; 7:27; 9:18; 15:11,24; 23:14; 27:20;  Isa 5:14; 14:9,15; 28:15,18; 30:33; 33:14; 57:9; Eze.31:16-17; 32:21,27; Amos 9:2; Jonah 2:2; Mat.3:12; 5:22;29-30; 7:13-14; 8:11-12; 10:28; 11:23; 13:38-42,49-50; 16:18; 18:8-9,34-35; 22:13; 23:33; 25:28-30,41,46; Mark 9:43-48; Luke 3:17; 10:15; 12:5; 16:23-28; Acts 1:25; 2:27,31; 2 thes.1:8-9; Jam.3:6; 2 Pet.2:4; Jude 1:6-23; Rev.1:18; 2;11; 6:8; 9:1-2; 11:7; 14:10-11; 19:20; 20:10,13-15; 21:8)

The Constant Need 

Isaiah 58:11 And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought,
and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden,
and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not. (KJV)

My soul does not cease, of the constant need,
To honor and praise You, and give You heed.
I feel as Isaiah, no words can provide,
How my heart feels, as in You I abide.

Like a watered garden, to us You tend,
On Your goodness, we can always depend.
Like a spring of water, You don’t deny,
Your Fountain of kindness, will not run dry,

So many things You do, run thru’ my mind,
Blessings You bestow, because You are kind.
Abundant blessings, You bestow each day,
Leading and guiding, each step of the way.

 I thank You, for Your watch care over me,
Day or night, You watch continually.
I thank You for the angels, who stand guard, 
Who keep away all danger, from me barred.

I thank You, for eternal salvation,
Giv’n to me, by Your dearly beloved Son.
Redeemed, from the eternal lake of fire,
Promised Heav’n instead, that I would acquire.

Your lovingkindness, and amazing grace,
Make me know one day, I’ll meet You Face to face.
So I’ll keep off’ring, the sacrifice of praise,
My heart-felt gratitude, to You I’ll raise.

So many reasons, for the constant need,
That gratitude and honor, from me must proceed.
I must praise and thank, the dear LORD above,
For all the goodness, that comes from His love.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Jan.14, 2017 #1394
Fountain of Life: (Ps.36:9; Jer.2:13; 17:13; Rev.21:6). God’s Goodness: (Ex.34:6; 2 Chron.6:41; Neh.9:25; Ps.25:7; 27:13; 31:19; 33:5; 52:1; 107:8-9, 15, 21,31; 145:7; Ecc.2:24; Isa.63:7; Jer.31:12, 14; Hos.3:5; 6:4; 10:1; Zec.9:17; Mat.6:31-33; Rom.2:4; 11:22;15:14; 2 Cor.5:21; Gal.5:22; Eph.5:9; 2 Thes.1:11) God’ Love: Rom.8:38-39; 1 Cor.2:9; 2 Cor.13:11; 2 Thes.3:5; Tit.3:4;  1 Jn.2:5; 3:17; 4:9; 5:3; Jude 1:21) God’s mercy: (Ex.15:13; 20:6; 33:19; 34:7; Num.14:18-19; Deut.5:10; 7:2,9; Ps.23:6; 25:7,10; 33:18,22; 36:5; 59:16-17; 86:5,13,15)
God’s faithfulness: (Gen.9:15; 18:19; 21:1; Deut.4:31; 7:9; Josh.21:45; Ps.9:10; 36:5; 40:10; 71:8; 89:1, 24; 119:90, 138; Isa.25:1; 44:26; 49:7; Lam.3:23; Eze.16:60; Hos.2:2; Zec.8:8; 1 Cor.1:9; 10:13; 2 Cor.1:20; Heb.6:18; 11:11; 2 Pet.3:9) Guardian angels: (Ps.34:7; 91:11; Dan.6:22; Mat.18:10; Lk.16:22; 22:43; Heb.1:14) Heb. 13:15 By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name. (KJV)

The Lord Must be First

I must love the Lord, more than any one,
More than my parents, my daughter or son.
More than my spouse, who is so dear to me,
Jesus says He must be first, I agree.

The Lord must be first, o’er everything,
If we want the Father’s, greatest blessings.
If we place anything, higher than He,
The Bible states we’ll face, Hell’s agony.

We must love Christ, more than silver or gold,
If we don’t, God’s rich blessings He’ll with hold.
Jesus must be first, over precious stones,
If we want to see Heaven, on our own.

Jesus must be first, over pow’r and fame,
And we must always, honor His great Name.
We must never curse Him, in blasphemy,
We must instead, consider eternity.

The Lord must be first by all, everywhere,
If they want to be under, God’s great care.
If they e’er want to see, Heaven above,
They must put Christ first, with heart-felt love.

Where does the Lord stand, in your life this day?
Is He Number One? Or is He far away?
Is Jesus ever so near, to your heart?
Be wise my friend, stay close, never depart!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Dec.16, 2015 #1389
Mat.10:35-40; 22:37-40; Luke 14;26; John 5:23; John 21:15-17; Job 31:24-29; Ps.49:6; 52:7; 62:6-10;
Pro.11:28; 1 Tim.6:6-19; Hos.7:7; Mic.7:3; Mark 4:19; 1 John 2:16; John 14:15-16, 22-23; Eph.6:24; 1 Pet.1:8;
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:
no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name
under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (KJV)  


Walking down a lonely, dusty street,
A Special Man, with sandals on His feet.
Love beamed from His glorious Face,
Love that came from His Heart, wondrous grace.

This Special Man; when He look’d at you,
Could see your very soul, thru’ and thru’.
What an Awesome Man, to know all things,
Knew your thoughts, ‘fore from your mouth they’d spring.

He was so loving, patient, and kind,
Took pity on the lame, sick and blind.
Such compassion; no one can compare,
He spread His great mercy, ev’ry where.

This Special Man, was meek and lowly,
His Face was filled with serenity.
Never a cross word did He e’er say,
For He came, His Father, to portray.

Never from Him a vile or vain word,
Serene, gentle, and mild, was our Lord.
The Words He spoke, made you stop and think,
Those Words were for God; a direct link.

This Special Man, with powers untold,
Can grant you access, to streets of gold.
He too, shall judge all the world one day,
So make the right choice; go the right way!
By:  Connie Kramer  Mar.24,1997   # 315


The world overlooks, the Greatest Treasure,
All they desire, is riches and pleasures.
Just of the ‘here and now’, do people think,
They don’t realize that they, are on death’s brink.

The Greatest Treasure, the world cannot see,
For they never think, of eternity.
Always too busy, to ev’n look His way,
They are too busy, rushing thru’ their day.

The world overlooks, what Jesus can do,
He and He alone to Heav’n, can take you.
But most people think, there are many ways,
And they just reject, what the Bible says!

When the world, the Greatest Treasure denies,
Satan rejoices, and false hopes applies.
People follow him, on that big broad road,
That lead to agony, in Hell’s abode.

The world speaks of Christ, just in blasphemy,
Cursing, vile jokes, friend, this should not be!
And they call those who love Him, Jesus’ freaks,
On Judgment Day, fear shall come, when Jesus speaks.

IF the world would just turn, to the Greatest Treasure,
He could give them comfort, peace and pleasure.
His grace is sufficient for us, always,
And He ne’er leaves, ne’er forsakes, all our days.

For the whole world, this Great Treasure is there.
Jesus is available, everywhere!
Be wise my friend, accept Jesus today,
For to get to Heav’n, there’s no other way!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Nov.30, 2015 #1387
Pro.21:20; Isa.33:5; Mat. 6:21; Mat.13:44, 52; Luke 12:34;
2 Cor.4:6-7; Col.2:3; John 14:1-3; 1 Pet.1:2-5
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:
no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name
under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (KJV)  


When Jesus hung on that cross, without ev’n one friend,
Those three hours of darkness, I cannot comprehend!
‘Twas a private time, between the Father and Son,
When my sin debt was paid, and Christ’s battle was won!

There is NO way, I can comprehend Jesus’ love,
Coming to Earth to die, leaving Heaven above!
He left the comfort of Heav’n’s safety, to endure great agony,
For the likes of a nobody, like sinful me!

NO earthly mortal, this kind of love could possess,
We are filled way too much, with worldly wickedness.
We are blessed indeed, to access this kind of love,
In this evil, immoral world, of push and shove!

In those three hours of darkness, Christ took on my sins,
The devil was jubilant, he thought he would win!
But it was Christ Jesus, who had the victory,
In those three hours of darkness; that Godly mystery!

Jesus paid my full sin debt, in those dark three hours,
Ne’er did He doubt, fear, hesitate, waver or cower!
He tolerated all, that agony and pain,
Ne’er did He protest, object, grumble or complain.

The suffering that He endured, for you and for me,
Was love indescribable, that set our souls free!
Jesus’ love surpasses all, that we could ever know,
We’re privileged indeed, that on us His love does flow!

Have you e’er considered, those three hours of darkness?
When our precious Saviour, brought us such great success?
Have you thanked Him, for providing the only Way,
That we might access, Heav’n’s glorious beauty one day?
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Oct.5, 2014 #1359
All forsook Him: (Mat.26:31,54-56; Mk.14:27,50-52; Jn.16:32; 18:8-9; 2 Tim.4:16; Ps.38:11) Darkness: (Mat.27:45; Mk.15:25,33-34; Lk.23:44-45) Love of Christ. (Mk.10:21; Jn.10:11; 11:3; 13:1,34; 14:6,21; 15:9,13; 19:26; 20:2; Rom.5:7; 8:35-38; 2 Cor. 5:14; Gal.2:20; Eph.3:19; 5:2,25; 1 Tim.1:14; 1 Jn.3:16) Battle between Christ and Satan: Gen.3:15; The devil’s seed: (Mat.3:7, 12:34; 23:33; Jn.8:44;  Acts 13:10; 1 Jn.3:8,10). Her seed: Ps.132:11; Isa.7:14; Jer.31:22; Mic.5:3; Mat.1:23,25; Lk.1:32-35,76; Gal.4:4). Gift Of God: (Mat.7:11; Jn.4:10; 6:32; Acts 8:20;  15:11; Rom.5:15,18; 6:23; 8:32; 11:29; 1 Cor.7:7; 2 Cor.9:15; Eph.2:8; 2 Tim.1:6; 1 Jn.4:9; 5:11)
That this general darkness was totally supernatural is evident that it happened at the Passover, which was celebrated ONLY at the full moon, a time in which it was impossible for the sun to be eclipsed, natural eclipses happening only at the time of the new moon.

Warm My Heart, Light My Path

As You look down on me, from Heav’n above,
Dear Lord, warm my heart, with Thy awesome love.
Remove all the evil thoughts, from my mind,
Replace them with good thoughts, loving and kind.

Since Your Spirit, for e’er in me abides,
Be I close to home or gone, far and wide.
Always with me, I need not have any fear,
He ne’er leaves or forsakes, He’s always near!

As You look down on me, from Heav’n on High,
Lord, light my path, for my soul You did justify.
Let me forsake the broad road, and walk with You,
On that narrow path, walked just by a few.

Light my path Lord, with Thy amazing grace,
Without Thy Spirit’s help, I would lose my race.
Living for You Lord Jesus, is hard to do,
No Lord! It is impossible without You!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Aug.15, 2015 #1377
Indwelling of the Holy Spirit: (Jn.14:16-18, 23, 26-27; Rom.5:5; 8:9-11, 14-17; 1 Cor.2:12; 3:16-17; 6:19; 12:27; 14:25; 2 Cor.6:16; Gal.4:6; Eph.2:22; 4:6; Phil.2:13; 2 Tim.1:14; Jam.4:5; Heb.13:5; 1 Pet.1:11; 1 Jn.2:27; 4:4-6, 12; Rev.22:1,17; Lk.16:22).  God’s love: John 3:15-16, 13:21; 16:27; 17:23; Rom.5:5,8; 8:32-29; 2 Cor.13:14; Eph.1:4-5; 2 Thes.2:16; Tit.3:4; 1 Jn.3:1; 4:9,16,1). God’s grace: (Ps.84:11; Acts 11:23; 13:43;  1 Cor.3:10; 15:10; 2 Cor.1:12; 6:1; Gal.2:21; Eph.3:7; Heb.2:9; Jam.4:6; 1 Pet.5:5) Justify: (Rom.3:26-28; 5:1) Few: (Mat.7:13-14; 1 Pet.3:20-21).


A love, we can never understand,
O' so awesome, and so very grand.
Life on Earth which on Him we can rely,
And one yet to come, where we'll never die.

Righteousness, that is never foggy,
Given to us by God, e'er so free.
Peace that continues, day after day,
Staying with us now, and always.

A rest so perfect, with no worry,
Just Jesus to this rest, has the key.
A wondrous joy, that will never cease,
Day after day, it shall just increase.

A hope, that no one can take away,
We know Heaven will be ours, one sweet day.
A future glory, that's always bright,
For knowing He'll always, be in sight.

A light that can never, e'er be dim,
For that Light, comes directly from Him.
A happiness, that shall continue on,
A blessing that comes, from God's own son.

A deep down strength, that is never frail,
With Christ on our side, we cannot fail.
A purity, that cannot be defiled,
A blessing because, we are God's child.

An unseen beauty, that is always there,
That which the devil, cannot impair.
A wisdom, that no one can confuse,
This wisdom, Christ's Spirit did infuse.

These blessings, will always abundant be,
Now and in Heaven, eternally.
Our Home in Heaven, shall never end,
Our Master, Saviour and greatest Friend.
By: His servant: Connie Kramer  7-21-2013  # 1324
Mat.5:8; 11:28-30; Jn.1:12-13; 3:3-8,15-18; 5:24; 14:27; 15:11; 17:22; Rom.5:2; 8:29,32; Eph.3:16; 5:3; Phil.3:21; 4:6-8,13; 1 Cor.1:30; 2 Cor.5:21; 8:9; 9:15; 12:9; Titus 1:2,15; 2:13; 3:7; Jam.1:5; 5:11; 1 Pet.1:8; 2:9; 3:14; 1 Jn.1:5; Pro.3:13-14.


When I go to Jesus, and humbly ask,
He will always help, in my greatest task.
He wants me to cast, all my pride away,
And be meek and lowly, like Him, each day.

When I go to Jesus, and wisdom request,
It is granted, and I am truly blest.
He wants me to open His Book each day,
Paying attention, to what it has to say.

I go to Jesus, when I’m down and blue,
He has never once failed, to see me thru’.
He leads me and guides me, in all right ways,
Never once will He e’er, lead me astray.

I go to Jesus, when my faith declines,
And when He increases it, it does shine.
My faith is the substance, of things hoped for,
Like the unseen things, on Heav’n’s glorious shore.

I go to Jesus, when I need pardon,
Forgiveness is mine, thru’ God’s only Son.
He cleanses me, from all unrighteousness,
One of the multiple ways, He does bless.

I go to Jesus, when I need directions,
As for incorrect roads, He chooses none.
He sees to it, that I walk the narrow path,
Keeping me away, from God’s holy wrath.

When I went to Jesus, many years ago,
He promised to save me, from Hell below.
Eternal life in Heav’n, is what He gave me,
A mansion in Heav’n’s, eternal beauty.
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Dec.29, 2013 #1346
Humility: (Rom.11:20; 12:3,3,10,16; 1 Cor.1:29; 3:18; Gal.5:26; Eph.4:2; 5:21; Phil. 2:3,5; Col.3:12; 1 Tim. 6:17; Jam.1:10; 4:10; 1 Pet. 5:3,5).Wisdom, Gained Through Prayer: (2 Chron.1:10; Ps.90:12; Pro.2:3; Eph.1:17; Col.1:9; Jam.1:5) Wisdom, Promised: (Ps.51:6; Pro.2:6; 9:4; Isa.28:6; 33:6; Dan.1:17; 2:21; 12:10; Lk.21:15; Jam.1:5) Faith, believing: (Lk.17:5; 18:8; Rom.10:17; 14:23; 1 Cor.2:5; 2 Cor.5:17; Gal.5:6; Heb.11). Pardon, forgiveness: (Rom.11:27; Eph.1:7; Col.1:14; Heb.8:12; 10:17; 1 Jn.1:7-9; 2:1-2; Rev.1:5) Roads in Life: (Job 8:13; 22:15; Ps.1:1,6; 10:5; 17:4; 36:4; 49:13; 139:24; 146:9; Pro.2:15; 4:14; 7:27; 12:15,26; 13:15; 14:12; 15:9; 16:25,29; Ecc.11:9; Isa.55:8; 59:8; 66:3; Jer.4:18; 18:11; Eze. 11:21; 20:44; 23:13; 33:18; 36:32; Hos.2:6; Hag.1:7; Mat.7:13-14; Acts 14:16; Rom.3:16; 2 Pet.2:15; Jude 1:11) Heaven: (Jn.14:1-6; 1 Pet.1:1-5; Rev.21) Hell: (Dan.12:2; Mat.25:41,46; Mk.9:44,46,48-49; Lk.16:22-31; 2 Thes.1:8-9; Rev.14:10-11; 20:15; 21:8)  

With Christ Jesus . . .

With Christ Jesus, in Heav’n, you shall dwell,
Without Him, you will end up in Hell.
The Bible makes it, ever so plain,
Without Jesus, you’ve nothing to gain!

Will it be Jesus, or wealth untold?
Peace and joy, or a pot full of gold?
Comfort and bliss, or Hell’s agony?
Precious Jesus, or Satan’s mis’ry?

Will it be Jesus, or fortune and fame?
Walk with Jesus, or play Satan’s game?
Is Christ first, or does Satan have control?
Does Christ have your heart, or Satan have your soul?

Will it be Christ’s love, or Satan’s hate?
God’s forgiveness, or the devil’s fate?
A home with Jesus, or mis’ry in fire?
Which of these, is your eternal desire?

With Christ Jesus, you are for e’er blest!
Without Him, you’ll not have, eternal rest!
The Bible makes it ever so clear,
Without Jesus, you have so much to fear!
By:  His servant, Connie Kramer   Jan.2, 2016 #1390
Psalm 1:1; 5:5; 11:5; 18:26; 32:10; 37:17; 75:10; 75:10;
 Pro. 10:6, 11:5; 12:7; 13:21;14:32; 15:6; 16, 25; 21:15; 28:1, 28; 29:16;
Isa.65:14; Mal.3:18; Mat.12:35-37; 25:33-46; Lk.14:14; John 5:29;
Rom.2:6-10; Gal.6:8-10; 1 Tim.6:18; Heb.13:16; 1 Pet.3:11-12; 4:18; Rev.22:15
John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life:
no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name
under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. (KJV)

 John 3:16-18 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17  For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18  He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. (KJV) . . . Jesus; Words!
John 3:36 He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him. (KJV) . . . John the Baptist’s words!

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